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I'm Contemplating Suicide?
I've been on medication and have been going to therapy for quite a while none of it seems to work, so i'm going to ask what you people think i should do. I can't take it anymore
Additional Details
everything you guys confirms most of my suspicions, most people are souless and selfish. And please don't bring you're god up to me, he means very little to me. I may not have it bad like a lot of people, but i don't give a ****, i'm not them, so their problems means nothing to me. I've been to a mental health institution and all they do is dope you up. So **** it goodbye

have gr8 funs of life
go to baba ramdev
u 'll luve life
yoga will brush aside ur eccentricism
make me ur friend, to guide u out of rut

You need to check yourself in to a hospital and get help if you feel you are a danger to yourself and others. Life is love, love is life. You dont believe in God, maybe you should try and your life will become meaningful. God bless.

Pray...then pray some more

Contemplating Suicide is a statement! Then you ask what do WE think you should do. You got some very good answers to that part of you statement! God, pray, do it, whatever! What the heck are you asking us for, if what you're doing isn't working, try something else! Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Find a new Shrink, move, do whatever you have to do to stay alive! Life is already too short, why try to help the REAPER?

laurel g
Before you go, do you have a mother, a brother, a sister, an aunt, a grandma or grandpa? I ask, because if you do have any of these, you will be maiking THEM miserable for the rest of their lives when you commit suicide. They will spend the rest of their lives asking themselves what they could have done to STOP you from doing this. They will feel guilty and have horrible pain in their hearts forever. Do you really want to hurt people this way? It isn't good to hurt people........you really don't want to hurt them.......do you? Why not give your therapist the news that you are contemplating suicide, before you do anything? isn't your therapist nice to you......isn't your therapist worthy of knowing how you are feeling? Remember this: This is the time of year that MOST people do commit suicide, who have ever thought about it. It is all the Christmas cheer that is hurting your brain, right now. Wait until the holidays are over, and see if you feel better. The holidays have a way of making people WANT to end their lives, who are depressed. Don't be another number in that line. Don't be weak, now, when you have been so strong, before. Be strong. Tell your therapist how you feel, and do take the meds you are supposed to take. I take mine for depresseion. I know it hurts........but, you are stronger than this. You can make it through the holidays. Take your meds and talk to your therapist. Be stronger than the list of people who take their lives during the holidays. make it through the holidays. We can do it together. Write me. I want to help you feel stronger.

Chin up and be patient. It'll be okay. Contemplate living not suicide. Find different ways to live.

~Logans Mommy~
You still have your other children you need to be strong for, just as you lost your son, they lost their brother and they need a mother, a leader, some guidance to show them how to be strong. Your husband also experienced the loss of a child. Now is the time for the two of you to seek each other out and be there for one another. You are still loved in this world and still needed. Its not fair to your loved ones to put them through that scenario again.

well....id ask God what he wanted you to do before ya take his creation and mess it up.......
maybe He has a plan you just havent inquired on...for you.....
maybe he wants you to be a triple threat coop spy for the CIA...
maybe an iside design Janitor...or even CEO of a major up-scale Law firm thats being investigated for Tax fraud in downtown Hawaii....
who knows....but...one thing fer sure.....
death eliminates alllll possibilities of ya doing much at all.

That`s the thing with humans, nobody`s problems matter to them except their own. There`s one fact that you have to get your head around - your mind can be your biggest enemy or your biggest friend. It all depends on how you look at the world. If you look with the intention of seeing all the bad stuff then all you`ll see is negatives -BUT - if you cultivate a positive outlook then you`ll see all the good in the World and , believe me,there IS a lot of good out there. What exactly is the matter with your life ?. Have you no home, not enough to eat,problems with your parents/wife/g/f. , do you feel unloved, un-needed,what ?. Your life is what YOU make it. Get back on your feet and LIVE it !. I know that you`ve probably heard this before but that doesn`t make it any the less untrue - concentrate on the GOOD things in your life, not the bad **** and your mindset on life WILL change. Remember, if life hands you Lemons, make Lemonade !. Good luck.

