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Candace T live and in colour
I'm feeling really depressed. Can anyone help me?
I should be feeling really happy today, and Iwas (for like, twenty minutes). I won first prize in a music competition, and I thought everyone was really proud and happy for me. THan, my daad started ranting and raving about how my Mom spoiles my older sibling and doesn't care enough about me, and my younger sibling enough. Than my mom rants and raves about my dad's anger issues. My brother casts a giant shadow on me, and my best friend gets easily irritated. Son't get me wrong, my bff is great. She really stands by me and is the only one who hasn't ditched me after a few months f friendship. I also think I'm like super ugly, and when people said I looked pretty, I thought it was joke. Can anyone help me deal with my issues or lend a shoulder to cry on?

Eric M
Sure. I was exactly going through your stage back in my young days of middle and early high school.
What I learned was that when both sides of family and friends clash, there was only you and at least 1 or more close buddies.
But what if they clash?
I knew then that I could do so much better alone and its only GREAT if they support me for what I have done.
You should be proud of what you accomplished and keep moving because fighting and suffering can only lead to more failures.
Don't let them hurt you for what you want them to do.
Hurt yourself if that goal hasn't been reached.
I've been better knowing that.

Candle L
All of this didn't just happen tonight, these are things that have been ongoing. Who was your Dad talking to ? If he cares so much about you then he shouldn't do this ranting in your presence. Maybe you should have sleepovers with your bff, this will get you out of the house and the bad atmosphere so you get a break from the situation.

Casey B
Sure i will try 2 help u

go on youtube.com and look up TAPPING for deperssion. its works.

Pray. I know it sounds funny if you don't do it. But in times like these it's a really big help. God got your back. Go to Joel Osteen (I discovered him around 4-5 months ago).


I promise you it will be worth it. If not, what can it hurt;)

smc ツ
im going to email you, so check your inbox here in a second :)

*Miss Tori*
Well, i think you have many problems with your life right now....YIKES! You know what would help....if you would not think about all the problems happening to you right now....you should always look on the bright side....it will make you feel a whole lot better about things....trust me! And if you need a shoulder to cry on...i'm here! You can email me if you want.......
[email protected]

You can email me anytime!***

Relax! You probley are very beautiful and if everyone is fighting walk alway or try making a joke out of it, only going to cause more problems if you keep thinking about it. Great Job at the music thing I dont know how you sang lol but you came in first so that has to mean something, now go talk to someone online or myspace or something and forget about it and get your mind set on something else

Hi, Candace
Im sorry you're feeling this way, I understand how you are feeling since i've gone through alot of the same depression issues myself..i think it all has to do with the lifestyle you live; it seems that your happiness over your first place prize (congratulations, by the way!!!! that's awesome =]) are overshadowed by your parents having to argue over something that didn't hav anything to do with the moment. just remember that what you are going through is completely normal. all ur issues u are having with ur family and best friend are, in fact, most likely only temporary and even though everything feels like its not right at the moment, i assure you that you will feel better in due time!!! maybe your best friend is easily irritated because perhaps she's also going through something similar to what u r going thru...family issues? relationship issues? a wide variety of problems can occur...you should try talking to her about how ur feeling, and you might even find that she was feeling the same way all along (not necessarily, but it's worth a try). it always helps to talk about how u r feeling with a good friend or a trusted adult or family member.. perhaps a school guidance counselor? also, it is a self conscious effort on the part of most humble human beings to assume that they are not as great looking as people point out to them that they are. this just means that you are probably a very modest girl, but in fact, are very pretty. the prettiest people are sometimes the most humble. don't doubt urself or ur looks, always know that beauty is only skin deep, and either way, u r beautiful. inside and out. hope this helped =]

You're awesome tootz. People who aren't vain are the most beautiful people ever. People aren't kidding when they say you are beautiful.

Also, family problems can be stressful. Talk it out with some friends. You're bff will be willing to listen. She'll understand that you need her to listen. I think you are assuming she be irritated.

Or you can just grab something to get stuff off your head. idk what you like, but music and painting works for me. Singing! That's fun. Ask your friend to sing with you (that doesn't work for me, but hey! it might for you.)

And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on. I don't mind. My shoulder is yours. Smile! please.

Oh! have some chocolate. It's my best friend. I'm sure it's willing to be yours too. :)

Misplaced Falcon
Sounds like your family is as disfunctional as mine. Stick it out. Its always darkest before the don.

try to tune them out. go somewhere where your by yourself and without all the commosion. this is your time to shine and you shouldn't be letting them get you down.

kitsune u
I'd totally let u cry on my shoulder, it's just we haven't met :'(

But really you just have to go through life and make the best of it. Learn to look at how hard your parents try in life and tell them the positive things to let them know there doing a good job and there moods will change. Try to find a brightside and if there isn't one then just work your way through it. That's what I sudjest.

