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♥ Xite ♥
I'm so scared?!?
I heard pounding somewhere out of my house. What should I do?

Call 911 immediatley and if you live with anyone (depending how oldd you are) get them and go into a room and hide. Dont forget to lock all the doors! Remember dont answer the door to anybody! (Except for the police but theyll let you know its them, dont worry theyll find a way)
Grab a weapon! If they come into the house and attack you you can use the weapon. DONT use it if they're still outside or else you'll get in trouble...if they're inside the house you can do whatever you want.
Oh yea I agree with whoever says if they attack you throw the phone and the police will pick up and if you hear them say something then scream and they'll come, knowing you're in danger.
Best luck to you, and be SAFE!!!

Omg scarry well here are some choice's:
[[ check where the nosie is coming from w/ a weapon]]
[[ call a friend and talk to them until it goese away ]]
[[ lock ur doors!!! ]]
[[ turn up music/tv LOUD ]]
[[ keeps going call mom/dad/911 ]]

Delightfully Unique
i dont know that type of noise, but you can see what it is or call the police if it sounds serious

Quincey C
get someone now. get a bat. and hide under your fricken bed call the police now.

Teri ann Rainbow
Scream and make a noise say the police are coming. Make sure they can't see you that should scare them off!!!!

call the cops and get a weapon and if you see someone you dont know in your house go in swinging!

Sally A
grab the phone and something to protect you (example, kitchen knife), dial 911 but don't press talk. go explore where its coming from, and if it is someone trespassing, press talk. If they attack you and you are not able to talk on the phone, through the phone across the room while its still calling the police, so the trespasser cant turn it off. someone will pick up at the police station, and if you don't answer, the police will come to your house.
but be careful with the steak knife, no accidents!


make sure all the windows and doors are closed and locks, close all curtains and make sure your tv isn't too loud, if its on. so the person wont be able to tell if theres actually a person inside or not.
calm down, it's probably just some people fooling around. did you steal anything? did a somebody threaten you?
if it gets worse call the police.

and take something to protect yourself with and have it close by. like a knife, baseball bat, ect.

Good Luck!!!

If its right now call the cops. Maybe if it was a while ago, well, still call the cops.

Call the police - tell them you heard a funny noise. Try to relax. It could be your mind playing tricks on you in a dark house. Good Luck!

Maybe its just some trees outside the house but call the police just to check anyways to be on the safe side and for heavens sake get off the computer!

Rick B
I would assume it was a neighbor.

If you are worried, call 911.

Find a weapon first and phone second, although considering you have had time to post this question I'll assume you're not in immediate danger...albeit a very adventurous assumption. You could in fact be.

I myself am off to fetch, oh yes, processed ham and a rather marvellous packet of ready salted crisps I'll have you know. I wish you the best of luck.

Good Lick Always
Ps dont answer the door you dont know who is out there!!!!

First, call your neighbors and ask them to either...
a- stop messing around.
b- look out the window for you

and if you pick a, whatever. if you pick b, and they...
a- see someone suspicious
b- see another neighbor

if they see someone suspicious, call the police and then your parents.

If they see your neighbor, call those neighbors and tell them to stop.

Now, remember to talk quietly, and try not to yell too loud, cause if it's someone bad, they may do something. If you don't have a phone in the room you're in... try getting to whatever room has one by slidding on your stomach. Make sure to peek a little before you start going.

Good luck! Just hearing you talk about it scares me...

Get help, report it.

Yes, you might wait a moment, if it continues, Call the police. Even it if is nothing you will feel better.

Are you joking? If you hear pounding, call the police and hide - do not sit at the computer and ask advice from others.

if it was outside your house it should be ok. just make sure that all the doors are locked. are u home alone? if you are and get more worried call your parents, and if somthing more serious happens call 911. not that anything will. usually when im home alone i start to hear things but its usually my brain creating a worse case senario for me. good luck!!!

u should really call the police it could be somthing serious

dial 911

Depends if you're home alone. Everything seems a thousand times scarier when you're by yourself. If you're with other people have them do something.

Go to your local gun store and buy a Beretta 90-two.

I suggest you lock all your doors, windows, close your curtains. And if you think someone's trying to break into your home, you should then call the police.

Turn on all your lights and call your neighbor and your parents.

Call some one to check it out for you.
If you can't call the police.

Get a phone and keep it with you at all times.
If it's that serious, get a knife or some sharp object! Just in case haha.

Maybe your overreacting. But um.. don't go outside the house- maybe peek out the window. You know or just ignore the pounding.

call 911

call the cops you moron!!!

call the police

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