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Pieces Of Rainbowzz
How do I tell my mom I'm a cutter?
How can I do this without her thinking that I', doing it for attention or that it's part of my "goth subculture" and music?

italian pricess
its all in your head there nothing thing like cutting yourself which will give you relief get over it

Just don't,

Be honest. Tell her exactly why you do it and how you feel. Also, try for subtly because you don't want her to freak out or something. If she interprets it as you wanting attention, its her opinion but maybe you can try changing her opinion by telling her what really bothers you and why you do it and stuff.

you don't. and if you must you sit her down and tell her you've been struggling recently and are asking for her help. you need her to be helpful here, not combative. tell her you love her.

Lori Ann L
Tell her your lives passion is styling and you are going to hairdressers school. I am sure she will support you in your career!

DON'T CUT YOUR SELF! IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING BUT PUT YOU IN PAIN. TELL HER YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT DOING THAT, BUT ASK HER HOW YOU CAN STOP YOU SELF. Do you have any problems at home b/c that can be some problems with going emo/goth/cutting you self. *WHATEVER YOU DO ****DONT****** CUT YOUR SELF! ITS ONLY MAKING YOU MORE GOTH AND MORE SAD AND MORE WEIRD. THEN YOU GET A BAD REPUTATION. You might not even care about reputation, but what are you going to tell your kids when you are older? You: "Ya I was a goth when I was your age. I cut my self." What kind of crazy mother tells there kids that. Just saying... you know.. for the future.

Mattie_rocks !!! :^)
When you're at the dinner table just say "Mom I need to have a major talk with you"take a bite then she'll say "about what?"then say "mom I'm a cutter but please don't think its for attention"Hope I helped!!!!!!!!!

baby girl! you obviously have emotional problems & you need to talk to someone, make the step & afford, i'm pretty sure your mom will want to know. nobody can really tell you how to drop a bomb like this on your parent, only someone who's been in your shoes so! just tell her just say it.

Kyle Z
if ur gonna tell her you'll prob go to therapy. if not ur doc will tell her if u do(required by law now) the next time you go. but that may b good bc this is either the sign of depression or being a poser.you could get meds for the chemical imbalance or cerebral cortex short circuit. but do wat i did, stop! its not that hard.

Mellow Jr.
She doesn't HAVE to know. I don't know how old you are, but you get to a certain age where certain aspects of your life are better left unsaid to your parents. Either A.) She already knows {mom's are smarter than you think, B.) She'll find out later in life or C.) Just don't tell her. Again, why does she have to know? If the reason you need to tell her is because you can't seek help without her permission/knowledge, then by all means, tell her. Otherwise, I wouldn't tell her.

If it's really important to you that she's aware of your cutting you, if you are speaking to a trusted adult about the matter, perhaps that adult could tell her for you. Just a thought. But still, I wouldn't tell her.

tell her the reason you do do it.

tell your mum your problems and you can sort them together.

Don't listen to all the idiots that posted stupid comments.

Catch her when she's not stressed or busy (more willing to sit down for a big talk) and explain you need to have a serious talk. Tell her your problems (I'm assuming you're cutting is because of other problems) or just that you've had serious problems and explain that you didn't feel you could talk about them and didn't know how to deal with it yourself.

This is a scary thing for a parent to hear about their child so re-assure her that you know it's a problem and that's why you've come to her, because you want to get better (assuming that's the case). She may find it difficult to understand but you have to be patient and open with her.

I hope you get through it ok, good luck.

I would just approach her, make sure it's when shes not distracted by something else, and just kind of take it slow at the beginning. Just say something like mom I don't know if you knew this but sometimes I get depressed and take it out on myself. Then just wait for her reaction and respond. I would just try to keep things very calm. It's a great step that your telling someone you trust!

Just tell her why you cut.

Your mother will appreciate your honesty and will get upset but the fact that u want to confide in her is good. It is best now before it gets worse. Be prepared for shock and ectures but she will make sure that you get the proper therapy.

just tell her u guys need to talk and tell her about it and why and show her and ask if u can get a psychologist

i cut too and haven't told my mom and i don't plan on it. but my counselor told me that "as a mother, I would feel inadequate but I would get over it." like that helped much. lol

she also said that eventually mothers will understand that you are their child and no matter what they will always love you.

