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 I wanna die. please help me?
lately i have been feeling like ****, and i just feel like a failure. like nothing i do is right. i'm failing math, and i never fail classes. i'm doing horrible in school. i feel like no ...

 I think about suicide pretty much daily?
I'm on medication already I don't know why I still feel like this. it's just always in the back of my head....

 I feel like s*** what can i do?
uh... im a girl. and cant drink with the rents for the weekend....

 Help! I'm suffering from SEVERE anxiety, and anxiety attacks!?
Please give me some tips & some good natural, herbal pills I can take, or something. I'm having muscle spasms throughout my back and I am a massage therapist! I have several clients ...

 I'm sat here alone in my flat feeling so miserable & don't know who to turn to for help?
Iam not receiving the care & support i think i should be getting via the Local Health Authority.I have just made a complaint to the local trust & got the reply back today.Everything is just ...

 Whats wrong with me??? Do I need help or what?
Well lets say I'm not a very happy person. I write as some people say disturbing poems but it just tells how I feel about my life and everything around it.
Additional Details

 How the hell do I get out of Iowa?
I have been stuck in this state for 30 years!...

Im downstairs by myself with my parents upstairs. i heard scratching on my door leading to the outside, i can hear breathing in the distant which i think is coming from outside my room! im freaking ...

 Is it normal to feel like a failure when you can't help somebody?
I like to help people. Sometimes a little too much, I get in the middle of arguments a lot because I hate arguments. I help my friends when they need it. Whether they need to talk about cutting, or ...

 Dont laugh...can you actually be addicted to chocolate?

 My doctor prescribed me prozac. Does this mean I am crazy?

 Amnesia?! Please help, easy ten points!?
Is it possible to get hit in the head so hard, it could give you memory loss? As in not remembering ANYTHING, such as family members or events? How long does it usually last? Is it even called ...

 I'm scared whats wrong with me?
I have been stressed for a long time, i also have derpression
but this moring i woke up feeling really sick and felt like i wanted to faint, also my mother who is diabled fell over this moring, ...

 My sister who is 18 years old cries every night for no reason and is always moody and sad and emotional...?
i think she may be depressed but about what? her life is good, no problems at all, she doesnt wana talk to a counsilor as he/she wud b a stranget then...help, any advice plz?!
Additional D...

 do adults/parents think teens being depressed is just puberty?
i took online depression quizzes
and i got pretty bad scores
i want to tell my parents
but i dont think they'll believe it because i act silly and stuff at home
i feel like ...

I watched a scary movie couple days ago and after i just cant sleep, i'm noot like a normal kid, i'm jittery, very gloomy, i.. i hate it!, but This may help: I'm sorta young, and ...

 I want to try weed, but i'm still not entirely sure...?
I just want to try it, i'm the only person out of all of my friends, cousins, who hasn't.. I feel kind of pressured yet again I do want to try it. I'm afraid but they all say that ...

 suicidal thoughts, got out of the hospital for attempt in december?
I am feeling suicidal right now.
I have called my therapist and talked to her.
She asked if i wanted to go to the hospital.
I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt mid-December.

 I am scared!!!?
I am pretty sure i have postpartum deprssion. I am going to the doctor tomorrow moring. I am scared she is going to take my baby away or put me in a mental hospital. I don't feel i am a harm to ...

 i need this answered in like 15 minutes haha pleasee thank you!!<3?
ok well its 345ish now and i have to get up at 5. if i go to sleep now will it help me at all or is it just better to stay up?? kayy ...

I'm plain and kind of ugly. Can I actually have boyfriends?
I just sat and cried for hours because it hits me how unattractive I am to men--both attractive and otherwise.
I'm just not good looking enough and I have a plan that if plastic surgery doesn't work out or if I cannot be happy completely alone, then I should just end it. No point in living with this face. It'll just get worse and no matter who I am, it doesn't make a difference.
Are there any ugly women like me who have overcome my suicidal and depressed feelings?
Additional Details
no joke. I think I'm not good enough and I feel really sad--really sad about this. I can't stop wanting to emotionally hurt myself.

