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OMG rainbows!
I'm so nervous about giving my presentation?
I'm shy and quite. I have to give a presentation in English 4. I'm so scared it's not funny. I feel if I go up in front of everyone I'm going to throw up. What can I do? I have to do it or I get a ZERO! Half the kids in that class think I'm weird.
Additional Details
I'm really shy if I don't know you. So I only talk to 2 people in that class.

ding dong

pretend nobody is there and you are talking to a mirror

dont be worried. they're mostly your friend anyway!

It's all mental thing. First of all BE PREPARED. Once you have done that it will be easy. Convince yourself that you're good enough to handle it. It will help sometimes to convince yourself that you're better than some of your classmates :P
Just wake up that day happy and eager to give that presentation. Practice in front of the mirror. Tell a joke before you do your presentation. Dont let them see that youre shy and nervous. You have to fool yourself as well that you are not nervous.

I have the same problem. You should do it second. That way you are not first and you can get it over with. Don't go last because that will make you even more nervous waiting. What i do is stare at something in the back of the class. You might want to prepare tonight by presenting it in front of your mirror. I know... it sounds weird but it totally works. I think that if that doesn't work, rely on the old trick of picturing your class in their underwear. I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

<3 Music
Its ok to get nervous sometimes... I get nervous when i sing in front of people and my friends and i are starting a band, and they want me as lead singer. I do something like this, except with family Practice giving speeches around people you know and trust. Then when you're about to give the speech, pretend that your classmates are those people... or, use the original trick... picture them in their underwear...

I'm shy about speaking in front of people too!! Just try and calm down and once you get up there you will be fine. Now your gonna be nervous until its time but try to take your mind off it by keeping busy. Believe it or not more people than you know have that fear!!! You'll do great!!

You could try practising by reading your presentation in front of your friends or family. The most important thing is that you know your subject, and are confident about what you are saying. Don't make eye contact with your audience as this will make you more nervous, but instead, look at a point above their heads. I know how stressful giving a presentation is, I am quite shy myself and I have panic attacks in these situations. I had to give a presentation while I was at college. I made sure the content of my presentation interesting enough to distract my audience from seeing that I was nervous. You will be fine. Good luck. x x

Thyrd Wheel
I used to get nervous like that but then I realized something. If you stand infront of everyone stuttering and acting stupid you look a whole lot worse then if you just sauntered up, and said what you had to say confidantly. Dont doubt yourself or what your going to say, that is where the nerves get you. Just get it done.

Greg W
just be really prepared. practice tonight in front of the mirror in the bathroom. you'll do great. just do your best. that's all anyone can ask for. if you are standing there behind a podium, grab the sides with your hands. many times you tend to fumble for something to put your hands on. if you don't have a podium, hold a pencil or piece of paper. pick out 2-3 people to look at during the meeting. Leo Buscaglia always said to look for KIND EYES. Find someone who doesn't think you're wierd and focus on them for a few minutes, then move to someone else. You'll get through.

just practice your presentation at home in front of your family. before class begin, practice again in front of the class without anyone. just think about the process of how you present (from slide 1 to slide 2 so on and so on) and not about the class.

Just take a deep breath because when you take a deep breath it pushes all the butterflies to side, so they're not in the way. Talk nice and clearly, and slowly. Who cares what the kids think, what your teacher thinks of your presentation, and what you think of yourself is what matters.

well you must ahve at least ONE friend in that class lol.
i used to be scared too, but what i do is i look at like 3 poeple mainly. So pick out 2 or 3 friends, and when you look around the class kind of stare a little bit over there heads, and then look to the next friend. it will look like your looking around the classroom [which i got extra points for] and youre not looking at all the other eyes on you so ti doesnt freak you out! I know this mgiht sound crazy but if you get the chance to go first or second, TAKE IT! because that way you can get it over with, and watch all the other presentations fly by, without being worried your next. Another thing that might help is if you MEMORIZE your speech or whatever your talking about. That way you know what to say to make it easier! Im guessing your in 4th grade? cause english 4? or what. whatever, hope i helped!

