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I'm scared whats wrong with me?
I have been stressed for a long time, i also have derpression
but this moring i woke up feeling really sick and felt like i wanted to faint, also my mother who is diabled fell over this moring, she was in despair i started to shake and had to sit in the other room just so i could stop being dizzy and for the rest of the day i have felt so weak low, and ill
Should i be worried?
Is it just a bug?
Could this lead to something more?
should i see a doctor?
have you felt like this before?
Thank you for your kindess, i really look forward to hear you answers

naughty boy


Go to your doctor, and keep smiling

you are probably getting the flu if you dont feel better go to the doctor , try not to worry

*TOpShoP PRinCesS*
sweetie calm down, i suffer frm depression and i have felt ill sometime too! if your really concerned make a doctors appointment as soon as you can and explain how you feel. just do it sweetheart, dont be down, you must imbrace life, i no its hard and easy for people to say get on with it, but believe me one day ull realise and say to yourself, ******* hell- im atually ok! youll find that day i promise, keep on trucking love you can do it, all the best x x x

you should see the doctor....both of you are probably depressed. you might just have the flu but the way you are feeling you need to be sure. you might consider seeing a counselor for the depression. this time of year there is a higher number of people who are depressed. then get enough rest, eat right and try to get some exercise. good luck

I think you should see a doctor.

Sounds like a virus.But go and see a gp to put your mind at rest

Answers to each question
Worry: Try not to do it too much. it may make matters worse.
Bug? Not likely
Lead to more? Maybe
See a Dr? definitely
Yes I have felt like this before. It is an anxiety attack.

It is very possible that you had a panic attack.

bad day, forhet about it move on. yes, I've felt like this, exhaustion.
u sound abit tired from stress so maybe (if u can a change of scenery for a few days will do u good) wether staying with a friend, or somewhere a couple of hours away, anything! if u can go by the sea-side even better. sea air always refreshes. also take a strong multi-vitamin, plus magnesium on empty stoamch in the morning(ask health shop advisor to tell you wether you can take them all together), & calcium as separate from magnesium. & vitamin C (eat tangerines, oranges etc best source). this will make u feel stronger in body & u'll be able 2 cope with stress better & if u can afford it 5HTP (is quite expensive).
we all have stress honey! so don't start labelling urself.
with luv
merry xmas

The Oak
Make sure you gas fires and boiler have a blue flame and not an orange one as some of the symptoms that you describe are associated with carbon monoxide poisoning.

a lot of how people feel is to do with chemistry and a bit of biology as if you are eating sugery stuff a lot like cakes and chocolot then you are messing with your blood sugar levals and you will feel not only shakey and weak but mentally stressed so if your body gets like that its hard to get back to normal, one of the best cures is eat plenty of bananas but not green ones or bright yellow ones they have to be just as they are turning black speckled as thats when they are full of not only nateral sugar what will stabilise your blood sugar and lower your insulin levals but it is also high in serotonin and tryptophan what are 2 drugs to use to get rid of depression but you need natural suger for the brain to use it as thats why eat them when they are very sweet and speckled black also peanut butter has the same drugs in so eat plenty of both and you know what they say. once you go black you wont go back. also here is a good webpage to read about it. http://www.kristensguide.com/Happiness/Managing_Emotions/escaping_depression.asp thanks hope it helps if you need someone to talk to add me at [email protected]

What bothers you. tell your friend that you trust .I don't think it's a bug .this may lead to long term depression which may require anti -depressant drugs .if you can't tell any one about your problem please see your gp before it affect your mother as well .you must come into terms with your situation drugs won't help .

Go to your doctor,you seem to be suffering from panic attacks as well as depression,he will be very understanding and refer you to counselor who will be of great help to you,try to stay positive,and keep your chin up,the best of luck to you and i,m sure you will soon feel better

My love, you sound lovely. Your words give me the impression youhave been under stress for a long time. Why donät you go to the doctor and maybe ask for advice. It seems to me it could be your life situation. Too much responsibility, worries. You certainly need some support and I wish you could open yourself with someone and talk about it.

See a doctor, get a physical. Specifically check your blood sugar and Iron levels.


Could be the start of a bug but also sounds like it might be stress related.Either way get your GP to check you over if you don't feel any better tomorrow.

geraldine o
it could be a bug but have you old gas appliances as it could carbon dioxide poising. make sure you open a window . hope you feel beter soon

I have for sure felt this way before. These all seem like classic symptoms of anxiety/panic disorder. I have it myself. Sometimes I feel so dizzy I cant stand. Knees go weak, I feel sick to my stomach, I start shaking like a leaf etc. Its not a great feeling but you can make it through-promise. One thing I did was talk to a counselor. i also try to keep my stress levels down and try to decompress at the end of the day.
Another option that you would have is to go to biofeedback theraphy. A friend of mine with the same disorder has successfully go into this treatment.
I do agree with another poster in that you should visit a doctor.
The best way to avoid these attacks are to cuut your caffeine intake and get plenty of rest. Best wishesto you and your mom.

Well first of all what made your mother fall? What kind of heat are you using to keep warm, if both of you have balance trouble and dizziness then maybe it is the gas heating, if that is what you use.
or you could of had a panic attack, I have had depression for years and have had several panic attacks and I have passed out with some of them.
Make sure you see your doctor because no one can diagnosis you but the MD. Hope you feel better soon.

Oh hun you hit a soft spot for me. I think most of your sypmtons are from your mental stress. Take a day for yourself and get some good rest. Eat some good nourishing food that you enjoy. Relax and watch a movie and try to just let things not worry you so much for once. Stop over analyzing everything in your life. If your feelings persist definatley check in with a Dr or Nurse and pick their brain or schedule an appt. Good luck xoxo

My dear, the fact that you realize you are under stress is the first step to getting some help. An abundance of stress can very well increase the potential for depression and the body physically reacts to the stress - stress is unrest (dis-ease) of the mind - and it has to show itself somewhere - usually in our bodies. We cry, we become aggessive, we fight with our friends and family, we become physically ill - headaches, we often put ourselves in position to be physically hurt, because we are not paying attention (last week, I sprain my knee only because I was stressed out about something else and didn't pay attention to what I was doing). I also know that because you are dealing with a sick parent, you are dealing with a double-dose of issues. Let me tell you how I helped to remedy my situation - that's all I can speak to. First, I got myself in position to be quiet, meditative. If you have to leave home to go somewhere and do this - do it. You need to allow your mind and body to connect once again. Breathe. Slow deep breaths. Get yourself some aromtherapy candles, warm bath, green tea and just rest. You need to practice this a few times a week, if not once a day. It's called solitude - allowing your mind and body to reconnect and allow you to revitalize yourself and get your energy back. If you have not had a physical in a while, take care of that. You need to know that your body is in good working condition and free from any unknown or unforeseen situations that 'you' can't determine. Do you take time for yourself with friends? Do you treat yourself to a movie? dinner? do you stop and read a book just for yourself? If not, you need to find time for you. I took care of my mom for a long time. My sister and I. Eventually, she had 4 strokes and I had surgery - all because we were stressed trying to keep mom out of the nursing home. We wanted to care for her ourselves - yet we had families. It was hard for both of us - and eventually, mom and dad passed away - but through it all - we still had to have a life for us. You need to do that. Your physical, emotional and mental health are at stake. You dont' mention if you have any religious affiliation, but the peace of God is always present - we just need to look for it. Please feel free to email me. I don't mind discussing it further.

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