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 Why do people cut? Is there something wrong with me?
I cut, but I don't know why, its like i just need to, so I do. I don't even think about it, I just focus on the pain, and it makes me feel better. It takes away my anger and I am happy ...

 Depressives- How does it make you feel when people tell you to snap out of it?
I don't know about you but I've been told a few times to "snap out of it" and I was just wondering if it angers you as much as it angers me?...

 I am 30 yr old male, having negative thoughts disturbing my concentration & fear about death. How to avoid, h
I am 30 yr old male, having negative thoughts disturbing my concentration & fear about death. How to avoid this....

I broke one of my nails when I was supposed to show them off tomorrow cause I just got them today I cant take going to school tomorrow because they'll make fun of me...What do I do?I think I'...

 What's your phobia?
Is it spiders, snakes, the color yellow? Everyone is scared of something, right?...

 What's your obsession?
Let's be honest, we all are obsessed with something. Might be cars, stamps, celebrities...or something...so yeah, spill :]

Mine are probably David Tennant, Jason Mraz, music and gummy ...

 In the UK, what other help is available? I'm near giving up, what can I do?
Right, I'll keep this short and sweet (or bitter?).
I suffer from depression and anxiety, also possibly (probably?) alcoholism, OCD, PTSD and a few other things.
Anyways, I'm on ...

 Why isn't EUTHANASIA legal for severely depressed people like me?
I've recently read that the Netherlands are on their way to legalize Euthanasia for the severely Depressed and Lonely (ex. men and women who cant get girlfriends/boyfriends, involuntary ...

 Do you think i'm pathetic since i'm on antidepressants?

 I'm about to lose my temper. Can you help me?
I'm having a lot of issues going on in my life, & I thought I'd come on Y!A for advice, & people are giving me rude answers & blaming me for my problems & getting all upset ...

 please help me!?
I'm 14, and I am feeling so depressed and sad tonight. My parents were in a fight tonight, and they fight a lot just because my dad acts like a big baby. And then my mom gets so irritated with ...

 What else can be done with this?
I'm 15 and I've suffered severe depression for over a year. I was recently in hospital twice after attempting to take my own life. I saw a psychiatrist who assessed me and put me on ...

 ifeal like killing myself but i dont want to tell anyone because my mom will put me in a mental hospital? help?
i know this is wrong but i dont know whay to do i have been diagnosed bipolar and have really bad depresive moods that i cant get out ...

 My daughter has Anorexia and i am finding it very hard to understand i am so worried i don't know what to do?

 What gives you the biggest headache?

 Why is it that I prefer seeing two guy kissing?
I was just watching Doctor Who on the telly and then Eastenders came on straight after. I haven't watched Eastenders in years, beacause of how repetative it has become; but when whe was ...

 I'm feeling blue.....What should I do.... :(?
I can't sleep...tooo depressed....HELP! Need to smile and theres nothing on TV.

Pretty Please!!!!!!...

 What's the longest u've gone without sleep? I've been up 3 days.?

Additional Details
I'm ok now. I meant I was up 3 days a 6 months ago, when I was doing meth. That stuff can mess u up good. It ain't as good as people say. I've been ...

 iam just too frustrated........(serious answers please)?
After 17 yrs of my life i realize that there has not been even 1 person on this planet who understands me , knows who iam , not even my mom , she is so wrong about wat i think , she relates me to my ...

 sometimes i feel suicidal. . .?
my family life is terrible, and i go through some tough spots in school. i really don't like my life because of my past and my family and the terrible future i'm bound to have.

How to gain confidence?
Help? Thanks!
Additional Details
I'm always scared I'll say something wrong.
And also, like when I'm in a good mood I feel great! And then the next day it goes away and I just can't get myself happy again as I was before

Have the doctor prescribe you medication for anxiety.

Adam W
loose some weight, go out with some guys.

*Just Bliss*

Emcee DC
a pill of ecstasy and a carton of beer


adam t
just get drunk then you become confident just over confident and you do fall over everythink and get sick.

Pick me for best answer, pls
i all ways say............. i will no do it............. and i always finish doing it.......... so, think....... if he can do it....... i can do it better!!!!!!!!

xxx.xx x
Say a PRAYER for confidence & truly believe U will receive. :--)

Have a BLESSED DAY!! :--)

socialize work hard play hard be determined and study

im a perty shy person but one thing i do have is confidence and to have it or obtain it there is only one thing you nee and that is "**** it" thats is it that is all you need some times it can com in liquid courage or herbal meds or narcotics but al natural is the best n go with the rush it feels better

Try this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=UpeDCEWotvg, it takes awhile to kick in but when it does it should help you out.

Also, try and overcome any other fears you have, once you can do that it will be easy for you to gain confidence in anything else you do.

Take care.

Optimus Prime
Just be in things what scares u....
thats the only way...

eg..if u are scared to talk to the girls...be in them...u will get confidence to talk to them...

Zack F
Nobodies perfect it may seem like it but they know they have something embarrassing JUST BE YOUR SELF!

do what u want .people cant make u nervous because u have rites to do what u want so just be confident and bold and ull go a long way

Ben S
Start doing stuff that you like, show your friends and wait for the good feed back. I started to do that and its building my confidence

Depends what you mean, if you mean with guys, then dont worry..cus if that is you in the pic you look great, so just be yourself...if you mean in general day to day life, its a bit of a tuffy some times....maybe a councillor would be a good idea if you think you are severely without confidence, even if not its a good way to get things off your chest and a good way for you to learn how to do these things and be more confident....be yourself always, thats the key, not something you think others might see you as, or want you to be...thats when your confidence runs low...

Jennifer T
do something that you can accomplish. basically set goals and make sure you follow through and finish the goal. it'll give you sense of pride and accomplishment that will ultimately give you confidence in your abilities. As for confidence in your appearance...well once you have confidence in yourself..you'll start to view your outside appearance more positively.

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. Secondly for confidence in itself, you have to create your own persona, figure out what your good at and stick to it. Be assertive and take pride in all that you do. Confidence will then follow!

just say to hell with eveyone else and what they think, then just do your own thing,

set goals for yourself and determine that you are going to meet them. Start with the easy goals and gradually work your way to the finish line with all your goals. The road might be tough but if you don't suceed try try again until your goals are finished.

Be yourself Confidence comes natural dont try to be someone else to please others thats nerve racking and you end up stressed and fake.

Believe in yourself. Educate yourself so that it's easier to believe in yourself.

put a mirror in your bedroom

think about what your good points are
and just be proud of yourself because your you! :D?

look in the mirror every morning and say out loud, "I am beautiful/intelligent/amazing/confident. (say anything you want)
when you say it over and over again, you will start to believe it.

marlowe d
Everyday you wake up and get out of your bed is a moment of confidence. Confidence to take on whatever comes at you when you walk out the cozy confines of home. Evaluate yourself and the people in your life and question whether what you want out of yourself is really what you need or what others would have you believe you need and want. It always seems hard in the beginning because for the first time youre thinking without the fear of other peoples thoughts getting to you. Everything you need you really already have its just a matter of stopping long enough to realize its always been there. Exercise. Treat yourself well. Do something you love everyday. And as Mrs. Roosevelt would say do one thing that scares you everyday. And having a little faith never hurt anybody. Good luck. Chin up. Smiles.

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