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how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing....

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I'm sat here alone in my flat feeling so miserable & don't know who to turn to for help?
Iam not receiving the care & support i think i should be getting via the Local Health Authority.I have just made a complaint to the local trust & got the reply back today.Everything is just in such a mess & i cannot seem to find someone who will listen & take my concerns seriously.
I dont feel i can trust anyone any longer dont feel like there is anyone out there who can help me.
I feel at rock bottom right now & yet dont know what to do to lift my mood.I just feel like giving up!. I used to have a support worker but all he did was take me out to a burger van once a week & my CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse)did very little for me either!.
I would like to know what one does when you feel like like no one is understanding you.I dont have any family i can turn to for support & only have a couple of friends who live locally who have mental health problems themselves.I feel totally isolated.
Have rung support lines up before but they just pass you onto someone else.Please help me!!!.

Gemma Hill
Help others! become a volenteer, it will take your mind off your own problems. Helping people is the most recomended way of overcoming depression in the U.S. It really works! Go to a homless shelter and serve food, help out in a charity shop. You will be amazed at the life changing difference.
Help others to help yourself.

tina t
i have also been to the place where you are now, but feel lucky enough to have come out the other side. i really felt like i no longer wanted to be around but did luckily have the support of my doc, who was very harsh at the time and said to me that if i didn't think anyone would miss me, to do something that would make them miss me. no not the obvious, but something good. i started of by volunteering in a local charity shop, just once a week and found that by doing something that was actually helping others i started to feel better about myself. keep trying, things will get better

if you just want to chat. I'm just setting here too. email me and we will hook up. I have been through some counseling here in the U.S. I have never felt satisfied with what they did or didn't do for me. I cant be of any medical or psychological help but We can not be so bored together.

I've been in exactly the same position as you. I have no family near me, and even if I did, I can't talk to them about anything. They don't know half of what's gone on in my head over the years. I don't know who you can turn to. Sometimes I think you have to rely on your own instinct to survive. It will kick in. After all, when you're at rock bottom, you can only go up. It's amazing how much your heart and soul can take. If you've got it in you, you'll get through this yourself, one way or another. You're a lot stronger than you think. Trust me. I've been there. Also, talk to people on this site. I'm trying to stay clean of drink and drugs and asked for advice/help on here the other day, and I got some amazing answers. It's good to know you're not alone. You'll get through this, promise. Just have a bit of faith in yourself.

well when I feel bad I generally try to start a project of some kind. maybe you should look into something small and work your way up? try something like a myspace or a website. then when you feel more ambitious move to actual physical things like painting or building something. Believe it or not you can do a whole lot of things with no money. try downloading some music that makes you want to get up and do something proactive,Don't just sit there and feel bad. go out and make some friends,maybe check out the local YMCA or a public pool. I like to go to the library or the park. maybe even try a dating site,or go to a club. Well I'm sure you will be OK man good luck and feel better.

Stephen D
Been their...its no fun! You say that you feel at rock bottom. Good because that means the only way is up. Go out and walk...take your time and enjoy the outside and the thinking time it will give you. Sitting indoors will make matters worse...Enjoy the freedom when you are walking, listen to the birds etc. If you are drinking alcohol (I dont know if you are..I did) STOP IT...it makes matters worse.
Talk to your GP. If he dismisses you, be forceful. Make sure you get the care you need.

Search on the net or your directory for local support groups there should be one out there and there will be people there who maybe in the same position.
Also I recommend goin to the doctor (even if you have already been) to explain your not recieving the help that you need and if there is anyone they can refer you to. If you dont feel your docter is helping you ask to be referrred to someone that will, i know it may seem too much hassle but keep on at them till you get the help you need. If you are lookin for ways to socialise, see if you could work volantry in a charity shop or somewhere so your outa the house for a while, also see if there are any activities going on in your area ie local community centre, this way you are out meetin new people who could turn into good friends. Good Luck I hope things turn out in your favour xxxx

Hello there
Seems that things are not really great for you today. Sorry to hear this.
You know, we all go through tough times. We all do. The rich, the poor, the nice looking, the ugly, the funny one, all of us on this planet. Tough times take different shapes and form, that is it.
So, there is ONE person on this earth that can do the most for you. And this person is called you. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying no one else could be of support to you. I am just saying, the best lift WILL come from you.
Now, look around, what is it you have? Live in a flat? Remember some people do not have a place to live... Have access to a computer? Do all people do? No. Have access to some public support, well, that is a start.
So, now there are lots of things you can do for yourself. It all depends on what you WANT to do. Each of us have tremendous resources and energy, you know. It just needs to be used. When you get to the bottom of the swimming poll (that is, drawning) you hit that bottom and go up again. You need to get to the bottom first, and then you hit back up.
Again, your life is in your hands.
What sort of mental problems do you have? Depression?
If you accept that you are in charge, then you can go very far.
Do you like to read books? They are lots of good books that can help you.
If you want more suggestions, contact my profile.
Good luck. You have a purpose in life.