You are an important individual, so life is worth living. I say pray, pray and pray. Find a place of worship were you are comfortable. I also say change parts of your life that are stress...job, etc. Take long walks. Sometimes a slower pace of life can be so helpful. You may also want to see about getting second opinions, if one physician isn't as helpful as you would like them to be. But do not cause harm to yourself or anyone else. I'm sure you are loved and do not want to see anyone hurting. The Lord see you are a divine person, strong, and wonderful! You can conquer all things through Christ!

You cannot get good answers without more details. You obviously have some deep issues that need to be dealt with. You surely have something to live for. Are you a former drug user or alcoholic? Discontinuing any addiction will leave the user depressed for some undetermined amount of time. You seem to be doing outpatient treatment, evidently its not working. Try an in-house treatment. The people are nice and you are more closely monitored to evaluate the success of the current medicine. You might need to change medicine. I suffer from depression but was not suicidal until I was prescribed Zoloft. You do sound young, do you not want to meet man/woman and get married? Suicide does seem like an easy way out, but it will devastate everyone close to you, and there are people out that for you even if you do not believe it to be true.

I don't know what if anything I can say to help but I'm gonna try anyway. I don't know what is causing you to feel this way but I can sympathise. I have been very suicidal in the past, acted on it a few times when I was younger. All I can say is that I failed and I came to be glad that I did. I couldn't see a way out back then but in the end I found one. There are bad days but there are also good ones and I have things in my life now worth living for. So that's all I can really say to you, no matter how hard things are now please try to hang on in there because one day it will get better and when it does you will find something worth living for too. It is a fragile hope right now, I know that but it's worth holding onto none the less.

For right now, these things might not help but every thing you try takes time and the more time that passes without you taking your life the more likely you will find something that means you don't want to. Try calling someone, a helpline, friend or Dr if you can. Talking may not solve all our problems but it can help take the strain off. Do somethign distracting, watch a favourite film, read a good book. Go for a walk. If possible call your therapist. Write down how you feel. I hope things improve for you soon xxx

I on medication also but you have to be on the right stuff,finally i am I still have my downers but the suicide thoughts aren't there as full on as they were.Only you and the right medication can help you ,think positive and hopefully you can get through this,go back to your Dr and ask to have you medication changed.Good luck and Take care

First of all... what is it you CAN'T take anymore?! There are all kinds of problems in life... being alone, lack of money, health problems, stress, but they are all trials of life. Most of us have, or have had them, but there is NOTHING worth taking you life!! There are times when we are depressed and we need attention, a friend to talk things over with. There have been times when i have thought of it...but just a thought. I think a lot of people have. But then i thought of all the things I would be missing out on... we ALL have things to be grateful for.. sometimes we just lose sight of that. I know that it may seem that things will never get better, but they will! But how will you ever know unless you stick around to find out! Please hang in there! Find strength within yourself!

I sometimes want to commit suicide...it's hard to fight it off.
Prozac helps. Tell your doctor the prescription that you are taking is not working.

Talk to family members and tell them how you are feeling.
They wouldn't want you to do it ~ You would leave them feeling guilty that they did not know how upset you are.

E-mail me at [email protected] if you'd like to have someone to talk to. I'd like to help you.

Kathryn R
Being on medications and them not working can be really frustrating. I know I"ve been there, there are times when the only thing that can keep me here is my children and God forbid something happens to them I'm not sure that I could make it. But as bad as it has gotten and the times that I have wanted to end it seem so long ago now, I've had my medications changed and I've found a really good therapist, if you go to the hospital and they are just doping you you need to find another hospital. I know that it's hard to live with depression because I've lived with it for over 40 years and I've had some times when I really didn't think that I would be able to take it any more. But I got the help that I needed and life is better. It can be better if you really want it to and if you're willing to do the work, it's hard and it takes time but it can get better if you're willing to do the work.

If the medication levels you are taking isn't helping then you need to talk to your psychiatrists and tell her or him what you are feeling.
You may need to take a blood test to ensure the level of medication is not off.

