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How to stop cutting / get over depression?
I can't get out of depression. It's always off and on, which makes it worse because I feel so good when I'm happy and that just goes away...

And cutting... it's escalating a lot. I just need help... I don't know how to stop or if I even want to.

Additional Details
Thanks everyone for answering my question.

I'm 15. And I'm scared to tell my parents. They don't really understand... they're very happy and easy-going. One time at school I had a teacher that was concerned about me because I sounded depressed and unhappy-- anyway, they eventually called my mom and she got really mad at me. She thought it made her look bad. So I don't want to that route.

you are ridiculous.
15? what could you be depresssed over?

just stop. and make yourself stop.

dont dream// its overr ♠♠♠
OK, most of the people here, are trying to help, but they don't understand as the majority have no idea what your going through.
I have been there, depressed, suicidal..still am, but i've learnt to control it.
I have been to counseling, meds etc...
Talking to a total stranger never helped, and the meds made me feel like i was insane.
I'm also 15.
Still suicidal.
But!, the only way to get past it, is to not do it.
You have the power to do, or not to do it.
As bad as it gets, go scream into a pillow, but do not cut!
I would advise you to talk to your doctor, because some meds can help, and its confidental.
Trust me, i've been there, and it's hard.
Email if you want.

You will get your answer here

Steph H
Oh hun, I feel bad for you, cutting and depression are a bad mix. You can take anti-drepression pills, but you can only get them with a perscription. I would tell a family member, someone who would understand and get you help. For the cutting, I would start setting boundries for yourself. Like hide everything you use to cut, lock it somewhere or ask someone to hide it for you or give it away etc. Make sure you find someone you can talk to. I had a friend who went through this, and she did get better! You've just gotta really focus on what you want to do, and do it. Hope things get better!


I was a cutter once. I was antisocial, a loner and I felt like everyone around me was insane and did not understand the instabilities or thoughts in my head. It is a dangerous and lonely phase of life, because it feels really good and it feels like you are washing your individual issues away with each swipe of the blade/needle. It's really dangerous because you hit a point where it is not enough. I hit that point many times. I would sit in my closet and just etch in my legs and arms, and then it went to burning myself. I still have scars all over from it - a constant reminder of how much I can hurt.

You really need to find someone you can talk to. It does not need to be a parent - but someone you can trust with what is going on in your head - a net friend, a kid at school, a community center counselor, your doctor, someone. I really suggest your doctor, and I really think you need to tell your doctor that you are relying on doctor-patient privilege, because you are scared of your parents and the fact they will yell at you and take negative action.

I was on weird pills for a while, but I really benefited from getting some of the weird stuff out of my head and I felt a little more normal.

Depression is a normal fact of life, but it can become all consuming. You might just feel alone, and you really need to find a way to find out that you are not really alone, even if you want to be.

im with ya! ik what your going threw. what i try to do is relax, i dont tell anyone ik i should, but i cant either. uk? i try to spend a ngiht or a day by myself doing stuff i like. and dont cut honey. when u wanna , go for a walk, or ly on ur bed with your face down, or sit outside. i hope i helped! (if it continues tell someone)

No N
stop thinking about that!
you are what you are

it is very normal to be happy some times ,bored someothers or unhappy

normal people feel everything

stop doing that
this is your life
happiness and unhappiness are equal for all
stop doing that!!!!!

live and do not think to much

every one there do not have plenty of friends
friends are every where
and could be one two three.....
you decide how deep or long will be a relationship
try to stop using the internet for so long
try to go to a cinema or sports!
but our personality could not change from the one time to the other

wish you the best!!!!!

I am reading your story and a red flag of bi-polar is waving. Have you looked into that disorder and read about it. Does it sound familiar?
Cutting yourself is only masking the problem, in the long run it will either kill you or leave you with horrible scars for the rest of your life. You need to find another way to deal with the depression and cutting is not the answer.
Its not your problem anymore, its an imbalance in the chemicals in your brain. You need to get help.
You need to seriously sit down with your Mom and talk to her. It sounds like you are young, you need to get the help now. As a Mother, yes we do tend to take blame on ourselves for our children at first, but we also love them unconditionally and want to help them.
Please talk to her. Explain how bad it is, tell her what your feeling and that you need help. She will love you no matter what, thats what parents do. IF you can't tell her, write it down and slip it on her pillow. Get it out and see someone. It could just be a matter of balancing your chemicals with medication and might just be a short term treatment.
Good Luck to you and hang in there.