Lil T
listen to urself. ull find somone be paitant

♥мσммy ʈσ βαby Ąĺęxíã Ÿủřęĺí♥
you are not ugly at all, you have a beautiful smile, so perfect and in place.. You have a beautiful face that really stands out.... you dont know what ugly means, lol, cause you are not ugly, I HAVE seen ugly... Youre attitude will be the one to get a hold of someone who will love you, and with the nice way you look and your personality i am sure you will get a boyfriend soon.. just do not be so desperate about it. And i have no idea why you feel depressed, you shouldnt be cause you are a beautiful person.. Good luck and always love yourself :)

I looked at the photo, you think you ugly? Believe me, YOU are not ugly. Be Happy.

well my stupid sister who is ugly had a boyfriend. but he was really ugly. like some kid with chickenpox from a dump

so ugly people can have relationships

at least those kinds of relationships are honest ones.

hot guy and hot chick relationship are fake, are only attracted physcially and those relationships don't last long

just ask k-fed

no your not your beautiful (no homo) but your fine dont let no one tell you any different besides dont worry wat people say about you, you need to build up your self-esteem lift up your spirits

no one is ugly every one is special in their own unique way everyone have something different about them think if we all looked exactly alike like all men, and women look alike now how boring will life be

I didn't look at your photo because its not relevant. I mean that nicely.

This is what I recommend. Sit at a shopping mall for an hour or so and watch the couples walking past you and record how many of them are NOT SO GOOD LOOKING but still very happy.

I have body issues and that's what my therapist recommended that I do. It actually really helped me to put things into perspective.

For most of us we fall into an average look range. We don't turn heads for positive or negative reasons. Its our inner beauty that shines forth and makes us attractive.

Love the body you are in and others will love you too.
Be proud!

Honey,I'm not even going to take a look at your picture, cause I'm not gonna tell you you're pretty or otherwise. You need to tell this yourself, I learned this after much trouble (and after getting myself sick obsessing about weight and beauty)

It's an insult to the person you are- and to your intellect- to even consider life's not worth living because of something so unimportant as looks! looks will fade, and what will matter is what you've done with your life, and you, hurting yourself by having such thoughts, are limiting your life & your opportunities.
As tired as you are of hearing this, beauty is not so much about external appeareance, it has to with it but it mostly resides in charisma, charm, a great personality etc. Think about Kate Moss,the model of imperfection, with uneven teeth, uneven complexion, etc... she is no great beauty, but she has an appeal that has nothing to do with how she looks but with how she carries herself. The same happens with many celebrities, and people you find walking down the street.
And honey, OF COURSE you'll have boyfriends! Believe me sometimes those inferiority complex thoughts scare boys away!So change your view of things and just enjoy your life, don't let little things ruin it!!

agsf a
seriously, id kill for a cute smile like that.
if you want, you could talk to somebody about your self-esteem
and anybody can get a boyfriend

Dont get Infected
well if you keep thinking of yourself as being ugly ofcourse you wont have the motivation to beable to get a boyfriend. i think you look good

U rn't ugly. Ur just ok. Can I be ur Boy friend??!!!
If ur answer is yes then mail me - [email protected]

You're not ugly at all, sweetie. You have a beautiful smile! Please find a counselor or therapist you can talk to, you are being way too hard on yourself. :(

Men like me look to the heart not the look

I guess most, either men or women, look to the heart and attitude.


find something posotive about your self, like your smile, and be confident, even if your pretending, make it seem like your the mosy beautiful, amazing woman in the world and men will come running!

When Heroes Fall
Oh my goodness, I looked at your picture, you are SO not ugly.

But I understand how you feel. I've never actually had a boyfriend. But I've come to realize that relationships with guys should not and are not the meat in the sandwich. I sounds ridiculous and stupid, especially coming from me, but honestly, just try to found another outlet. Music is my outlet, what's yours?

Dance Kayla, Dance! :)
dude ur not ugly.
IM ugly
[[ myspace.com/maygirl563 ]]
of course theres hope
i get diff bf's all the time...and usually im the one breaking the hearts...sorry guys =[
but yea
ur so totally fine =]

You may smile.
There are much uglier woman than you.

is the a joke?

You are very nice looking. Regardless of that fact, women of all outward appearances find boyfriends and husbands. Next time you go to a shop or a restaurant (or even church) look around. You will probably see tons of women less attractive than yourself with men. However, you are in no way ugly. You may need to see someone to change your self image. You have to love yourself for someone else to love you the way you deserve to be loved.

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