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 Im Depressed any ideas ?
Ok im so depressed lately and mom is so worried i will cut, i put her threw that once and she is so stress struck over it, its not funny , so can you help me ?...

I'm depressed?
Help? Kind Words?

1. why are you depressed? You can elobarate on your question.
2. http://www.topsitelists.com/bestsites/humor/
that helps me a bit. watch a comedy and laugh. Do not do anything you know will push you down further.

Life is too short to be miserable and we don't have to be.

Abraham Lincoln is credited as saying " A man is as happy as he he makes his mind up to be"

Much of the mild depression we sometimes experience can be eliminated by our attitude and a strong desire to let go from being depressed.

Rather than focus on the problem, try and create a solution.

Don't dwell on the depression, dwell on the actions you are going to take to come out of the depression.

Take up new interests. Recreational activities is identified as a need for everyone. Do not overcatastophise. Buy some self help books. Let go of ya baggage and move on.

Good luck

I am too. We have a lot in common.

if ever i get depressed i look at nature and i am well again,also get a pet,pet therapy is excellent i love pets

Talk to a Dr. There is help out there but you need to ask for it. Depression is usually based on anger that you have turned back on your self. Try to figure out why you're so angry.

Boy, how many times have I been there! Depression is, unfortunately, very common, especially if you have had a traumatic event happen recently. (Car wreck, death in the family, etc.) If you have been depressed for more than two weeks, I would see a doctor, especially if you have been having trouble sleeping, not eating right, or are suicidal or thinking about death. If you are stressed out or having panic attacks, make sure your doctor knows that because it will change the meds they put you on. Not much else to say except I've been there and I know it reeks. Hang in there.

Well at least you're not oppressed or repressed. Here, have a cookie, I just baked one for you. It has oatmeal and raisins, and if you put the cookie to your ear, you'll notice that it talks to you.

...and the cookie says:

"please don't eat me! please don't eat me! you think you're depressed, you're gonna digest me in a few seconds. How do you think that would feel, hmmm?"

C K Platypus
Call your doctor.

I hope you feel better soon.

you need to try some things to give your self some time to ease your mind. Exercise lightly like walking out side and looking at the beautiful sun can help. If you can use twenty minutes a day to shut the world out and do a crossword puzzle, read a book or take a bath by your self. Please don't forget you should not have to go it alone, nicely explain to a friend, spouse or loved one the situation that you are in and the feelings you are experiencing. There are also so many great medications on the market to help with depression do not be embarrassed probably half the people you know are on them.. They changed my life.

Well first you need to target what is making you depressed, then somehow (if possible) fix it. If its something you cant fix then pray about it and have faith it will get better.

Julie Andrea
See your doctor .. PLEASE!! Depression is a disease that kills - it needs to be taken seriously. Counseling, therapy and sometimes medications .. can all help.

Don't let it go on .. your mental health is just as important as your physical health ... if you had a broken leg you wouldn't hesitate to see medical attention, would you?!?! The same goes for your mental health, it is just as important.

Please call a crisis line if you feel you need to talk with someone and get to your doctor or go to emergency if you feel really bad.

Good Luck to you!

Me Too!!
I hate life.. justme

im sorry =(

karen g
Do something that makes you feel good and not so down in the dumps. It is alright to have a cry once and a while. Just don't keep things bottled up inside. Try talking to friends, family, a counseler, etc.

Take a nice hot bath, no lights, but light candles, and some nice relaxing music. :-)

Feel better!

Are you depressed? or are you just down?

Its important to know the difference.

The key to resolution is pinpointing why you are depressed and working from there.

In the meantime. . .Exercise, therapy, long bubble baths, relaxtion methods, etc.

you are so beautiful and kind and respected.
dont feel too down cause tommorow is another day
and u will be blessed by the joy of happiness. listen to music
and talk to people, it will bring u high out of ur lows.
hope that helped.

Louie V
You are not alone. I hope you'll meet lots of others. :)

Chick with pets
I'm more depressed? Does that help? Sometimes it is okay to be sad. Sometimes it feels good to just have a good cry. Think about someone you love who died. Think about how depressed and sad that made you. Now think about how many people you would make sad and depressed if one day they woke up and you weren't there.

If it makes you feel better...I'am depressed too! Let me break down my story...then maybe you won't feel so bad after all!
July 2005 my fiancee' pasted away.......
November 2005 I had a major car wreck that almost killed me..... Feb 2006 had major back surgery...June 2006 Katrina hit the headquarters of my company and put me outta business....July 2006 I was told my mom has only 3 months left to live....August 2006 my roof developed a serious leak and I have no finances left to fix it!

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