[ }{Ωll∂ ]
you do need to see a therapist
it may save your life
if this elcalates
you might suffer from clinical depression
and it is proven that when you do feel depsessed
it is a conditon that you should go to the hospital
the normal hospinal for injuries hospital
because it is an illness.
even tho you dont want to take meds
you might have to

Dawn M
you need t o get off the computer and get some help girl, thats so dangerous!!!!!!

ok dude , listen up , you have to do somthin , maybe you depreshion is because your lack of friends , so try somthin easy like try myspace , make some friends there , then after that try ppl around you . i cant realy do ya much help , im sory , i hope things get better for ya man , ow and put down the razer ok , cutings not the way to do it , harming your self in any way isnt the way to do it.

wow, i can't believe it
when i read your story, it reminded me so much of myself
i have the exact same problem, and i feel that i can't tell my parents about it either. my father is in the military, and it would ruin his reputation or something if i said anything
i don't feel like i can talk to any of my friends either, because i don't really want the pity from them, i might just want to talk.
i always would cut my ankle, and when one of my friends saw it, he was always giving me weird looks, and our friendship was not the same since then. i know that it is really hard to stop, and am still trying, but i think that it might be easier to stop if we do it together
i don't like talking about it verbally either, so i like to come online to hear what others have to say
email me whenever u want someone to listen to what u have to say, because that is what some people need most
[email protected]

whatever you do never take anti depressant pills. usually the people who have suicidal thoughts just dont have the energy to pull through on them, and the pills give you that energy so it has sort of a counter effect.

Meighan M
Can you find a family member to talk to your parents about the fact that depression is a disease? I had a horrbile time telling my parents about my depression and cutting. They blamed me and called me attention-seeking and spoiled. The thing is, cutting can get to a really bad point if you let it go too far. At 15, you need your parents help, unfortunately, because you need to see a therapist and maybe get medication. If they're anything like my parents, they will understand eventually.

Nik Nak
I suffered from depression for 3 years but only after my father died last year, I began cutting myself. I tried suicide twice. Its not the answer. Trust me.
I eventually started skipping school and my mom got mad at me too. She started to drag me out my bed in the morning and hit me to get ready which really didn't help things. But eventually I couldn't take it and I told her about everything, the cutting,suicide attempts. She got me to a councilor and I got medication and now my mom and me have a great relationship so you could try that.

Also now I'm doing things that a really want to do now. For example. I wanted to be an actress and now I'm in theater and stuff so you could think of that one thing you've always wanted to do e.g an athlete, rock star or travelling the world. And focus on that. Because when you feel like you have nothing left. Don't just sit there. Don't give up. Create something in your life that's the best advice I could probably give you

[email protected]
no gabby, you were NOT right NEVER right so shut up. anyway, if i were you i would look for a proffesional help like a physciatrist so they can help you out and try talk things about how you feel. dont hurt yourself it would only get worse.

all i can say is you def. need to stop cutting. it might be hard to stop or you might not want to but u could seriously hurt your self. my friend died from cutting too much. u should see someone about it. they can help a lot. i also used to cut and i decided im never doing it again cause it worried my friends alot and i almost lost a few. just try and think about some good things in your life and think of your friends and family and people who really care about you. they can help you through your depression too.

I can relate with not knowing if you want to stop or not, but hey I've been fresh-scab free for over 2 years now! :]
It's strange to me how you feel free enough to post a question about it that so many people will see - I was always very private about it.
With that said, I don't know how similar our situations are, but the way I got over it was by realizing that I had the power to. I'm not very religious so praying seemed bogus to me. I went to my mom for help and while she did take me to see a psychologist it was ultimately a let down (but that's another story). Getting over it required a GREAT amount of introspection, and I realized that anything I wanted to do or feel was up to me.
If you feel sad/depressed it's because you're allowing yourself to (just like people who smoke allow themselves to, and people who abuse others allow themselves to). No therapist, psychologist, trusted friend or caring adult can change how you feel - only you can do that. You have to realize that your life is what you make of it. So if you're happy being constantly full of cuts, embarrassed to show skin, cringing when someone touches you, having an overall negative attitude about most things - then go ahead and keep doing what you're doing. BUT if you want to be of relative happiness, and a lot more comfortable physically, give yourself a break! Decide RIGHT NOW that you're going to allow yourself to be a happier person.
[email protected] - email me, we'll talk more.

