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I want to jump off a building or a cliff.when im 30

(im 16 )
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Fence Sitter
How do you stop suicidal feelings?
I would never do that to myself, but lately the thought has come up frequently and I can't push it out of my mind.

I won't get into explaining why, but how do I stop thinking about it?

Please don't suggest happy thoughts, because they usually make me feel worse.

Abstact Zombie
when i was feeling in that state, i figured out a few things.
i was avoiding friends,
and i was listening to music.

music made me think ALOT AND i avoided it for a while and eventually it just faded away.
avoiding love depressing or emo music really helped me actually.
music was, and is powerful yo.

I have had suicidal feelings since being very young before I was depressed. And then I even felt like taking a knife and doing it. But the reality is I will never do it because of religious beliefs. What you must do is kind of ride out the feeling when it comes around, and it will pass anywhere from minutes to hours later. But once that feeling goes away, its like a rush that goes through my body, and then I don't feel sucidal at all. And it has nothing to do with feeling posistive or anything, it just happens. Happy thoughts may work, just think of something you really want in life, and picture you are in that spot. Like for me, it will be when I graduate from medical school, and be in private practice.

michael t
i can relate to your problem growin up when ever things got hard id have these thoughts.

i would have to say that if your into religion then you know pray

if your not id say get a hobby discover something you like to do and focus on that or get some help form therapy.

I <3 u michael RIP:(
see a doctor or someone to help u get rid of them and solve ur problem

I know the feeling very well. And sometimes happy thoughts just don't work what so ever. Last year I felt like dieing, sometimes I still do, but the best thing to do is talk to someone. It doesn't have to be a doctor, it doesn't have to be a parent, just someone that will listen. Get your feelings out, shed some tears and let that person be your helping hand. That's all I ever needed from my friends, was for them to be there. And if you've done this, and it's still not working, then talk to your doctor, explain how you feel. If their nice like my doctor, then they will help you through the tough patch.

You're not alone, we've all felt like this at one point or another. Best of luck‚ô•‚ô•

Isaac Dust
Allow the thoughts in and welcome them as old friends.
Listen to what they have to tell you and don't be scared of them, safe in the knowledge that you would never commit suicide.
These thoughts are just your healthy sub-conscious trying to get a message to you.
Let them flow through you and out the other side.
Make peace with them.

talk to someone. but make sure its either a professional or someone whom you trust.

turn to Islam in which suicide is totally forbidden. Suicide rate in Muslim contries by the way is lowest ( I believe) despite the fact that they are pretty much the most underdeveloped countries in the world.

As a matter of fact you can turn to any religion which you like. Suicide is forbidden in every religion i believe. But you may not like everything in a religion, so just stick to the parts that you like.

by realizing that life will get better...!..no matter how bad things are they will get better with time.!..and do you really want to miss out on that opportunity????

i feel like that a lot... so here are a few things i do... yes i know some of them sound nerdy and lame, but just try.
1. I write. all the time. about anything and everything. I write songs, stories, poems. sometimes i even write in journals or in blogs. things like that.
2. Find somebody you truly trust and talk about things. Or talk things out with yourself. (I know it sounds crazy, but try)
3. Read. I read all of the time.
4. Listen to music. I love getting lost in music. Here recently i have also started listening to classical music. (nerdy i know... but its soothing)
5. Run... Just go run around the block. clear your mind.
6. Play an instrument. i play guitar and it gives something to focus on. Something to do with my hands.
7. Sleep. Sleeping helps clear your mind and when you wake up u feel new and fresh.
8. Scream. Scream at the top of your lungs. find a quiet place to go where you wont disturb anybody and just yell.
9. Take a shower or bath. They are just relaxing.
10. Cry. (yes its lame) but just cry. it gives you a chance to release your emotions.
11. Play a board game. play chess, checkers, dominoes. It works your brain and keeps your mind off of things.
so i hope this helps.

Suicide would land you in hell and you wouldn't come back. It doesn't solve anything. That's what always stopped me. I live, in theory anyhow, for Jesus Christ. The more faithful I am to Him, the less depressed I feel and the more meaningful my life is. It's because of heaven that life here on earth matters, because God is watching and He will reward me some day if I am faithful to Him. Therefore, at least some of what I do will matter. Life doesn't just stop at the grave.

Go for a walk with a friend. Talk have a good time.Go shopping. Treat yourself to something special. Talk to your parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't worry, its perfectly normal to have feelings of unhappiness, even to the extent of suicide. i have had such feelings for the last 2-3 years, since i was 17-18. you jus gotta deal with it and accept that when times are hard, your emotions can get the better of you. don't treat it as a bad thought, but a broader perspective on life.

This is going to sound like I am not answering the question.
Read the book, "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult.
It is about a girl who has suicidal feelings, despite having a pretty good life. A former childhood friend and fellow classmate goes through the school with a gun and changes many lives. One of the lives he changes is hers.
No-one can stop you from thinking about suicide. There is something else going on. You obviously don't want to discuss it.
Good luck.

tell it GO AWAY and flip it offf
lol or just relax when it comes to mind say dont do it
plz dont

Alyssa Rose M
have a box of chocolates :)

Something that really helps me is my medicine.

I have depression plus borderline personality disorder, so that's where I get my suicidal feelings from.

And also thinking about hurting the people who love me stopped me.

Andrea C
go to Six Flags Magic Mountain,that always makes me happy.
go to the dark side,that makes me mad or just get high,that takes away all you're stress.(that's what I hear from people these days)

If it's from a problem, you have to assess that problem quite thoroughly. Also do a lot of self-reflection. Self-reflection may end up making you feel bad, but in the long run, it does a lot of good. Something like meditation I guess.. Just remember no matter how bad a situation is, chances are you'll survive. Try to keep things simple and just try to live before you try to live happily, because otherwise you're just forcing happiness on yourself, and this might end up as a form of suppression. Once you realize how simple things can be you'll start to feel better. Sorry if this was all a bit cheesy or a tad vague but I can't give a really detailed answer for your question.

Go out more,socialize more..
Have funn.

They have drugs for that kind of thing... talk to a psychiatrist.

hang with your friends they always i mean always make you feel special and make you want ot stay in this world

Turn to god

Tell someone you trust and have them help you. If that still doesn't work, tell your doctor.

Also, you might want to call a suicide hotline.

God bless =)

Just think about everything you would lose commiting suicide.

Arab money
you can always call the suicide help line and they will help you with your problem or talk to someone who you can trust

This life is well worth living...remember that.

Joe P
um... just... talk to a priest? exercise makes you feel good cuz it releases endorfins into your brain.. try exercising

Say a prayer! I'll say one for you too.

Step 3 points
1. Take a knife and stabbed in the leg, know the suffering of pain, you are not going to cutting your wrists.
2, Jump out of bed, make sure your head landed first, know the pain, you will not jump from a high building.
3, Canal basin filled with water, buried your face into the water, know that uncomfortable to death, you will not hanged, and not jump into river.
Open your mind, everyone has difficult times, life is like a mirror, on the look in the mirror in front of you is laughing, or crying.

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