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 Am i weird? ( 10 points)?
i like to lick my friends ears

please thell me if that is weird♥
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and yes it's the inside of the ear

were the wax ...

 Have you ever feel like you're screaming inside but no one can hear you?

 are people really that gullible?

 Suicide > Should i or not?
i hate my life
my ex attacked me and tried to get me raped by his mates.
i had to stay with the police and move away to be safe. my friends have been back stabbers. and iv started smokin

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 why do men act sooo stupid sometimes?
cuz every man or boy i've met has acted so stupid is it me?
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thx 2 the people who said it wasn't ...

 do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?

 Is it bad to hear voices (in your head)?
well, i kinda hear voices in my head... they dont say anything bad most of the time... is it bad? people say hearing voices is bad, but do you think it is?
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they just ...

 How do i relieve from stress & anxiety ??
Its become a habit with me to get easily tensed up with little things. Something that's not happening correct or not in order makes me anxious & irritated. You can say that i am stupid ...

 Am I Really Crazy or Just Different? ?
Everybody says I am crazy. I don't know if its true or not so I'll leave it up to the oh-so wise people of yahoo.

I have a urge to snuggle with a dead mutilated body right now, ...

 How many hours sleep Adults for per day ?

Ok this was an acciden't see im a cutter and i ended up cutting a little to deep now its bleeding and won't stop. I think i am in shock i am in a lot of pain and right now i cannot feel ...

 I hate myself. What should I do?
I really do. I've always been hated by other people ever since I was little, and I hate myself. What should I do?...

To make a VERY VERY VERY VERY important discovery and get BILLIONS for it. Then become presidents of the United States, and become the most powerful person on the planet. Then kill Laura Mallory and ...

 I need your answer! What should I do?
I am fixing to cut myself...
It keeps telling me "cut yourself because you are worthless creature... Your parents don't like you anymore... They like your sister than you do..."<...

 i honestly just feel like dying.?
im so stressed out, im loosing friends at school, i just lost my bestfriend, im so mad at my parents, im fifteen, my dad is a drunk.
here's all what happend:
today might have easily ...

 A guy threatened to kill himself over me?
okay, well, i have this boyfriend and we were going through a bit of a rough patch. Then i was on a social networking site, and a guy started to message me. I told him i had a boyfriend, and i told ...

 Need help with suicide thoughts!?
it seems like nobody cares about me.. i have little friends, or at least no good friends. my family doesnt even care about me. how do i get these suicide thoughts out of me. im close to doing it, but ...

 never sleeping??????
Ok so I almost NEVER sleep and if i do i sleep for like 4-5 hours and im ONLY 12!!! What will happen if this still continues??...

 I called upon the Lord to save me from my depression, but he hasn't. Why not?
Why won't God help me in my life anymore?
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yes, I know I put this in the wrong section... however depression is veiwed as a mental illness sometimes. I apologize ...

I'm feeling suicidal.....what do i do?
I'm not joking so please don't take this lightly :'( by default i posted this question on P&S, it didn't do me much good... i just don't know how to get rid of this horrible urge to kill myself. Need help... i don't want to see any psychiatrist or anyone like that, but i do need someone to talk to about this but i have no idea who... i'd talk to my boyfriend but he's the main reason why i'm feeling this way so i can't...........
Additional Details
Why are some of you telling me to kill myself? :'( i'm seriously asking for help yet some take this as a joke... i'm ready to jump i really am so the last thing i need is someone encouraging this bad feeling :'(

Kristyn B
Call a friend immediately and have them come over to be with you. Just know what ever seems so bad will fade in time. Your life is worth so much more than any boy can make you feel.

why u don't want to kill yourself:

the pain is unbearable.
I dont understand why you want to kill youself or i could have tried to help.
all im trying to say is "have as much fun as u can before you atchually die".

hope that helps.

Althought I know you don't wanna hear this, you're not the only one who feels that way. I have. Most people have at some point. Just don't do it, I guarantee you that you're smarter than that. Just make the better choice, you may regret it now but in the long run you'll realize it was the best choice.

Talk to someone like your family or something and then if it gets worst go to a doctor to help you you shouldn't feel sad like that or suicidal at all you should be happy well take care :)

what ever is making you fell like this won't last.if its your boyfriend break up with him.
suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.
please don't do it there is many people that love you.you could talk to your family doctor if you need to or a close friend.

if your boyfriend is why you are feeling this way. maybe you need to take a break from him or dump him all together. think of those who will miss you when you are gone. this will be a heartache for them. every life is worth living so please don't give yours up.

Rachel C
What did your boyfriend do to make you feel this way???

