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 why is it so bad to cut yourself. if it makes you feel better isn' that good?

 do u think some1s in my house?
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 What illness do I have?
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 How do you deal with loss of a loved one?
My mother died more than a year ago and i cant get over it... i dont think im depressed but cant tell. im only 12 so i acnt take an anti depressant. ive talked to people but nothing will ease my pain....

 how do you stop self harming?
i am 14 and i need to stop selfharming its effecting me and people around me but i feel its the only thing that can help me!!! anyone got any advice on what to do instead?
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 My daughter tried to kill herself?
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I'm so depressed right now, should i get drunk?
Should i get drunk and pass out for the rest of the night?

Rock Goddess
just make sure that you're not driving anywhere else for the night.

I hope you feel better.

Santa's Helper
... you will be more depressed if you drink ... so don't do it ...

Well you will either end up crying all night or just be happy.

Henry L
For me, drinking amplifies how I currently feel. If I'm happy, drinking makes me happier. When I'm sad, it makes me sadder. When I'm depressed, I avoid drinking all together because if I do drink, It just makes you feels much WORSE.

Don't drink while your depressed.


ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Alcohol will make you worse! It's a "downer" drug meaning that it has the ability to lower your mood. Call an old friend, get out your favorite movie, eat a quarter of icecream but don't get drunk and stupid.

No. Not only will you have a hang over in the morning you won't have solved your problems.

If u want. But its not gonna help u out any. If u feel like crap now, a few shots of Absolute is gonna make u feel nice for a minute or two then u wake up the next morning sick and half retarted. SO go, have ur drinks.

No. Alcohol is actually a depressant. It will mask the depression but then it will get worse. There is medication for it and exercise can help.


It's what I do.... as long as you don't hurt yourself or someone else, you're okay.


sure go ahead

NO, that would be stupid.

No please don't, just talk to someone. Talking to someone you don't know helps because they don't know the same people you know, so they can't run and tell your business. So I'll start by saying, why are you depressed?

Go for it.A better way to get rid of the Depression iis to see a doctor.

Mandar Patwardhan
Go for a drinking jogging session. Where you jog for 3 miles and down 2 pints after :-)

its a girl! aka chan chan
No! That would be bad. Go look at pics of puppies.

.stop what ever you are doing change your thoughts go for a walk .dont drink it only makes it worse your problems will still be there when you wake up drunk and hung over, and getting drunk could make your problems worse

When you wake up in the morning, then how will you feel?

Is it worth it?

so u don't need anything to make Ur depression worse. Start a diary, writing out what u feel know and looking back to see how u felt and reflection is a good step to helping Ur self get better, or on the road to getting a check on whats going on.

chivasbaby g
no...drinking isnt the answer.

drinking alcohol will only make you more depressed

No. Drinking only proglongs the problems. What you should do, is have a ncie treat, a bowl of icecream, a chocolate bar, your favorite snack. Pamper yourself, have a bubble bath, go for a walk! Stay away from the bottle

Why, will that help you the next day? or the day after that? Sorry, but no. Take a serious look at wahts wrong and talk to someone about it.

If your old enough. Getting drunk is always a good answer.

if you aren't driving anywhere and don't have anyone or anything to take care of- sure why not!

Diane D
Should you? No. You should go out and exercise and rent a funny movie.

Annette R
Call a friend, NOW!

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