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How do I tell my mom that I am depressed?
I mean I don't know how to tell her I can't take it no more. I am hurting my family and everyone around me because of this thing. And I don't want to end up killing myself. This has been happening for a year.

Dont tell her you are depressed!
tell her how you feel and she will figure it out because she is a MOTHER. exactly how you feel

i know its hard and i always told my mother probably in the wrong ways because she never did anything about it... tell her nicely and just say hey i have this problem its a huge problem that is a detrement to everyone and i need some help from you. tell her you need her to understand when you act up because you really dont mean it.

Tell her be open dont hide anything. I tell my son if your open with me i will understand but if you lie or hide something from me i will punish you... Its sorta like that just be open with her she will understand.

Dear Cookie, You know Im here for you if you need me! E-mail me and we will get this worked out! RandyCasino!

Why don't you feel that you can tell her?

She may not realize, as many don't, that depression is a chemical issue and does not reflect on your personality, your individual strength, or anything like that. It is simply a condition (like high blood pressure) that many many people deal with. Medications can help you keep this under control, and eliminate it.

She may understand this already, if she doesn't, beready to talk about (do some research online, etc.). You might also consider talking to a guidance counselor at school. They can help you approach your mom, or even talk to her about it. Just remember, it's not something to be embarrassed our ashamed of. (Take it from me, I have a PhD in Psychology).

I think your mom would know that you are depressed. The best way is to have a one-on-one dialogue with your mom. Make sure its a quite place where no one will bother the both of you. Slowly talk things out and explain to her what's been going on with you. That's how I usually talk it out with my mother and we don't even get along at times. Hope it works out for you. :)

Texas granny turtle
Be direct, Say Mom, I need a doctor appointment. Then try to explain it has been going on long time. Legally she is responsible to get you help.
It is great you know something isnot right. It may be as simple as a nuttion problem or a hormone balance medication. Dont stress about the appointment. Just be honest you have these thoughts. If mom fails you in understanding this tell a councelor, as to speak to one at school.
I attenpted suicide at 16, 1969, so I can relate to your problem some. Back those days they just pumped you out and sent you home.She thought it was just over a boyfriend and my grades but it took many years to learn all reasons of my problems. Or at least thats how it was for me.

Anna D
say mom...i think it would be best for me and everyone if i see a therapist...

tell her exactly that.

just come out and say i think i need help and explain whats going on.

Just sit down and talk to her. Tell her how your feeling. She will understand and will help you and be by your side.

Just tell her. If she can't accept it, then reach out to another caring adult.

Suicide is not a laughing matter and she shouldn't treat it as so. So, just tell her.

How don't you? Tell her exactly how you feel. She'll completely understand and most likely get you some help.

Surely if your behaviour hasn't been normal then she knows?

If you haven't seen a doctor about your problems then I would suggest you do so, who might refer you to a psychiatrist who can help you.

It worked for me and i'm totally fine now.

If you don't see someone about it soon, and tell your mum then it can get worse. You really need your family's support through a difficult time like this.


just tell her straight up, its better she hear it from you then a psychiatrist, thats how my mom found out about me, you'll be surprised at how much your mom will care if you tell her.

♥ Bluffin With My Muffin ♥
you just have to tell her. That's all you can do. You have a problem, you need to find a solution to it. Telling your mother is step one.

Happy- Go
quit hurting your self and your family...allot people probably have or had the same problem...call a suicide hot line and ask them to help you.....your not ready to die....you want to live and be happy and you can with a simple phone call...just 411 an operator for a suicide hot line !!!! you can do it I will pray for you !!

Don't tell her your depressed, explain the problem to her and then tell her you've been thinking about it a lot lately.


army mom
Do you attend school? If so, talk to your guidance counselor and maybe he/she may help you and get a Conference together with your mom.
If you don't go to school anymore, you NEED to tell her. Write a note. By writing her a note, she listens with her eyes and can go back and reread it. More emotions and things you want to say can be much better on paper. You seem nervous about confronting her. so please if you cant confront her, write it down and explain how you feel.

write a letter about your mind...
if you want to tell them... i recomend you to write a letter how you feel and how hard it is.. and it can not be controlled even though you tried hard(it might better to tell them-->accoding to a medical study)
if you say face to face, it can make you feel ackward and they might try not to hear it before you finish because they feel like you are Blaming them (in my case they were angry at me and said me "why do you feel like that you are so weird. i did everything for you why? just don't feel depression!!!!!!!)
i try this way before when i want to tell something hard to say them...because it give them time to think and it doesn't have accent so they can think more logically...

i have had the simiral problem...i don't know why but i always depressed....sometimes i cry all day in my badroom and have an insomnia.. sometimes angry to my family when they asked me why...it's beem few years..
i went to see a dortor and took a pill for 1year and half..that time i was not that bad....but it isn't help you permanontly...you should make something you can proud of yourself....and make a realizable dream and try it...and say in your mind "i should live for it"...

Mom, I'm depressed. I am tired of hurting my family and everyone around me because of this thing. And I don't want to end up killing myself. This has been happening for a year and I need some help.

Tell her that; if she is hurting as you say, she loves you. And since you are concerned about hurting your family you must love her too. Find a quiet place and do what you can to ensure both of you will not be interrupted and sit down and really talk with your mom. You must tell her what's on your mind and let her know you want help to overcome this issue.

Taking your life is DEFINITELY not the answer to the problem.

If you need help, please dial 1-800-273-TALK

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