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I'm always afraid of what's other people think.?
I'm extremely shy around other people. Only at home, do I feel like myself, but it affects my relationships with friends and family, because I'm always so depressed. I've been told that it's that I'm too scared to be judged, and I'm too quick to please. I realized their right.

Okay, first, let me tell you I'm onlly 15 years old. Most people don't know who they are or want to be at this age. But, I feel like I'm always trying to dress, talk, walk, think, and act the way other's think I should. I don't know what I'm doing, and I feel like a failure if they don't like me. If I got a bunch of compliments, I feel like people are lying to make me feel good. And when I get any kind of negative comments, I get so depressed.

Can anyone help me?
I just want to be myself, not a 'follower'. <--Most of my friends call me one.

It's always my fault that people don't like me.
I need some help, before I explode!!!

Additional Details
Also, sometimes I get in trouble for staying home from school, and it's becoming a problem. The reason I stay home is because sometimes I feel so worthless and ugly, I can't bear for people to see me..

Lucinda S
not saying you are, but look up schizophrenia, its a broad range.

David V
Wow, being a teen must be hard. Here is how I made it as a teen. I acted cool, avoided being immature, and made sure I took care of myself well. Popper dressing, and a positive attitude goes a long way. Do not ever show fear. Walk like you are sure of yourself. Do not ever let negativity let you down. Brush it off, shrug your shoulder, and say whatever. You will make i that way.

Evil One
First off, settle down and stop being depressed. Life is too short to worry about things. Start bringing your "home-self" out with your friends, since it is your true self. Anything else but that is you being your "follower"

that sounds a lot like me im 16 but i dont care what people think about me the main thing is you have to like you for you just find your real self

just try to be yourself all the time, not just at home.

First, you know when you are in school kids are so mean. I am almost thirty and still look back at my yrs in school and think of all the mistakes i have made. I always wanted to fit in too.I tell my daughter though you can have 50 people who call you their friend and only one true friend.Find positive people to hang out with~you dont have to conform to them.Be just who you feel you are.You dont have to try to fit in and mesh.Focus on school and what you want to be.Outward appearance means little when your ugly on the inside.Maybe try getting into a youth group at church.I had some of the best times just hanging out.If your shy,your shy.No one should look down on that.Hang in there and maybe talk to your mom about how your feeling.Feel free to email me as well if you want.

You might find this hard to believe, but it is probable that about 90% of the people around you your age feel EXACTLY the same. Everybody hides it in different ways. Some people hide it by putting down others to make themselves feel better. Others hide it by making sure that they have the latest clothes and gadgets, so that they kind of feel important.

Find something in your life that defines you, and devote some time to it. Maybe you are athletic, and want to join the swim team. Maybe you are artistic, and want to join the school band or art club. Maybe inside you really are social, but don't have a vehicle to express yourself. In that case, you might want to join a student council or charity organization. Whatever you do, you will likely meet other people who do it too. You will make connections with people that make you feel comfortable, and your confidence will increase. Good luck.

More people ARE "like you, than not".
Ponder this. The people you know, are they "the way they think they are"? Or are they the "way YOU perceive them to be"? Which would be "more correct"? The way they intend to be perceived? Or the way YOU actually perceive them? Are you understanding this? Don't make it complicated, just "work with it".
Now, are YOU the way you intend to be perceived? Or are you the way THEY interpret you?
Now, which way is "more important"?
You have a self-confidence problem, most 15 year olds do. You are not "messed-up", just undefined. Relax, there is time for that. I do NOT mean "forget about it". I do mean, do not "worry" about it, but work on "defining" yourself. What sort of person do you want to be? Not a "follower", apparently. Well, then stop following trends. Quit copying someone else's style. Express yourself in such a way, that makes you admirable(look it up). YOU are the only authority on "you". So define yourself. Do not be a mouse, to another's "Pied Piper".
Does any of what I've said make sense? If not, read it again, or ask me to explain.

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