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 suicidal thoughts, got out of the hospital for attempt in december?
I am feeling suicidal right now.
I have called my therapist and talked to her.
She asked if i wanted to go to the hospital.
I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt mid-December.

 I am scared!!!?
I am pretty sure i have postpartum deprssion. I am going to the doctor tomorrow moring. I am scared she is going to take my baby away or put me in a mental hospital. I don't feel i am a harm to ...

 i need this answered in like 15 minutes haha pleasee thank you!!<3?
ok well its 345ish now and i have to get up at 5. if i go to sleep now will it help me at all or is it just better to stay up?? kayy ...

 sad songs about depression?
for some strange reaosn all i can listen to is sad, depressing music. even when i'm feeling relitavely happy.

how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing....

 Weird habits you have that you're not sure anyone else has?
well maybe you know some people do it, but whatever:
i always step on every crack on the sidewalk.
weird habits- what are yours?...

 Positives of being pale?
I really need a confidence booster when it comes from my pale skin. I am pretty faired skin, and tan only when i have to burn really really badly. I don't want to tan because of all the skin ...

 Should I commit suicide?
I am a thirteen year old boy. My life has been poor from the start. I am always unlucky, I have no friends, no girlfriend, i'm not strong at any subjects, not good at sport and my family hate me....

 what are good ways to "de-stress" yourself?
things that don't take very long, but can still make you less stressed....

 is there something wrong with my 16 year old daughter?
My daughter is sixteen and scared of everything. She has slept in the bedroom that my husband and i share for the past four days because she thought there was someone she couldn't see in her ...

 I often lie in bed and get depressed when I should be getting up. How can I fight this depression and get up?
I lack motivation, discipline, and the desire to accomplish things in my life. Is this depression? How can I be less depressed and get more things done? Thanks for any ...

 Ugh, I'm so frustrated!? Advice please?
I'm just so frustrated in being so depressed. I feel like I've tried everything, psychologist, therapist, medicine(it does work some but I don't enjoy taking circular bundles of false ...

 My boyfriend smokes (i want him to stop) what do i do?
Every weekend he'll go out and party and smoke and pop pills and eat shrooms and who knows what else....
i keep telling him to stop... and so does many other people
i hate seeing him ...

 I can't stand being alone?
I'm 24 years old, I've had problems with depression and social anxiety for the past few years, but lately my biggest problem is being alone. I just can't stand it, I only have to be on ...

 i am very nervous for my exams what should i do?
its my first exam in my new ...

 Which is harder to give up, cigarettes or alcohol?

 how to control angry?
i am 23 years old unmarried girl.i am a very simple.I am a good girl,sometimes i get short tempered and say anything very badly to my parents and later i realized and say sorry to mom and dad.please ...

 Do some people like feeling depressed?
I feel what i think is depression but i like the feeling of being solitary? Is that somewhat common?...

 Am I going crazy?
I have wondered many times if I'm going crazy.I'm paranoid.I always think that someone is going to hurt my feelings or that someone is out to cause me some kind of harm(mostly emotional).L...

 Is it weird that i talk to myself?
like i do it all the time and sometimes i play the role of other people
sometimes its out loud other times its in my head

am i crazy or am i just blowing this out of ...

 What should I do if someone is threatening my life?
Allright so i use 2 smoke weed alot ( i know it's bad i quit now) well when i use 2 smoke i bought it from this guy but he gave it 2 me and said i could pay him later but he didnt give me the ...

John Blix
How the hell do I get out of Iowa?
I have been stuck in this state for 30 years!


Try moving.

Vinny X
practice practice practice

K. V

The same way everyone else does.

Did you happen to sell your soul?!

Pick any direction and travel in a straight line until the cornfields disappear.

first, close your eyes, then imagine you are in california on a nice beach sipping a nice pina colada.... if this doesnt work, then recycle your old cans and hop an a greyhound bus!!!!!!!

Drive your car, if you don't have a car, you are a LOSER!!!

The Nag
I 29 south into Missouri. Good Luck!!!!

Jump in the car with some cash and just go somewhere. And if you miss home, just drive till you find Slipknot playing in a Corn Field. You'll know you're home.

You see, there is this thing called Interstate 80, and it goes both east and west through your state. I would suggest getting into some sort of vehicle, getting onto that highway and choosing a direction.....in a matter of hours, you should be exiting the state and into a new one......get job and place to stay.....live happily ever after! My suggestion would be to go west. Colorado is beautiful and has many jobs!


Mr. Mojo Rising
May God have mercy on you my friend...

Click your heels together and then say three times, "There's no place like Hawaii"

steven h
take a left.

beatiful one
take a left, left again, left, right, left, left. that should do it. buy a map

take a ride

The state of Iowa or the state of insanity??

U must be lazy. Or in prison.

ξℓ Çђαηφσ
i dont know how u do it...i cant stay stuck in a place for more than five yrs

Get in your car and drive. Do not stop until you have left the state of Iowa, I repeat, do not stop until you have left the state of Iowa. If anyone tries to talk to you, ignore them. If they persist, run away - they are probably trying to play some sort of mindgame with you in order to keep you in the cesspoll that is kindly referred to as Iowa. If your vehicle should run out of gas, get out of your car and begin walking. Steal a car if you must, and remember, most important of all, if you do not have an ice cream sandwich when you cross the state line, you will never truly leave Iowa, but be caught in an infinite loop of Iowonian landscape.

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