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I'm insane?
have u ever woke up at like 6 am and heard little kid voices laughing or crying? i think i'm losing me mind

you not insane your stupid

no sorry.. think you are loosing it

Pat AkA $hAmRoCk
B**** u crazy sry call the counsler u needin some help

Yeah, youre crazy.

could be anything from dream, dilustion or mental illness

That must be hard to expirince but it could b that u r indeed crazy if u think soo go to therapy....or ur house is hounted>>lol

Don't worry. LOTS of people hear voices (or noises), just don't tell others about it, because they worry they will be seen as crazy.
You probably are a super sensitive person. Enjoy it and use it. You can listen to others and understand them better than most people can.

You're just so tierd that you hear or see things. or your mind is stressed out. Like i think i see a white face look at me behind my dresser and when ever i look at it it shoots back behind it. Its just stress and being thirsty and hungry all the time

Yes I have done that. So I called my grandma and she wouldn't answer her phone, but I just kept calling and calling and calling some more, and eventually she picked up the phone. As soon as I heard her voice, the kid's voices all stopped and they never came back again.

actually, you were simply have a common experience when just waking up.

A ghost maby. I remember waking up in a hotel hearing a woman's voice singing, i thought it was my pa who was next to me but i then discovered it wasn't!

This example alone does not indicate insanity. Actually you are a tad more sane then me because in your place I might starting thinking that I had been given some sort of "paranormal gift." Maybe its time for you to take up yoga or meditation to help focus your mind. Try not to assume something negative is going on good luck to you.

morgan p
maybe you just didnt get enough sleep or maybe you dreamed it and woke up and thought it was real or like you said maybe you are insane... definatly see a doctor.

I have never had the problem, but I did have a friend who found out that his house was haunted by a little boy. It was a harmful spirit, but the little boy would make noises in the house, laughing, playing. My friend couldn't understand what he was hearing until he figured out that his house was haunted. He said there were no kids in his house and there were none except on the next block over, but he said the boy would make noises like it was broad daylight when it was 3 or 4 in the morning.

Take Care!

WOW that is crazy... Unless oyu have kids then you might want to check on them

If that kinda thing gets to be consistent, better consult a psychiatrist. However, they may be a logical explanation. There might be kids voices actually laughing or crying in the neighborhood. Or it may have to do with paranormal activity.

Well, first you're not completely insane or you wouldn't be able to recognize that the occurrence is abnormal.

As to the voices, it depends on a couple of things. If they happen only immediately on waking, they're probably left over pieces of dreams, which are not always visual only. But if they happen at other times and in other places, they may be auditory hallucinations. There are a lot of different reasons for those, not all of them psychiatric, so you should see your doctor first if they continue.

Think you can, think you can't; either way, you'll be right- a saying goes like this.

Sounds like ghosts. Do you live in an old house?

Could mean a few things...Do you have problems with children? Have you tried to become pregnant and failed or lost a child after you've become pregnant? Could have to do with it.

next door neighbors maybe?

maybe you were not completely awake...

I don't think your insane Amber...not at all. Why don't you get a voice activated tape recorder and turn it on when you go to bed...just to see what happens..I would like to know..EM me and Ill give you my address

i'm awesome
Go to the doctor

Yes. In my friends house when I spent the night, and his entire family has woken up to the same thing in that house.

Never.. i have woke up not being sure where I was, a little disoriented.

If you actually got up, went to the bathroom and still heard the voices, I would be worried, otherwise its not a big deal.

That sounds accurate, although, a lot of kids get up at 6:00 am to go to school, so, maybe you're hearing the neighbors.

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