I know what you are going through. When i was 13 i started cutting too... and yes i know how fast it escalates. I cut for 5 years. I am 21 now. It is a struggle that you can get over with time. It's hard to get help because a lot of people are quick to judge saying that you do it for attention, others are quick to assume that it is just because you want to kill yourself. A lot of people just don't understand the whole addiction part of it. My advice to you is...
1st- when you get the urge to cut no matter how bad that urge is try to wait. The "craving" or feeling of cutting will usually only last 15 minutes.
2nd- distract yourself. Get out of your bedroom! Not necessarily go around people but get away from place where you usually go to cut. If your in school stop yourself from going to the bathroom. Go take a walk, paint your nails if you are a girl, get yourself a coloring book and crayons and color a picture. Just do some activity that is small, it can even be silly. Dance even if you don't know how!
3rd- make yourself a box. Put things in it that you love. Your favorite "happy" music, not depressing music. Candy. Again anything to help distract yourself.
4th- Everything that you use to cut with gather it all together. Put everything in a place that is really hard to get to. For example put all your cutting stuff in a box and if you have a lot of heavy boxes in your closet bury your the box with all the stuff you cut with all the way at the bottom. That way you are going to waste a lot of energy just trying to unburry it from out underneath all the other boxes, and it will give you more time to think about what you are trying to do.
5th- Every time you want to cut and get that urge ask yourself truly is this worth it? Your scars are going to remind you of your pain and depression every time you look down at them. One thing that used to kill me was my dad would ask me, "what are you going to tell your kids one day when they go to sit on your lap and ask you how you got all those scars on your arms" It kinda gives you a lot to think about, huh?

I am sorry that this is so long, but i want you to know that you worth more then what you are doing to your body. I know that it is hard but don't be afraid to seek professional help. You don't even need to tell your parents what it is about and why you need to go see a counselor. I know how embarrassing talking about it can be. Take care of yourself. You can beat this thing! If you need to talk you can email me.

Jay R
Call a teen help hotline.
I don't understand why people cut themselves, it doesn't make sense. I just know that isn't the answer.
Reach out to someone you love very much, and talk to them about why you are always sad.It should help.Also, get something that will make you happy, like a pet. Just think positive.Depression is hard to get rid of. But since you have it off and on, try to think positive alot, and keep bad thoughts out of your mind. I hope the best for you, and good luck.

Ive been there sweetie, and i know how you feel. You feel like theres nothing left you can do so you amount to hurting yourself. My friend stopped me. He said that no matter how bad life gets i should never amount to hurting myself. And he was right. Cutting is an addiction, just as smoking or drinking, but cutting is 10x worse because if not stopped can lead to suicidal thoughts. Mail me uf you need to talk anymore. Good luck hun<3

Gossip Girl
I used to cut alot, until I finally was put in the emergency room. I used this site, there are tons of links from there, answering tons of questions...


Hey man, I'm 14 and have been injuring myself for years.

Stopping cutting is really hard since it's addicting, but there are a few things that can help:
-meditate. It really, really makes you feel calmer.
-excersize. I started working out a few months ago and it really really helped.
-find a hobby you may take interest in, some other way to vent.

Also, seek help. Holding it in for so long is not a good thing, trust me, things will only get worse otherwise. For me it got to the point where I became suicidal.

I told my parents I was suffering and needed help and now I'm seeing a therapist and I'm on medication. It's not doing that much, or at least I don't think so, but I guess I just need to be patient.
My dad got really pissed at me though when he found out about... all of that, cause he's an ***hole.

Good luck, man, and hang in there. Life doesn't have to be like this.

reach out to a family member and tell them that you need help and also what is going on, if you don't feel comfortable doing this maybe tell them that you need help from a professional then tell the professional what is going on. the first thing to do is realize and come to a conclusion that you do need help. maybe try to cover up your wrist so you might not think about it?

i really don't know if this will help, but i really hope that it does. i hope you feel better! :]

I understand that you are unsure if you want to even stop cutting. I used to have that problem. It got pretty bad but I found a therapist and it helps alot. The fact that you seem to be seeking help is a good sign.
Good Luck

짱히린 ^o^
Get therapy. And speak to someone that can help you about it. You need support.

t j
I think that what you need, is to actually open up to someone, about what you are feeling, and what's happening in your life. I know that sounds like weak advice, but it actually relieves a lot of those feelings, just to get it all out. Look to someone who won't judge you, and who will mostly listen. That's what you need, someone to just talk to. If you don't have anyone, then call a hotline. It's anonymous, so no one will know who you are, and you'll feel safe spilling your guts. (I used to get those urges, and I've been frighteningly close to suicide as well.

