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 Be honest. If you're not mentally ill, how do you view people who are?
Any of these:
schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anti-social personality disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and all others....

 Is it within one's limits to go in or control one's depression?
What are the factors affecting?
Additional Details
Sudarshan Guddy-
Where and when is it mentioned by me-that I aspire anything? And that I aspire to be God?
But anyway-God is ...

 Am I Crazy ?!!? PLEASE Anwser didnt get anwsers on other question PLEASE. Thank you.?
Im addicted to cutting .. deep
I attempt/think about suicide
I talk to myself crazyness
I naturally anwser to people kill me
I always cry leave the mascara down my face for ages<...

 [[ BORED ]] How twisted would you say your mind is?
I only go on yahoo! answers when i have nothing to do. [[so that's like all the time]]
I have no life.
This is a really pointless question..

 ADHD !!! what the frikin hell?!?!?
so i am just really mad. i dont know why but this just pisses me off. ive always been a hyper person, kind of random, but im ALSO an honour roll student and i do fine in organised sport. for some ...

 What medication is good for anger?

 Why does depression hurt SO MUCH?

 I want to commit suicide in order to help my family?
I found a letter my dad wrote to a lawyer about his financial struggles. Apparently my dad is contacting someone because he might lose our home, which he bought 4 years ago. My dad works 2 jobs, blue ...

 How do you stop yourself from being so insecure?

 I think I'm bi-polar?
I am 14 years old and everyone I talk to seems to associate my moods with adolecence, but I've started to notice that my mood swings are alot more violent than anybody else I know. One day I can ...

 I'm always unhappy no matter what I do...help?
Hi, I'm a 14-year-old girl that is always depressed no matter what happens. If something good happens, I don't feel anything....I have an anxiety disorder...I cry every night for at least 2 ...

 Why can't I just snap out of it?
I am very sensitive and get depressed easily. I feel empty as I lost my boyfriend and my job. I just want to snap out of it and start better care of myself. I just know don't know how. My ...

 I'm 14 and confused about life, Please help me?
I'm 14, this year was the worst year of my life. I had two fake *** friends who I could never be myself around and I always felt awkward around. They stabbed me in the back and got the whole ...

 If Jesus was standing in front of you, what would you say?
Picture Him with a countenance of pure Unconditional Love and Joy.
Additional Details
Sue G. , That's okay. Perhaps it will do some good or perhaps it will not. But I will take my ...

 I feel EXTREMELY depressed now.?
I just watched a show about "What Earth would be like without humans". I watched it with my dad and it really bothered me for some reason. It went into detail about how the cities would ...

 My mom won't let me take my medication!?
I went to the doctor and he's having me take valium for my Anxienty, plus my soical anxienty. I take one Pill every day. But my mom never agreed with me in first place of why I needed to go. But ...

 what do u do when you're irritated???

 how do i get over my fear of fighting someone?
Im afraid to fight im not actually afraid of the person of getting hurt or even gettin in trouble. that does not bother me and no matter how mad they make me or how badly i want to hit them i just ...

 have to get to sleepNOW but I can't!!!?
I have to get to sleep NOW!!!!!!!! But I CANT PLEASE HELP!!!
I've tried music, it doesn't work. I've tried just laying down with myeyes closed, t doesn't work. I've ...

 The way my dad eats REALLY annoys me?
its like hes incapable of closing his mouth when he eats. and he makes these slurping noises is well which is so disgusting. i know it sounds stupid but it can actually stress me out....

makeshift wings
How do you stop hating yourself and everyone around you?

Button nose.
go to bed

go to a therapist.

start liking



Visit your doctor and get yourself on antidepressants

xanax...lots and lots of xanax...

watch rachels challange

it's about the shotings at columbine high school in 1999

take a break. go some one by yourself and meditate. or go to a park and scream and scream and get all the anger out.

Praying for peace.

Get some help :}

i hope you stop hating on people

god bless

Madison F
change the negative thoughts and words to all posotive..I know, I feel like that sometimes..

If you have time can you answer mine?


suicide FTW o.o

eshay adlay oner
I used to be like you.
I dunno, wait a year.

Try to find something you like about them and focus on that.

Or so they say... I find hating them to be very fulfilling.

Hit the bong!

‚ô•sexy Julia‚ô•
kill ur self no just start liking people and ur self

Wonder B
I took a long hard look at those around me and realized I needed people in my life I can actually respect and care for.

Bruce B
Find a bf who you can completely recast yourself in his identity.

I just ask my self, "Why does god love the infantry?" and the answer makes me smile.

Jonas J
hate their sin but not them

Katie B
you have to except them for who they are no mader what

Because hating is a state of mind, I like everyone, I do this by knowing that in the grand scheme of things, me hating them is not a reflection on them but instead a reflection on who I am, just as hating them is a reflection of who you are. If you allow hate in your life you will hate, there is always someone worse, doing worse, living worse. You have a computer and can type on the internet, you are already of top 20% of the world. Those people are not the worst people on the planet, think of all the people denied the basic necessities of life and the government and people who oppress them. Are you about to die because of their actions? Are you physically hurt because of their actions? If so you do not need to tolerate, and can have justice done. After justice is served (legal justice), then you are again in equalibrium. If just your feelings are hurt, then hunny you are fine and doing well. People come up to you and call you ugly its not a reflection of who you are or how pretty you are, its a reflection of their personality.

He helps a lot, I promise

Well if your around people that you have to psych yourself up to be around, then maybe you should remove yourself from them. Because if you have to fake being nice to someone and you have no real use for them, then just get away from them before the situation gets worse. I know how you feel, because theirs people I know where I have to appear as if I feel like being bothered with them. Which you shouldnt have to do, but people are people, and most of them are annoying. As far as yourself is concerned, look at the reasons why you are hating yourself so much and look for ways to make each of the reasons better. You can only do what you can. But try not to be hard on yourself. I know thats easier said than done. I know, because im going through the same thing. And to make matters worse, I have Bipolar Disorder, which makes me irritated faster.

Cheesy, but...think positive. Only you can change how you see yourself and the world around you. Therefore, you must take the initiative to start thinking positively about yourself and the people around you.

me :)
eat lots of chocholate lol

Susan C

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