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How do you deal with loss of a loved one?
My mother died more than a year ago and i cant get over it... i dont think im depressed but cant tell. im only 12 so i acnt take an anti depressant. ive talked to people but nothing will ease my pain. i need serious answers, or no anwers.

Al Scusi
Perhpas the toughest part for someone so young is that you probably feel the adults around you are more ok with it than you are. But I promise you us adults have our moments.

There will be days when you wake up and think Wow I'm glad I came through that... then weeks later it will happen again.

I don't think any of us really want to 'get over it' and the best thing is know our loved one would want us to move on - not forgetting, but getting on with life, having laughs being creative, looking at how we can develop.

If you are not at least a little depressed I would be very surprised, but you don't need drugs to help you cope. I dare say your Mum would tell you the same.

So keep busy with studies and allow time to heal the wounds, it does, but the wounds don't go completely away.

im so sorry bout that if that happened to me i dont think that i could ever get over it and im 21.. i just think u should try to live with the fact that ur mom is going to be with u always and that she will always be looking after u, im sure that u will learn to be without her, but keep her memory alive.. god bless u sweetie.. and sorry again

Nick L
I feel bad for you. My Mom is like you but she lost her dog. I advise you talking to your nearest relative and see and let them take you to a doctor.

- Nick

Melissa A
You never really get over the loss of someone you love- especially someone so close to you like your parents. What happens is the pain gets easier because you get used to it. You need to learn how to function with the pain so that it is not your main focus. There are lots of ways to do that. Hopefully you have several people that you can talk to - keep talking! Especially to people who miss her as much as you do- other family members or her close friends. I would also suggest trying to keep a journal. Its good to get all of those thoughts out of your head and down onto paper. Even if you never read the thoughts again, it helps to get them out. Just remember that your mom is watching over you. I don't know her, but I am sure that she would want you to live you life and be happy. Sometimes when people are in mourning they feel like they are disrespecting the person they lost if they have a good time! Don't let yourself feel that way- she wants you to smile and laugh again.
Finally, I never really knew what happened to us when we die until a few years ago. When I was pregnant with my son, my grandmother was very excited to meet him. She came to the hospital every day when I gave birth, and she visited him twice a week when I went home. She used to stand over him and make funny faces and talk baby talk to make him laugh. She died the day that he turned 3 weeks old. After that, my son... less than a month old... would laugh and smile at something when I was the only one in the room with him. I know that it was her coming to visit him. Sooooo... remember that your mom is closer than you think she is. If you need to talk to her, she might just be able to hear your voice!

try doing things that will make you forget like going out to movies or going to the mall that what i did when my grandpa died if that doesnt work then time heals everything it took me 1 and 1/2 to get over it.

hey i am 11 and i lost some one to heres some thing to help you take your mind off of it: you can play a game you really like you can go out side and run or play with your neighbors you can play some video games go to the store and go shopping go out with your friends go out to dinner or some just to keep your mind off of it heres a song to let your emotions out and dont be afraid to cry

Sal Esqueda
I am very sorry for your loss. I also know how you feel I lost my family when I was very young. Let me share with you about reactions we experience when we are coping with a loss of a parent. Shall you find that you are isolating yourself, become quite around family, friends and teachers. Have trouble sleeping, become irritable or have outburst of anger, unable to concentrate, do not have a desire to go to school, complain about physical problems. Start to develop unfounded fears, become filled with guilt feel numb emotionally, do poor with school or homework. These are signs that demonstrate you are suffering from depression that is due to your loss. Anyone can be effected at any age from the death of a love one and it is obvious you are suffering. I suggest that you talk to a teacher or the nurse at your school first. You may want to talk to your doctor and ask them about you starting counseling. You need to talk to someone who is a professional I know from experience that your loss has created huge hole in your life. You need to recognize this before you can go through the stages of grieving. Get help, you shall find it will make a great difference for you. Good luck.