Your Mother
Try to be open about your feelings, I imagine you cut yourself to deal with some kind of emotional distress and if you are talking about discussing it with your mom I feel that maybe cutting yourself doesn't have the same effect anymore. I hope your mom understands and I hope you find the resolution you are looking for. Good luck.

Kevin Daniel
I would try pinching yourself or doing something less severe each time. If you learn to stop you won't have to tell your mom. If you think she will be that misunderstanding, then what will she be able to do for you by you telling her?

I think you should try and consider why you are cutting yourself maybe this will help in finding a way to communicate your self-harm to your mother.

As with any problem its best to try and dive to a reason however sometimes there isnt a reason and this can be even harder for others to understand. One this is though that self-harm is NOT attention seeking as some might think it is about trying to express strong emotions and feelings that cannot be put through in words.

If you find it hard to talk try writing it down on paper how you feel and giving it too your mum
A quiet time preferbaly when your mother is not busy starting off a conversation can be difficult but if you direct your worries such as "There is something i want to talk to you about ive been feeling quite upset/sad recently and have been...
If you start of this is just an example of course you dont have to say this as ive said

Just try and speak your feelings if you can im proud that you've found such strength &courage to breaking the silence to your mother you should be proud of yourself too because not alot of people find it easyx Hope it goes well goodluck!

stop cutting yourself
go see a theropist or something and they will help you a lot

alibaby- smores RULE
i wrote my mom a letter sat next to her while she read it and then we talked about it it is hard for people to understand the "unknown" so try to keep as calm as possible it is a hard thing to do but the sooner it is the better

obama weed box with style
i don't think theres a way, just have a serious conversation with her and tell her why do you do it and ask for help or you could talk t your counselo at your school to have a talk in between you three of this situation, best luck to you, btw don't listen to these losers insulting you

Firstly, you have to make it obvious you want to have a 'serious' talk with her - this can't just come out of nowhere. Then sit her down and explain everything calmly. Of course she'll be upset and that's okay, but just explain to her that you don't feel she's to blame etc, and that you would like help coping with your problems, because you don't feel you can at the moment. Tell her all the reasons you've cut in the past - however big, small, embarassing or irrelevant they seem and tell her it has nothing to do with fashion. If she's supportive, she'll understand. I know it's hard telling someone, but just remember a. She's your mum, she'll care about what's happening to you and b. You need the help and support of someone close to you right now, and she's the best person for this.

I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck.

Courtney ♥
For all those who think Cutting is just a fad and related to "emo" (your mom as well) it's not, Cutting is closely related to depression and suicide. The best thing to do is sit your Mom down and just tell her whats going on and you need help that's the best thing to do, she'll most likely cry but you need help. Get a therapist and help and hopefully you'll feel better.

I'm sorry but some people are pretty ignorant with there responses cutting isn't something you can normally fix yourself. You need profissional help to find out why you cut and how to properly solve it was well as to get checkups so you don't relapse.

Jacob's Mommy
Rainbows don't cut themselves...

<blue-eyed bella>
tell ur mom tht u need to have a serious talk wit her and wen u tell her u have a prob. ask her for help

I guess it depends if she will react like all the a**holes above me.

Stephanie F
You should get some information about it and tell her that you have the same problem, and you would like for her to support you in trying to stop, by getting some help, if that is what you want.

Tell her what you need, how you feel, and what you would like her to do, and how you want her to be there for you. Be honest, and do Not lie about how you feel or why you do it.

My prayers are with you. God Bless you.

Nobody Special
You need to first discuss with her how you feel. I mean why do you cut?

If you start with that and then go on to the cutting she'll maybe understand it more rather than you outright saying it and her thinking it's for attention.

I can't give too much advice on it cos in 5 years i've never managed to tell any of my family. But i think that is the best way to go about it.

Ignore all these people with their stupid answers. Yeah some people do cut for attention, but others don't. I've gone to great lengths to hide it from the people i love.

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