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I'm going to visit my friend in a psych unit tomoro. What can I do to make her feel better?
She's suicidal and has a personality disorder.

Bring her a box of Fiddle Faddle and a Slinky

Wear your clothes back to front, she will know its not just her thats nuts

im sure just seeing you will make the world of difference take something with you that u know they like

Jennifer S
Moonsinger had some great suggestions. Being on a psych unit can be very boring and you can get very fidgety at times- the last thing you want to do during "down" times 9when there are no activites planned, is go back to bed. In addition to cigs (which most hospital ban now), some photos of family/friends are nice to have, a jounal (not spiral-bound, not allowed), maybe a book to read or crossword puzzles to keep busy. I enjoyed coloring- my first hospitalization taught me that coloring was therapeutic and relaxing- i still do it. So, i always have my mom bring colored pencils and a coloring book (i'm 33). It's time-consuming, takes your mind off things, and is relaxing. But, most of all your being there is what's important- she will know you care, will have some contact with "home" and normalcy, and feel loved. Don't feel too weird, it's justl like visiting a dorm or hotel room- only some of the people are a little strange. Good luck and good job .

Be yourself.... laugh and joke if it seems appropriate.. don't act like things are too weird .. and be prepared to listen.

Find out what you can from the staff about how she has been and what, if anything, you can do to help....

If things get "heavy", divert the mood/conversation back to good times you've had together.

Let her know that you are there for her and that you think of her often.. give her reasons to live.

I hope it goes well for you both.

Smile and bunch of grapes

Having been many times in a psych unit & suicidal myself, your just coming is going to mean a lot. If she smokes, cigs are a great thing to bring. (If a person smokes, they smoke a LOT there.) Otherwise, gum, mints, her fav candy (if allowed by the hospital). Other things that have meant a lot to me were just silly things, like a cush ball or something she can "play" with while in groups (ppl can tend to be fidgety when talking about serious stuff). Lastly, maybe a small stuffed animal. Objects like these are comforting. Oh! and a nice journal is very helpful. How nice of you to ask this for your friend. Hope this helps.

just listen to her and comfort her.. make her feel that she is wanted in this world

If your allowed to take her something really nice to eat. The food in these places can be grim. Also you could take her some make up or do her hair for her.

A True friend your friend has by the way!

wendy j
ring them and ask them if you can speak to her and ask her if she wants anything bringing in that she may not have had time or opportunity to bring in with her( undies clothes chocolate cuddly toy etc)ie stuff others mite think is unnecessary but will help her get well .check with the unit what she can and cant have and be yourself while you visit dont be afraid to ask questions nurses are human and we like to see visitors ..

Joss K
Are you going on your own? It might be very emotionally demanding. I'd take someone else - much easier if there is someone else to share the chat.

visiting her is bound to make her feel better - just listen and she will be reasured that she's not been cast out from normal society - taking something small might be nice

Be prepared! You may "see" some distressing things in there honey. Tell her Jokes, plenty of hugs.

The fact u r going to see her will help her alot.
When I was in a psych hospital (not of my own free will) I found it a great comfort when a friend came in and just chatted about things that are going on in the "outside" world, eg: wot mutual friends were up to, wots on t.v. Gossip really.......It would be nice if u felt able to ask how your friend is but only if u feel up to it. Otherwise u could ask if she has made any friends in there, wot the food is like, wot the sleeping area's like, how many people snore etc.
It depends upon what the staff say but if they have a cafeteria then maybe take her for a cuppa tea and CHOCOLATE!!!!! we all need that..
I hope it all goes well, look after yourself, and remember your friend isn't well, so don't take anything negative she may say personally, don't let yourself get ill. These places can be scary (when my friend visited me they were freaked out as there was a naked woman running around shouting obsenities at them and the staff!!!!) but everyone in there is very poorly so take it wiv a pinch of salt. In years to come u and your friend will look back at this time and remember the "funny" bits (they will become funny as time goes on)
Wish your friend all the best for a speedy recovery. A personality disorder isnot the end of the world. I have one and I look at it that at least its been proven I have a personality.....unlike alot of people LOL....
All the best. xxxx

First, if you are going to bring her somthing, call the hospital first and see what is allowed. I was in a psych unit and people were not allowed to have anything from the "outside."

Second, just talk to her normally. Tell her what is going on and what is new.

ASK her how she is feeling!!!! And tell her that you support her.

Ask her how she likes it there and if it is ok. Ask about the food, the people, the therapy. Don't be afraid to ask her about staying there. She might want to talk about it.

Play cards with her or listen to music with her. Make jokes.

She is your friend...nothing has changed. Be there for her!

Grace V
Just let her know you will be there for her no matter what. Just you being there visiting will mean alot to her.

I wish her the best

the best advice i can give is to just listen to your friend and reflect back to her what she has said to you in a different way so she knows that you are listening and you understand how she feels.hope it goes well for her.

im a mummy 2
just be a friend and understand, and listen! good luck!

You already are making her feel better just the fact that you show enough care and concern too visit her. It is not easy for her to control her problems or her emotions. Alot of people think they do it for attention, this not true. They want to be normal. Suicide for them is a way to make all of the problems in there head go away. Be sure to still visit or call her everyday after her release. Just the fact that them knowing somebody cares can save her life.

Angela C
just knowing you care enough to visit will be probably be all you can do at this point.

Number 3
Just listen and be there for her.
Ask her if there is anything you can do to help.
Let her know that you are thinking of her.
Don't play down her worries.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
Don't get upset if she says something mean or cruel.
Don't ignore the problem, ask her how she feels and if she wants to talk.
Tell her how you feel - tell her that you love her and that you care.

Hope this helps x

im sure your visit will cheer her up alot. shes probably feeling lonely and it will be nice to see someone from her usual life.

take her some flowers, write her a poem, just listen to her and be supportive best wishes to her and good luck to you

Don't give solutions as much as you listen to her and just try to understand what she tells you.

just keep everthing as normal as possible like you were out for a coffee or something
you are already doing the best thing for her by being there for her.

hope she gets all the help she needs x

Just be normal with her and just talk about everyday stuff. Just be her friend, the pro's are there to help her!

and a listening ear and the fact that your are visiting will show her that you care.
good on you.

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