I lost my mom too when I was 12 yrs old. I felt like a huge whole in my chest was always weighing me down. Felt like heavy tires on my chest. Difficult for me to breath. No one would ever take my mother's place. I talk to her like she is with me always. I go for walks with her by my side and talk to her all the time. I believe she can hear me. I also believe she answers me too but in different ways. Especially when really good things happen to me. I believe she is always with me and watching over me. BELIEVE! I always thought she was not going to be with me when I graduated, married........ have my children
BELIEVE she was with me in spirit always. I learn to change my thinking and thanked that I had a mom. I started thinking of all the good stuff and some not so good stuff that my mom and I did together. It was being sad, angry all the feelings over and over again. I accepted my feelings and did not fight them. I enjoyed all the feelings. It took me a long time before I got to where I am at today. Do not stop your feelings but enjoy them. Keep talking to your mom all the time. Do not take your feelings out on others as it is not their fault. It is not up to others to understand. They will not be able to begin to understand. Give yourself a hug. It feels good......and tell yourself that your going to be ok..... your mom can hear you...... I hope I have been of some help to you. Best of love

Joe O
Do not take anti depressants, they do not solve anything. Everyone has to deal with these problems in their life. It is one of the many tests we go through. We are constantly tested on how good of a person we are. Do not be tempted to think sourly about life. The choice is up to you to make things beautiful in the name of your mother. Live life in honor of her name and give back to this world gratitude and love until you too can rest in peace. I pray you can hear the voice of the heavenly father call you up to a clearer understanding of love. May peace be in your heart. There are things beyond this world and beyond these feelings. Know this in your heart and never let go of what you know is right in your heart.

-03122O1O: Soap
Im sorry for your loss
Only time,..
Only time can deal with it
I know it's hard but it's not good to
keep thinking about it
----------->You will get over it once your ready.. <------------
Again im sorry for what happened
Best of luck & take care
-Tina <33

well.. try not to think of your mom and be sad but think of her a be happy! remember things that you guys would do that make you happy! and how proud you are to have had her to take car of you.
sorry and good luck :)

Try writing down your emotions. Keep a journal and write down all of your memories of you and your mom. Write poems...make picture collages...be creative..you are never going to get over losing your mom at such a young age...but you can use the loss to give honor to her. Try giving back to the community in her name..there are 5k runs for homeless, breast cancer awareness, and many others where you can run in her name and honor her. The more you give back and the more you are allowing yourself to express your loss...the more it will allow you to move forward. Don't try to hide the pain..embrace the pain and be creative...it is ok to feel the grief..as a matter of fact it is very healthy to feel the grief. Now design a webpage in her honor...whatever creative or athletic outlet that you are inspired by...throw yourself into it...but you do have to get out and exercise every day even if it is just a 30 minute walk...walk for her...she would want you to be the best you that you can be...she will be walking right beside you...because she loves you and she wants you to move forward.....don't hide your pain...but don't let it drag you down...do it for your mom...you have her in your heart...so show her how much power you have...and carry her along for the journey...write...write.... remember...God Bless YOu

i lost a good friend a year and a half ago. not a day goes by i don't think of her. loosing a loved one never gets any easier. you just have to remind yourself(if you are religious) you will see her again. be happy she was around for that long. some people never know their mother, or they don't like their mother. just make sure you never forget her. then she still lives on.

First of all I want to say I'm sorry to hear that. Just know that you're mother is in a better place now and that she's always going to be looking down on you. With how the world is these days, she's the lucky one and we're the ones who have been left behind in this mess! I hope things get better for you and like I said, she's looking down on you and I don't think she'd want you to feel depressed or anything worse than that. Take care!

jaey l
talk to some similar like ur mom and that unerstand u

I'm sorry for your loss. Honestly, there is nothing worse than losing someone very close to you, especially at a a young age and the best way to heal the pain is just time. Now it might be really hard, even a year after, but soon, although the pain will still be there, it will be much less and you'll be OK. In the meantime, rely on your friends and other family members that are going through the same pain, they will be able to help you the best. Stay strong

clap hands.
whoever said you need to learn to move on is an idiot. course you can't move on. I feel really sorry for you, my heart goes out for you. What you've been through is unbearable. it's difficult to 'deal' with it. Talk about how you feel though, don't bottle it all up inside you, thats probably the worst thing you can do. Try and stay strong. Thinking of you.

