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 I am going to be all alone New Year's Eve what can I do?
There is no friends' house I can go to or anything. Just cut & dry I am going to be alone for the majority of the night. What can I do? Drinking & talking to Mary Jane gets old when you&#...

 Thinking of Suicide...?
I know it sounds lame and everybody thinks it at somepoint, but I have no one to listen to me or that would care... actually it is going to help my family out alot... This depression is just too much....

 How would you react if your child attempted suicide?

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I myself have no ...

 Would really like a cuddle, even a virtual one! Please?

Additional Details
Thank you all you lovely people! ...

 10 yrs and I'm still angry with life after death of 16 year old daughter?
it will be the 10th annivesary of my daughters death on the 12 feb, I am still angry with life and with myself for not being able to make her well, I have struggled with life and lonliness since she ...

 Used to cut, should I wear shortsleeves and not care what people think or keep hiding it?
Up until 6 months ago, I was cutting myself for a lot of reasons and my grandparents found out (I live with them), so I haven't since. I have some scarring on my forearms, and I've gone ...

 I need help.....!!?!?!?
I am really anxious right now and i am b-polar..i also have ptsd and anxiety disorder..should i tell my mom or no? What do i do?!?!
Additional Details
yesh i been ...

 Does anyone think talking to yourself is crazy?
i usually imagine being interviewed on national tv and i replay the interview by talking to myself in my room about controversial topics. And when i come back to reality i feel like a idiot does ...

 I know I have a choice, but I'm not sure which is best. How can I decide?
I know I have a choice: stay sober and live, or drink and die.

It seems the longer I'm sober, the more appealing the 2nd option is.

Its been 10 months and my life is still ...

 Whoa....Im Scared..My Doctors scaring me.?
im worried.
becuase i went to the docotor and they made me pee tested.
and the docotr said my pee had lots of protein.
now my moms talking about it posssibly being benine.
or ...

 Can anyone give me some comforting words or tell me something funny?
Lonely and going through insomniac stage. Nearly 3.30 am in UK. Be much appreciated. x Anyone else suffer from same thing? x
Additional Details
Thank you, you all helped. Still can'...

 if youve had a tough, hard life and you feel its turned you into a serious intense person, how do you undo all
the damage that youve suffered in your life, and rediscover that childlike, youthfull carefree mentality?
im 30 years old now have borderline pd have endured alot of pain, trauma and hardship ...

 My brother and his girlfriend?
Well, a few days ago, my parents were out for dinner so my mom told my brother to take me somewhere to eat. So he drags his girlfriend along, I had always known she was slightly arrogant. Well we got ...

 I get angry quickly. I'm very hot tempered. need to be relaxed and control my anger. any suggestions? thanks

Additional Details
thank you for all your answers, its comforting know that many share the same issue and manage to deal with it. thank you ...

 how can i find if its true?.....?
my friends are trying to tell me i have an eating Disorder.......
i don't think i do. i know i need help for other things, like cutting.
sometimes i just get sooo down. almost every ...

 What would you do if tomorrow you would wake up and find out that you're BLIND!?
How would you react, and would your life stop there?...

 Are you still able to drink alcohol while taking antidepressants?
I've been taking Wellbutrin XL 300MG for 3 months and I havent drank ANY alcohol till today. My family bought several bottles of Sangria (which I love). So I had a glass at dinner....

 Does this mean im crazy?
I get drunk all the time, i sleep all day and i play guitar at a gig! I was once pregnant and after a few months after the baby was born my boyfriend left me, and the day after i lost the baby, ...

 I want to commit suicide?
I'm a failure. I have no friends. I do poorly in school (I got F's in all my classes except for one in which I got a D-)
My life in general is shitty. Please help me, what should I do?...

 Is it true that only 1 in 250 people have psychotic depression? Is it normal for a 14 year old to have it?
I'm 14 and have psychotic depression..is that normal?
Additional Details
Yes, I do have it. My therapist told me a few months ago.
And I'm taking Fluoxitine and Seroquel ...

I'm so bored and depressed. Any suggestion to entertain myself?

sean w
if you want to overcome those feelings, take a long, brisk walk and think about all of your blessings. sounds hoaky, but it stimulates blood flow to the brain and changes your mood, just as effective as snorting heroine. well, maybe not quite that effective, but it does improve your mood. also, if you are wondering about what blessings you have, one is that people like us, who will likely never meet you, care about you. also, puppies are cute. monkeys are always funny. there are a few blessings to get you started.