Also if you just started medication the type of medication may not be right for you, your psychiatrist maybe able to prescribe a different type which would work better.

Good luck.

Pedestal 42
I think that's the last thing you should do.

That's not accidental, I mean it.
You can always commit suicide LATER.
Now, what else haven't you tried?

There are lots of medications: it took me about ten years to work through the variations and combinations. Some of them even helped. I've been free from meds for six years now. It turned out they weren't the answer, for me.

There's a lot more than one sort of therapy.
I've had some useless, and some useful.
Most useful, because he finally (after 20+ years!) spotted the fundamental problem was a "Human Givens" counsellor.
Not necessarily right for you, but if you haven't tried...

There's standing in the middle of the street and screaming "I can't take it any more!"
There's running off to a Buddhist monastery, knocking on the door and saying "can you help, please?"
There's asking a friend, "what should I do?"

Volunteer to work where people have far worse problems that you...

The drastic, the sensible... whatever.
But one thing's for certain.
If you commit suicide you don't get to try anything else.
So try *everything* else first.

As Kipling had it in Chant-Pagan, of an old soldier at the end of this tether:
"An I think it will kill me or cure,
So I think I will go there an' see."

If youve been trying it all for really long time... maybe its time to try something else!!!!
be strong!

find something to live for instead of dwelling on whats not right

I have been there for ten months ...I have just awakened I am trying to learn how to live again ..I have to push myself every day not to lay back in the bed..make a schedule of things that you need to do or want to do ..learn to write and read it back to yourself you will learn more than you think..drink plenty of fluids dehdration does not help ...go outside and sit in the sun get out of the cave..look for some thing or some one to inspirer you ..music,smells etc..clean your house and start to catergorize cabinets,closets drawers...you will not realize it but you will start to catergorize your feelings...sing a beatiful song to yourself over and over..light a candle and view its beauty...look at your life and make changes ...it is so easy to fall and stay in the hole it takes a little courage to climb out ..crawl if you have too...leaving this world may solve your pains ,but will leave your sin behind for your family to deal with ...be courageous ..and just do it..learn to love you again

I can tell you from experience that there is no magic advice that is going to change your situation. I am not a big fan of the way mental health issues are handled by the medical community, but if the choice is killing yourself or commiting yourself to a hospital to buy yourself a bit of time and try to sort things out please seriously consider the option.
If anything it can buy you some time and take you out of your current environment for a period of time. Sometimes this can be beneficial. It isn't always beneficial for everyone, but like I say ... Its all about buying yourself some time. You owe it to yourself! If you're going to kill yourself why do it today right?
I'm very sorry you're going through this and I hope that you find some peace.

♥ Venus ♥
Go back to your doc, and get your medication changed, things WILL get better, do NOT even think about suicide!! Stay strong, and promise yourself, you will get through this, no matter what! Think positive!!!!!!! DONT be beaten, please, do whatever it takes huni, but get yourself better, for YOU! You do not deserve to feel like this!!

Tired Old Man
think of the loved ones that will be here & missing you. maybe your medication needs adjusted or changed.

Get yourself to a major mental health clinic where you can be an inpatient...and quickly! Please!

2 cents
Call the doctor who prescribed your meds. You should not be feeling like this...a change in meds may help..hang in there Sweetie. Keep fighting and don't give up! This will make you a stronger better person and one day you can help someone who feels like you do now!

Don't go through with it. It is not worth it. Just think of yourself never being able to see your loved one or the ones that love you ever again... I have contemplated before and it is an absurd action to partake in trust me.

Chad L
talk to your Dr (not therapist) and tell them your meds aren't working. they can find you another one. sometimes it takes awile to find one that works for you. don't give up.

psycho magnet
Don't know anyone that has not thought of that, you are a better person than that. No matter what the issue or issues are, it is not worth YOU offing yourself. Look forward and do not look back in life, if you look back you cannot and will not ever move forward.

id cry at your funeral

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