I am so sorry for your loss. I think it is a huge step and a healthy indicator that you are reaching out, even like this in Y?A.

There are many groups for people who have lost loved ones. You might start with a local hospital and ask if they can help you find a group. Are you close with your dad? What about a school counselor, nurse or teacher that you trust?

You may be 'depressed,' but of course, who wouldn't be? It doesn't matter to have a diagnosis or label, what matters is what's in your heart and how you are dealing with it. Itis something that you definitely should not keep inside.

You probably feel lonely, isolated and like you are the only one this happened to, and how could anybody know how you feel...but, please know you are not alone and there are plenty of people who have lost moms, dads and other loved ones.

amazingly intelligent
You will miss your mother for the rest of your life, but it will get better. I promise. There is no time table for grieving. There are seven identified stages, but no one goes through them the same. Some may even repeat a few of the stages.

Keep talking to others that will listen with a sympathetic ear. Look at pictures, videos, etc. These don't make your grief worse. In fact, they will trigger memories of happier times with your mother. Eventually that is how you will remember, happier times and gladness will fill your heart. In the meantime, don't fight the feelings of sadness. You are quite young for losing a parent. However, if you have lost interest in life, your friends, and normal activities I would say you are in a depression trigger by this great loss and need to see professional help.

I was very close to my father. He died 20 years ago and I still miss him, but its alright now. I have faith that we will be reunited in the afterlife because we both believed in Christ.

Of course you don't get over it. You need to talk about her to keep her spirit alive and grieve with your family for support. If you belive in God go to him pray and cry to Jesus. We don't know why theese things have to happen, but God can show you and heal you, but you have to go to him. My prayers are with you sweetheart. God Bless

Sorry to hear about that. My father died when I was 15 and it is tough....very tough. All you can really do is have faith in God. Oneday you will meet again. Until then enjoy your life. Dont get mixed in with the wrong crowd. Start looking at some goals for the future. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. She is watching over you. But make wise decisions.

Grace G
aww I'm so sorry that must be so hard
time will heal you
or try to get your mind off of her and think about something you really want to do in your life

Fly in the Ointment
You really never get over it, It has been 16 years and I still think of her every day.

ckldcjkladjc c
Honestly you can't really deal with it but you will eventually get through it.

my dad died when i was 11, im 15 now. my suggestion is ....cry. other people cant help you, its something you have to do on your own. I would think about my dad before i went to bed and that would allow me to have dreams about him so it was like we were communicating through another dimension. Dreams can be pretty amazing things ya no. The more time that passes, the easier it will get. They call it grief cuz its grieving. ( IT AINT EASY)

take the time to think about it,
but try to stay occupied.
You can't just block her out altogether,
THAT isn't healthy for you..

It just takes time, love.
It really does..
I'm sorry..

Time is the only thing I can offer you sweetie.You will never get over it.It will just become a little easier to deal with.My prayers are with you.

[email protected]
You need to talk about how you feel with other family members. Make sure you don't keep anything inside. Visit her grave as much as you can. Talk to her and let her know you miss her. Make sure you are close with your father and other family members. Losing your mother is the most difficult thing to deal with. Some people never fully recover

Time. It's very hard to lose someone, and you're still going through the grieving process. It's really hard, but allow yourself to feel whatever you're feeling and know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
Your inner peace will when you're ready, you can't rush it.

ms♥ catepillar?ღ??ღ?
keep yourself as busy as possible. try going to the gym or running, it can help relieve alot of stress.

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. It not easy especially when you are really young.

The real answer is Time. But in reality you may never get over it.

The way I look at it is you will never get to see her again so stop looking back on it and move on. She would tell you the same thing. I bet she loves you very much and looks at you everyday from heaven.

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