Get a job realy i'm not being a wise guy
work will give bucks and bucks give you the power to excersices new options in life of course if your to young to work take up reading and go to the library or maybey a course at the local community college something you wouldn't ordinarily be allowed to do if your in school and follow a regimented schedual. take a walk in the woods or by a pond there's nothing like a
natural enviorment to make one feel alive.

another thing especially in today's world,
buy a digital camera and get into photography, my guess is if your bored and yet on the computer then you have a friend right under your nose and don't even know it . . .

now go 4 it, go ahead shut the computer off and start taking controll of your life cause my guess is your young enough to make wish i were your age again lol . . .

maybey next time you come on here you may have some beautiful picturs to show us all . . .

good luck.

haha.. just don't do anything dangerous like jumping off a roof or putting your dog in the mocro-wave.

purple g
hi iwas feeling the same way just last night,i decided to do something i hadnt done for years,it really brought me back to life ,so to speak. i got out some old music cds,u know the ones that used to make me get up &dance,if u could call it that.i was jumping & dancing about like an idiot,but u know what,i felt great+there was no one there to see me make a fool of my self,i think i lasted about 1&1/2 hours.you should try it and let us know how u got on.

rajan l
Come out and enjoy the beauty in nature, see the animals and birds. Go for swimming, trekking. Visit other places. Go for a job or help others. learn dance, another foreign language, study. Start a school for the special children. You can do so many things. Sitting idle is the worst of all.

getting bore, so you have a lot of free time. nice. so you can look at yourself have a overveiw. just feel yourself, discover yourself. have fun...................

angel eyes
watch a movie
read a good book
look for meanings of words in the dictionary
have a pet dog
surf the net
have a long bath
have a body massage
engage into sports
exercise to be physically fit
communicate with friends

play outside

Take up a hobby or start up a new one.I started knitting because i was bored and really enjoy it just find yourself a good hobby

Get outside and take a walk or visit with friends and family. It could be a nice thing to just walk around in the area of a store and help the older folks with there putting groceries in there vehicles.

Melissa M
Hmmmm watch movies or read a book?

READ. intelligent people don't get bored.

Lets see, oh, there are so many ways. Read a book, watch a movie, do the laundry, pick up your room, wash the dishes, take a walk, do some exercises, play on the computer, take the next door neighbor some food to eat, play with a child, take a dog for a walk, clean the litter box, get into sports, wash the windows, go through your clothes and donate the old clothes to Goodwill, write in your journal, join a team activity, go to church, wash the car, take your mom shopping or out to lunch, donate blood, DO I NEED TO CONTINUE? You will find that as you get busy, your depression will seem less. Something else that helps is to practice smiling and being kind. It really helps to open up doors and change the way you see your world.

Hubcap Annie
Find something you like to do. It's summer, go outside, take a walk, look at all the things around you. Find joy in your life and you will find less boredom and less depression. Focus on the positives. My counselor would make me write down or think about 5 things that happened during the day that made me happy. By doing this I would have a pleasant night sleep and be ready to look for more great things the next day.

haha wow im going through the exact same thing... [katrina victim] thats why im on here. i've taken up reading and watching A LOT of movies... makes the time pass until something new comes along.. ;)

I don't know your age so entertaining yourself is kind of up to you. But if you aren't clinically depressed then it's more or less up to you to get out of your blue state. Bored people are usually boring. If you continue to be in a bored state of mind it could turn into being an ugly habit. Get around people you enjoy. Make a list of things you THINK you'd like to do. Start doing them. Life goes by fast. Before you know it, it will be over.

Find a hobby or interest that will allow you to express yourself creatively.

Hanging out with friends and family can also boost your spirits.

If you are not in a group or social organization that could be another way to say volunteer your time and also feel good about doing something positive.

The sky's the limit!!

Get out in your community and volunteer. Many senior citizens do not have family or friends to help them out with things they are physically incapable of doing anymore..like changing light bulbs. Check with local animal shelters. There is always animals that need brushed or just petted or played with. Many miss human touches that they were used to. There are people out there whose lives you can make a difference in. It's a win -- win situation.

I feel ya on that one.....it's probably going to be hard to find anything entertaining but maybe try writing or reading or something of that sort

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