BTW, I've found that talking to someone who just listens and doesn't judge me helps more than anything else. It should be someone who has been there in some way, because it helps you to feel validated. I went the non-medication route, because medications made me more suicidal than I was.

I really hope that helps you. Also, please throw away all of the things you are using to cut with. Believe me, if you can't see it, it will take some of the urge away. I really wish you luck. So much of it. You deserve to be happy, and you never did anything to deserve this kind of treatment. You would never tolerate it from anyone else, so please try to help yourself to realize that. That's what I did, and it helped. It took a long time to sink in..but it helped. Tell me how it worked for you, alright? You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Okay, forget talking to friends, if you don't have anyone that you feel you can talk to. Write out your emotions instead. You can email me. I care about you, and about what happens to you, and I will help you in any way that I can.

Sometimes the best help is just to be heard, and to feel the release of everything that's been killing you inside. I used to think that people who would suggest the talking route, were complete idiots, who had absolutely no understanding of any of this, and only recommended it because they didn't know what else to say. I have one friend that I can talk to. She is the only one in the world who knows just about everything about me. The only reason, is that I know just about everything about her. When you know so much about the person with whom you are confiding, you feel more comfortable. You also feel safer, because the more you've been through and the more you've seen, equals the more desensitized you are. What I mean is, that you wind up showing less shock when you hear something tragic. Someone who doesn't gasp and make a horrified expression, generally makes you feel so at ease, that you don't even realize how much you are spilling, of your guts.

Someone once told me not to give power to what kills me inside. That was when I was 13 and in the hospital, with scars on my wrists. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't understand what in the heck they meant. About a year ago, a lot of repressed memories began flooding me, and I felt at least as bad as I did before I went into the hospital. I felt so bad because I was imprisoned by exactly the things that were eating me up inside all of those years ago. I couldn't escape. Someone I confided in just a small bit, through email on a website, had intuition about how bad I felt. She took the time to email me outside of the group, and she shed light on that saying. It helped me more than she can ever know. She explained that when you keep something secret, you give it power, but when you shed light on it, it loses its power over you. I began to open my mind to talking, and I noticed that the more I talked, the better I began to feel, because I began to accept myself and I began to feel a release.

This is why I'm encouraging you to talk about it. I want you to be able to feel that release as well. You can't see yourself all better right now, I'd suppose, but imagine feeling as though you were walking around in a brand new body, which had a brand new mind. That's how I felt after I shed light on some of my deepest, darkest secrets. Talk about it, write about it..whatever you have to do, to get that release. Honestly, I feel like you've made a huge step just by reaching out to those around you. If it makes you feel more at ease to remain anonymous, than this form of communication is the best.
It always does me good to type out my feelings, when I'm not in the most sound frame of mind, due to depression and such. I really think that it will help you as well. So, even if you can't tell any of us your secrets, maybe you can shed light on them through writing in a e-journal. If you need to a friend to talk to, maybe you are in the right place to reach one.

If you want, you can search the question, "For anyone who's been hospitalized.." , because that's where I spilled my guts, in a reply to someone. Sometimes it really helps to get a feel for the person you're about to spill your guts to, because then you feel a certain level of trust. I know this may sound silly, but around the time I began trying to lose weight (it hasn't helped yet), and I subsequently put myself on a 5 or 6 small meals a day program, a lot of my deep, deep depression went away. I really think that the people who suggested proper nourishment in addition to talking it out and such, really have something there. I don't know how much you can change of your diet while at home, but it's just a thought. Wishing you peaceful dreams.

As for your newfound slumber, I want to say that as long as sleeping is keeping you safe, it's okay. The fact is, you're likely going to feel worse if you keep sleeping that much. When a person lies in bed for so long, everything becomes stiff and sore. Also, you could begin to feel more and more isolated and depressed, if you stay in bed all day long. Try to get out of the house. Do things you like to do. What are your hobbies? Do you remember what you liked to do before you became depressed? Maybe there's a nice pond or a park nearby, that you could go to, to get away from home for a while. Bring something that makes you feel good. Music is a good thing to take with. If you like to draw, you could bring a sketch pad. I don't know what the temp is like where you live, but definitely do it only on days when it's not excessively hot outside. If there's a pool nearby, maybe you'd like to go for a swim, or even just lounge in the sunlight and listen to music. One thing that I think may help you, and which also helped me, was walking. It gets you up and out of the house, it gets you moving and keeps your mind occupied, and you get vitamin D from the sunlight. Vitamin D helps to relieve feelings of sadness and depression. I found a walk once a day to be very helpful.


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