Sadly on my part I just cast people close to me away and live my life seperate not caring about others and just worrying about myself. But I really don't reccomend it. It isn't something a normal person handles to well. ^^

Good luck~

just life

life always try's to get ya down or throw curve balls at ya

just gotta hit em back and stay as strong as you can be

i've had a rough childhood too and almost everyone goes though similar things at times in their life

ryuko l
This always cheers me up:

Oh, I'm sorry sweetie that yo're feeling bad but you really shouldn't worry so much. Everyone has their own issues that they have to deal with and Lord knows it can be extremely frustrating, but you shouldn't take it so harshly and put the blame on your shoulders. If I knew you'd I'd lend you my shoulder!!!!! But you should try to talk to your parents about this kind of thing, or try to vent with your bff and get close to her. You really shouldn't worry about what people think of you, especially when it comes to beauty. Beauty means so many things and is shown in many different ways, but I guarantee that you are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon and really relax, find something to do that will help you relax.

You are not depressed. I understand you are upset with your current situation. I've been through a similar situation most of my life with my parents and siblings. From what I read, you are the middle child and usually the last one to get attention. Your parents are not angry with you, they are angry with each other and instead of working out their problemsa, they project that anger onto you which is their way of repressing their thoughts. I think the best thing to do right now is to tell your parents how you feel and that you want them to work out their problems instead of coming to you and telling them to you.

If you're too afraid to approach them right now, sit down in your room and write about it, draw, sing, dance... play some music, I know you like that. You are probably great and you should keep telling yourself that. If you think that way, your attitude and self confidence will soon follow.
And also, I don't care who you are, what you think looks bad about you. You are beautiful, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Stop focusing on your flaws as I do. See yourself in someone else's perspective, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself your pretty. I know it sounds corny, but if you try it, you'll wonder why you had such bad feelings about yourself to begin with.

As for your friend, tell her to stop being hormonal. heh. nah, if she is anything like my best friend, through the worst of times and best of times you'll be girls for life. You might hate her one day and love her the next, but she'll always be your friend.

Karlz M
if you need to cry cry
just relax whats going through your mind try hearing music or reading a book or getting entertained in something you can just sit on the floor and do "yoga" you know like just cross ur legs and think about nothing
call ur best friend and tell her whats going on. don't let people bring you down if you say you are beautiful **** fu** other ppl but you are and everybody is. dont let fam problems affect you think of those happy times u and ur fam have had and if you need to scream get a pillow and scream all you want or simply fall asleep just know that better days are to come and everything will be just fine...and know that everyone you care about and those who care about you are proud of you even if they might not be affectionate they wish the best for you..but hey wanna chat to me am here...
HOLA @ me GIRL is always good to meet someone new

Navy wife
You should be very proud that you got a prize....that is awesome. Don't feel down and out about yourself. Everyone has these days. Mine were really hard in middle school and the beginning of high school. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister so I know what it feels like to have other siblings take away your fame and glory. Your parents shouldn't be telling you things like that anyways. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks just focus on you and enjoying your time at school with your friends.

Irene \m/.
Everyone has there own fair amount of issues, and I speak from experience. Be proud of yourself! You probably practiced hard for the music competition, so you deserve the award. My family is always ranting about one thing or another, and that can get seriously irritating sometimes. But just remember that everyone needs to vent every now and then. It may seem like your brother casts a giant shadow over you, but that's not true. You already proved to yourself and everyone else that you're different than your brother, you have musical talent! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

People say that you are not what you think you are, but what you THINK, you ARE. If you keep feeding yourself with negativity, then that won't do you any good. Chances are, you probably are pretty. Don't be so hard on yourself! =]

How long have you've been feeling depressed? If it's been awhile. (weeks) Tell someone. Like your mom. She would understand. Believe me. I've been through the same thing. I felt that way. Told my mother. She got me help. Medication is probably the best. Lexapro works really good. And it's worth it. Hang in there.

Its just a stage.
I went through that throughout the whole first three years of high school. I used to cry all the time, i hated myself n also never new how to except a compliment. but i think its something that everyone goes through at some point in their life. It made me stronger. Almost never cry now, cause nothings as bad as those 3 yrs n now I can get through a nasty break-up or terrible home life.
Its always hard to accept yourself, get some vanity into yah!
btw, never go on about how ugly you think you are. i have a friend who's naturally the skinniest little thing but always says she's fat, it gets so annoying and offensive as we all are quite obviously fatter than her.
it will get better :)

Yup. That's what therapy is for. Or you could e-mail me if you'd like. I love helping people.

Margarita needs a margarita
ok first off you should not let other people make you feel that way... no matter who it is... whether its family, friends,.. etc....

just surround yourself with things that make you happy.. like find an escape.. and NOOO not drugs lol.... stuff you enjoy.... like listening to music, going to a friends house, taking a long bath, working out, talking a walk outside, writing..... trust me once you find that, things will go a lot easier for you hun...

good luck! :)

its ok
if u dont mind me asking--how old r u
i am 13
itll all be ok--all families and friends fight
maybe you can go to a doctor
congrats on ur win and im sure ur pretty
dont worry :)

cry into your pillow. btw congrats on your win!

Question Queen Mentally Special!
That is enough to bring you down. I know it's easier said than done, but try to listen to some soothing music or take a walk. I'm here if you need help. Congrats on your 1st place!

Dallas W
im here for u you can email me your problems anytime

dont get ur self down. dont worry. i bet ur rly pretty.

and dont focus on negative things. just think positivily. clear ur mind with playing a game or calling someone.

You are a beautiful person made in the image of God.

See the below video and have a lovely day!!

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