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I'm afraid to sleep alone? 16 years old!?
Okay..im a 16 y/o girl
my room door is always open, and my parents room are on the other side of the house and their door is always open too..
when im alone at night, and every ones asleep, my mind would just start thinking of ghosts and stuffs and that would freak me out. so i go to the couch and sleep there,

my mind would jus start thinking of ghosts and stuffs and that would freak me out. im so scared something is gonna creep up on me.
im also scared someone is going to break in. my room is in the front side of the house, and my window faces the front.

like..i need real help. please help me overcome my fear..
Additional Details
i never watch scary movies..only very rarely..like once every 3 years lol

The buggie monster is gonna get you. :)

Or you can just call me over and we can sleep togather I'm also 16.

MrBrightSide the Hope Ender
get married

freaky cool dude
remember that the boogie man is just as scared of you

melissa g
read or take some pills before bed

i used to be like that too sometimes i still do this:

what i do is:

keep the bathroom light on.

put some music on so i don't feel alone

sometimes i put my bedroom light on just to feel safer

or i think about my fave things e.g animal friends family places i've visited favourite past time etc.

i hope i helped!!


i go joggin alot idk if u like that kinda thing but by the time i go to bed i pretty much crash so i have no way to think of ghosts also if u are religious try praying and ask gd to protect u he wont let anything like that happen to you if you have faith in him

person #1
Dude. I have the same freaking problem! I know how you feel. I'm 13 years old. ha ha, what helps me is putting a night light. I also pray to God to protect me. Maybe put up a holy picture in your room to protect you, only if you're religious though. It is kind of hard to make your mind not think of scary things trying to get you. Like if i hear a boom or crack, i automatically freak out and think somethings going to get me. But I have to share a bed with my two year old brother so that helps too. But if you don't have a younger sibling, maybe sleep with a cat or dog. Try doing some exercising too, so that when you hit the pillow, you fall asleep. I really hope that helps, you see, I haven't gotten off that problem either, but when my brother has to sleep with my parents or something, i use that method.

well im a guy and i have kinda same problem not that big though but watching scary movies is a no no. because i believe in ghosts and such it makes me think it can happen in real life but other then that im ok you just have to stop thinking about it in your head

hey sweetie.. how bad is this? i think if it's effecting your sleep, you need to see a therapist.. it's not as bad as it sounds, and it will help..

has anything ever happened.. just think that it's been 4,000 days and nothing has happened.. so nothing is going to happen tonight..

or do some exercise or something else to wear yourself out, so you mind doesn't even start running when your head hits the pillow..

vampire kid
okay first you should pray at night lol k, then try having sumone sleep with you just until you sleep, then that person leaves your room. also try a nightlight. this always happens to me lol. but im only like 11.

I used to get that all the time. Don't drink caffine or eat sugar foods at least 3-4 hours before bed. Plus, learn how to think about something else. I usually think of friends and stuff at school. Good Luck =]

well you are 16 and nothing has happened yet . i used to be really phobic about the same things, in my youth i was always worrying about people and things. just realize that your parents are there and even when they are not that you just simply need to realize hat worrying does no good. you just need to calm down, what will happen will happen and people are putting themselves in more dangerous places and are coming out of it ok

dont watch scary movies or anythink like that.
i kind of used to be like that, i was i little younger but i know how you feel.
Did something bad happen to you in the past?
i was like that because of something that happened in the past.
i am sorry.

AnGeLl JaHyEe
It's a natural thing. But try to get a night light. That used to help me a lot.

mike L.
I was the same way until about year ago I'm 25 yes that is right but now I can sleep in the dark through out the night with no nightlight but I also live out in the woods so that's why I couldn't sleep very well I would hear noise through out the night by animals or sticks breaking plus are place gets super dark at night.

so I say you get a cool nightlight that you like then you will be just fine

Just Thinking
Sounds as if you could benefit from some counselling, if its not possible for you to get your parents to take you to a counsllor speak to the one in your school.

I get like this when I have to sleep alone, too.

What I do is think about something else. I think about the most interesting thing I can think of. Either that, or I get up and do something else until I get sleepy. The shorter the time I have to spend in my bed in the dark until I go to sleep, the better. If I can just distract myself for the five minutes it takes me to get to sleep, I'll be fine.

inFaMous Link
If you are afraid of ghosts there's no such thing. If your afraid somebody is going to break in it is possible. However, I wouldn't worry about it all you have to do is scream and your Dad will wake up and kill the guy. Its not that big of a deal. Just grow up kid. Your most likely afraid of death, and that is where your fear stem's from. Which is natural for most people, so just don't worry about it. Try working out before you go to bed it will also help with your other issues that are evident in your post.

This is almost a paranoia. I experience something similar when I was on an SNRI for depression. I was always freaking out before I went to sleep, usually about people breaking in, the house catching fire, etc. I had to be taken off that medication because of those factors, plus the panic attacks I was having throughout the day. I tried a bout of anti-psychotic medications before I was taken off antidepressant. They did help but significantly increased my appetite and made me gain weight.

Chances are, nothing's going to get you at night. All my fears were pointless. They did nothing but keep me awake at night. Nothing happened, and now I've realized that I am safe.

I was like that too when I was younger just sleep with a night light and pray before you go to bed! Also control your mind when you start freaking yourself out stop yourself from doing it, if you can't control your own mind, who will? Also, tell your parents to get an alarm system or even your own dog but get him as a puppy! I had one and whenever he heard something he would bark and they make u feel safe!

2 blind to see!
pray everynight before you go to slp because when i was young i had that same problem as you i would actually see stuff though ya know but just pray and nothing can happen i hope this helps

The Crazy *****
You know, that same thing happened to me, except my couch also has pictures of my dead grand parents on a wall on the opposite of it.
All I really did was slept with something to hug. It made me feel more comfortable, hope this helps you.
Or just a big pillow.

I STILL do the exact same thing. I'm 25. Sometimes I freak out even if my boyfriend is right beside me.

Get a dim light and sleep with it on, and put the radio or tv on a low murmur. That's what helps me.

And I know this sounds weird but pray for the "white light" to protect you from any and all evil, and believe that it will. Sounds super religious and nutty, but I am not religious at all and that calms me down! I was told to do this by a medium when I was living in a house with bad energy.

thats used to happen to me alot i would hear something and think i saw something then i start thinking things like that. Just try to think positive thoughts while going to bed thats what helps me.

Lina j.
get a nightlight.

I had a slight problem with this when I was younger, and all I could really do was to try and take my mind off of it.

Here are a few things that you might try, they're kinda simple, but they seemed to work for me.

-Read or listen to music, do something to occupy yourself while going to bed until you're tired.
-Think about something while you're going to sleep, like a good dream that you've had, or a story that's going through your head (nothing scary) just continue that, or make something up.
-Sing a song, in your head or out loud, this is how I got to sleep a lot of nights when I got scared.
-If you have a friend or parent that would be willing, have them talk to you, over the phone or in person, or have them sit with you until you are asleep.
-Just remember that nothing will happen and that you will wake up safely tomorrow. Nothing has happened before, right? Well, this night will most likely be the same.

Good luck!
I hope you can get to sleep.

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