I dont think you should kill yourself, you are a great person (even though i dont know you). lol. Anyways, be more positive, try seeing something happy, or doing something that makes you glad. If your boyfriend made you feel suicidal then i suggest you shouldnt date him anymore.

Thats just my opinion. Hope you feel better, and realize that inside yourself theres a magneficient person ready to shine, you just got to open the patches and let it's light shine through.

Call a suicide hotline, they will be able to help you, offer advice and point you in the right directions. Good for you for seeking help!

Edit: Ignore the people who are saying mean things. They are just being insensitive and not taking you seriously. They are the type of person who always thinks everything is a joke, until something bad happens to them or someone they love.
Out of all these answers, there are only 3 or 4 'mean' answers, everyone else is encouraging you to get help or even to email them! Look at all these people who want to help you, don't pay attention to the few nutjobs here.

Dont do it! Whatever is going on in your life, it will get better, just wait a while. You need to just try to sleep on it for a while. enjoy your life. once you die, there is no turning back

try reading the Bible, it always calms me down to read it with my Bible study sheet and it makes me feel better. even if you arent Christian, this can seriously change your life and make you happier and better!

hope this helps

Jessica R
Suicide is nothing to joke around with so hopefully this is not a joke. If you are having serious thoughts of harming yourself, please contact the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK. Or visit your local emergency room.

god all you people who said she should kill herself, how would you feel if the headline tomorrow read, "WOMAN KILLS HERSELF AFTER ASKING FOR PEOPLE ON INTERNET FOR HELP"?

please, i know you don't want to see a psychiatrist, but that is honestly the best thing you can do.

Well I can tell you from experience, suicide is not the answer. You have done the right thing by reaching out. Just be careful who is on the other side. If you are serious you need to call a suicide hot line. You would have much better luck there. If you need someone I am here and I am sure you will get a lot of other people also. You can email me.

♥ Little Miss Mileyy ♥
Calm down. This is common amongst teens. Resist the urge to touch anything with a large hole or sharp items. God must have wanted you to do some amazing thing, but if you fade on you wont know what it is. Just calm down and think about a solid white room. Now imagine 7 silver buckets infront of you, filled with red, orange, yellow, green, blue , purple and pink. Imagine a brush sticking out of them. Now with your mind grab a brush a go. be free and let passion envelop your soul. color your wall,make it yours, feel the lightness. Now Stop. The buckets of paint dissapear, and you look at your creation. the world stops for a second so you can find your answer through your souls expression


Make sure you have Christ in your heart.
Not kidding; if you have God, there is no way you can feel that bad.

Ashley M
Suicide is certainly nothing to joke about. I don't know where you are from, but there may be a crisis line that you can phone today and talk to someone asap. If you are having any urge to kill yourself, I would highly recommend you consider getting some counseling. There should be no shame in receiving this type of help. A counselor can objectively help you work through whatever it is that is making you feel this way.

"NEVER choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

why don't you just spend time with your family instead of you b/f

call 911, 1-800-784-2433, or tell your parents

Write about it. All of your feeling. Then burn it.

That's the only excersize I know of :)

I understand you not wanting to see any type of counselor for this .... Im glad you asked because thats already helping yourself. Alright, Last February I lost my brother to suicide.. It was the worst experience of my life, Everyday of my life, I regret not being there to stop this.. I know I couldnt have, but I have never felt more horrible in my life. Please dont do it. There is always people out there who love you.. You should just know that.. Also, if any guy makes you feel this way, Please realize he cant be right.. If a guy makes you feel suicidal, he's most definitley the worng one. We all go through rough times. Im not sure what to say suggestion wise but I just pray you resist this urge. Try to think of all the things good about life, and do not think about the bad things going on. Also try to think if you were to leave this Earth, you could miss out on so many things.. And so many people would miss you.

Please.. Please dont do it..

think of your familly and the things you own and your friends and your future

its not worth it
after one unsuccessful attempt you will wish you never had tried

Mr. Obama himself
just think of how sad everyone else around you wil be imagine them crying be thankful of your life because when someone close to you dies you will see how much it affects you and others around you dont do it trust me dont mess with death

just dont do it there are lots of things in life to look foward to

please email me at [email protected], i went through the same thing so please i really want to talk to you

Pablo P
Realize that a man isn't worth your life, and that you're young and tons of people have had the feeling of heartbreak and go forward.

obviously break up with him if he's making u feel suicidal

go watch something funny

dont die....

if your bf is the main cause of this, break up with him.

Think about your family and friends. What would that do to them? Would you really want them to feel the pain of losing you for the rest of their lives? Just because you wanted to give up yours? It's not worth it. Life is short and you have to live it. Everyone has ups and downs but how we get through it is what makes us stronger.

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