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 how much does it annoy you when you get told to cheer up?
This Is More Annoying When The Person Telling You To Cheer Up Knows Your Severly Depressed. It's Bad Enough When It Comes From A Stranger
Additional Details
It Is Patronising And B...

 seriously, i can't do it anymore...?
i feel like sh**. all the time. im 16 and really depressed, i guess you could say. today i passed out in school, not fun. and im always tired, im constantly falling asleep in class. i cut my wrists ...

 I wish I could just sleep my life away?
I hate my life. The only time I'm happy is when I'm sleeping because I'm not in reality. I'm depressed all the time, I also doing something wrong, and I want to kill myself at ...

 do u see a cup half empty or half full?

 I don't want to sleep because I keep having bad dreams and they scare me. What should I do?

 I KNOW I'm depressed... and I KNOW I need meds. How do I go about getting them? What type of doctor do i go2
It's been too long... I don't have a "primary care" doctor... and I don't think I need one to get some meds to make me feel better. I need to know how to go about getting ...

every time i some1 makes me mad i rip somthing 2 peices ...

 people don't realize how close i am ?

Im so close to taking my life right now. why wont people listen to me and help/...

 Does death scare you?
...I swear to.... My cat, if I get any religious answers, I will beat you upside the head with a baseball bat....

 what's wrong with me?
in fifteen.
- sometimes im really happy/excited... sometimes im really sad/unhappy
- i pick my skin, so i have.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_picking [i often bleed becase of it]

 Insomnia? I'm really suffering at the moment - any tips?
I can't manage to sleep for more that about 3 - 4 hours at the moment, no matter what time I go to bed. Falling asleep isn't the problem - it's staying asleep. I tend to wake up in the ...

 I want to die - i'm so miserable.?
I took an overdose a couple of times now and i'm still here but i don't want to - i left a not here saying it was for the best and the latest attempt didn't work - i took 9 ...

 anyone ever suffered so much stress that you cant sleep at night + feel like you're on the verge of breakdown?
what is this like and what did you do about it?...

 i am gonna kill myself...?
in exactly 3 weeks time. ok? goodbye!
Additional Details
im being serious though. i want to die. i felt this way for a very long time. suffered from depression for years. im doing it in 3...

 Do you ever wonder what's the point of going to sleep?
I'm sort of tired, but not really. My husband is bugging me to come to bed and get some sleep, but I just sigh and wonder why bother when I can stay up and do stuff?...

 feeling depressed. physcial disorder, pic included?
i have t.a.r. sydrome, a gene disorder where i am missing my forearms. its not deadly or contagious, i just have limited reach. im 21 and have had it my entire life. but lately, its been bothering me ...

 I am planning my suicide...i need help?
I am planning my suicide right now and i can't stop thinking about it. What should i ...

 Can loneliness make you feel ill?

 Why am I becoming MORE MISERABLE as i get older?
i rarely ever smile or laugh anymore and when i do, it's sounds like i'm being ...

 What are some methods that I can use to forget about my depression?
if only for 5 minutes.
Additional Details
Wow, Adam, I AM a girl =P...

I'm an addict?
I'm addicted to Y! Answers. Every time the site tells me that I've used up my answers for the day, a little piece of me dies inside. I can't eat, I can't sleep, all I want to do is browse this site. Anyone else?

try to make ur levels higher so u can play more..lol

* * * * * * Addictive... for sure * * * * * *

You can really get involved in Y! answers... Tip: make sure you stock up on drinks and snacks before you go online!

WOW!!! ya i would say you are addicted.....i would get help....jk

i'm glad it isn't me either!

your not the only one so am I

loool wow...i think yahoo just had they're first nutcase

good luck to you though!

Pepsi Cola
i dont know, i think i could be addicted

Casino-real talk
i cant even lie that same thing happened to me the other day and i just got addicted..but it wasnt that bad...but i was fiendin'...lol

Travis M
Hi JL. Welcome.

I was a relatively normal kid, pretty normal upbringing, went to college, moved far away from family and friends, travel the world meet really intersting people, there was never a sign that this would happen to me. I'm just glad I have you guys, you understand.

lol same but this is my first day on it. right after dinner i ran to the computer lol. it is addicting. ive posted a few questions. XD

John B
ya no shitt

Just a tad scary, but yeah i would classify you as:
ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!! (enjoy)

not me

Yes, you have all the conditions of one addict.
You can go to any support group for help, but at this moment I have no idea about support groups for people involved in chat rooms or boards addictions but probably are one around.
God bless you and just fight against your weakness, the conquest of this make your spirit strong.That's the challenge every single human has in this live.
Control your feelings and emotions and you control your world.

ya ur an addict or u just have a bunch of questions in life you feel you cant answer yourself

dude I am an addict of ebay and I understand how you feel. eventhough you know you have other things to do, you just can't get off.

haha nice, yeah with out the eating sleeping problem haha

interesting. not sure if that's healthy but its better than cocaine or pot or world of war craft...

OMG! haha

I go to voting to pass the time until the next day. Good Luck to you.

Jeff L
It sure is a good way to waste time, but hey, you get to learn a thing or two in the process meet some people and have fun.

hmmmmm.... I think you "may" have a little problem.... seek "yahoo help"

poor thing! it is fun isn't it?!
just work your way up to level 3 & you'll be
able to answer & vote on undecided answers
lots more per day b4 you know it.

Amy Elizabeth
Oh my god, it's not just me.

Know what you mean, they just made me a top contributor last night, I don't know why I'm kinda embarrassed. Maybe its that sense of shame associated with addictions, I know about them for real too !!!

I hope your addiction isn't too severe that you are unable to function in everyday life.

Laura S
perhaps you and I together can start a 12 step program for this.


Yes, you are an internet addict. Yahoo answers is just your "drug" of choice. This is one of the fastest growing new addictions and there are therapists that are devoting themselves to this issue.

Your addiction might be hurting your social life more than you realize. Therapy might be an option for you.

I don't know how accurate this internet addiction test is, but here is a link: http://www.netaddiction.com/resources/internet_addiction_test.htm

Okay, you have gotten an honest answer here. I think it deserves 10 pts. :)

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