Just take deep breathes and have fun with your presentation!

good luck... im a shy person too

When you give your presentation before you do it get a drink of water to clear your throat. Then when your talking don't go too fast or else no one will here you. After every sentence breath in and out slowly and you'll do great.

you know everyone
has a shy side to them'
but really you just have
to forget it and go on with it
and if your class makes fun
of you or whatever screw them
not likes its your bffs! i have learned that
if people only have time to talk about
people then their goin no where in life!
but dont get a 0.

asian babe
im knew to this school im attending now..nd i dont got many frend either...nd im like in advance classes so i do a LOT of presentation on most of my classes!!! anywayz i felt the same way a lot of times even though i know i tremble in my word sometimes when i do it too!! anywayz..u should just do it cuz yall never know wht gonna happen until u do it!!! last time i did a presentation my classmates gave me a 100 cuz they like my accent!!!LOL!! u should just be confident nd just do it lyk no one is listening even though it dont work on me sometimes but just do it!!! so GOOD LUCK!!!

hmmm....practice. practice. practice. it's much easier to give a presentation if you are confident in the material you present. also dont look at people directly in the face...look just over them toward the back of the room.
smile, that helps too.

♥ || ♪♫ Br0wn Ey?d G!rl ♫♪ || ♥
If it's something that you have to read, just read it. Don't look at your class. It helps!

I understand how you feel. I despise getting up in front of people and presenting because I feel that I would look like a fool, and that my classmates would judge me. You have to seek some courage inside of you and find a way that would make you feel comfortable in speaking. To this day, I am still uncomfortable with speaking in front of an audience. You have to set in some practice time and speak in front of people (friends, family, your pets too!) You'll feel embarrassed, but once you get over it ( which can take a while), you'll have very little problems and shrug your shoulders over the speaking ordeal.

everyone is scared, but that doesnt help you much.

make sure that you can do the presentation at home.

when you are doing the presentation you will really notice that once you started it is going to be much much easier as you expected. You will feel really great after wards.

not much can happen , there is always the teacher who should help you a bit.

good luck.

it happened once to me as well, when i was in university the lecturer choose by chance 2 out of 40 to analyse a poem, i was in front of 40 students...it was terrible...although i had done my homework and i had things to tell i forgot everything...i was standing there looking at the specific guy that had chosen me to present the poem and i wouldn't say anything...i felt really stupid...
i also didn't know anybody...
you should go there and start talking about your presentation...don't worry about the others they will probably have to do a presentation as well, so they will feel the same as you...
don't look at them...look at your teacher and think that you are on your own. what's more the students will not pay attention to you, be sure that they 'll expect you to finish...
so don't worry, go there and start talking...
a good thing is to be very well prepared...

withered rose
You'll be fine. I'm just like you, I always feel like that when I have a presentation. Try not to think about it. Just get it overwith early on in class. Look at the back wall and try not to talk too fast.

i think i might have a solution to that. i am actually really shy as well, even when i have to present in front of a class that i know, thats just me. but for you, i have definitely been there before. just act like you know what your talking about. talk slow (when im nervous i talk super fast) and look at your presentation most of the time with just glancing at the class. its so weird when i give a presentation and look at the class its like i go blank and dont know what i'm talking about. just memorize your presentation and breath in deeply before you present. and pretend that your presenting infront of your friends, like they dont care how you act or look. trust me it works for me sometimes. um, and just act like they dont really care about this presentation. i mean when you see somebody else present its kind of boring right? well thats exactly how they feel. so just say to yourself this is just another presentation, no one is really paying attention anyway, but i have to not act nervous because then they will think that i am even more weird. just go up there and act like your cool with this. its just another stupid presentation (even though it isnt). but this helps me sometimes and i really hope that it helps you too. it is really hard for me at times, depending on what class im presenting in, because sometimes i have to present in a class that i like and you know im ok with that, but then i have to present in that class, that i only know one person in and thats hard for me, because i dont want them to think that i am weird, and thats how i can relate to you, i understand completely. but just go up there and act like they dont really care they just want the class to be over, and you need to act the same way, dont act like its a big deal and that will calm you down. just dont think about it, it doesnt help. just go up there dont think about it.

hope this helps. i really do hope this helps:)

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