first realise that you are not alone, just looking through these answers, it happens to us all, go back to ur gp and get a referal to support, counselling, psychatrist. personally. i throw my self into helping others, if your worriedabout someone else you can forget your problems in the short term but professional help is needed in the long term. dont give up. unforntunatley'no man is an island' you do have friends so your not totally alone, i wish you the best of luck and hope u get the support you need

Thanks Terry, lm a mentally ill friend who you cant talk to, dont trust and gives you no support! The trouble is you dont appreciate ANYTHING or ANYBODY and you dont talk cos its scary. You are always too pissed or sick from drink to get to the help offered. l know its difficult, life is,accepting that is step 1.You have more than most peeps l know, count your blessings. l feel really hurt. At least you got someone who bothers their **** to come and see you and tries to help.

I`ve been there, begging those people for help and not getting a response. The only thing that really helped me was writing down how I felt in a journal, pouring down all my feelings. Do you think you could do that? I can see that you are an intelligent person from your question, have you thought about studying something? It really helps to focus on something. I know that it`s really difficult when your head is so full already, I don`t mean something complicated that will just bomb your head more, I mean something that interests you. Local adult Education centres have free courses when you are on benefits. If you are in the UK, GO TO MIND! They are brilliant there, they have counsellors, and most places have a day centre, some even go out on day trips. I think they would really be able to help you. You need to try and find some positive friends, I know that when you are down then it`s natural to stick with people that feel the same, but that isn`t s good thing. I think you are sensitive and you will pick up how they are feeling too. You take care!

If you are in the UK contact your local PALs they are generally based at the hospital they can help resolve issues with not getting the support you need and also help with your complaint.
I wish I knew what area you lived in because then I could find a helpline for you that might be of some use.
If you feel really bad social services generally have an out of hours line.
NHS Direct should be able to give you that number. The number for NHS Direct is 0845 4647 I know the number looks too short but it is correct.
If you feel really bad go to A&E and request to see someone.
I know it can feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall I am in that position at the min.

Hi, things sound pretty bad for you right now. I think you need to go back to your CPN and ask for a review of your care plan (CPA meeting) as you have a CPN and a support worker you will have a care plan even if it has not been shared with you.
Also ask for the number of your local mental health advocacy service and take an advocate with you, he/she will help you to express your needs and get the care which will is best suited to you.
When you are feeling low you could phone a help line like the Samaritans or SANE line, or do what you are doing now and reach out to people who genuinely care about you and how you are feeling.
I don't know what your diagnosis is but there are lots of treatment options for most mental illnesses.
Good Luck
PS if you live in the UK it's Friday night so make a cup of tea, get a bar of chocolate and watch the evictions on Big Brother, then if you are still low add to your question and we will all try to help you some more.
PPS 9.40pm did you watch BB? Nikki was evicted, now I am low!

Just to let you know I feel the same way. I have no one at all to turn to really. So you are not alone. email me if you want.

My heart reaches out to you. Have you tried an online support group? Sometimes connecting with others who share our feelings can help you cope. It also sounds like you need to go to the doctor, and get meds, or med adjustment. Good Luck!

Pray to Jesus. He will open up doors for you.

Last month I was soo down, I graduated from college and couldn't find a job. I prayed hard and guess what? I had 2 successful interviews today, I have one interview next week, and I got into graduate school for an MBA!!

Meditate on this Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Don't worry, things will get better. People may fail you, but God will not.

Phone the samaitians they will listen with a sympathetic ear.I hope you pick up,we are all here for you.Think of us has your family

Claire D
I wish I could help more, my thoughts are with you - hang on in there xxxxx

put on a tune that makes you happy sing loudly or dance,
Is one way to lift your mood, I think music is good for the soul.
Another method in my madness is to write how i feel, sometimes if you've no-one to talk to writing it down sometimes rids you of these feelings and thoughts. Sometimes when you begin to write you have nothing to write, its a process to organise your emotions and feelings the more you write the less you have to say.
Ask one of the health care workers for clubs and helplines and various other outlets available in your area that perhaps you could join so as not to feel isolated. These things might not work and maybe a lot of rubbish but if you don't try no-ones going to do it for you.

Go to a local church.

hopefully you will get the help you need keep asking maybe someone will listen in the end. Know how you feel, having seriously crap time with everything at the moment husband doesn't listen, doctor said I was tired not depressed just trying to keep going.

I am really sorry you feel this way. I am afraid where support is concerned it is a case of try try try again. A lot of health professionals are not going to suit you, but it is worth trying again and again until you get what you want. Have you got a local MIND that does activities where you can make friends and get support? That may be the first place to start. You can always email me if you want more help.

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