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How do I stop myself from being tired?
I don't know why but I am always sleepy during the day and wide awake during the night. I have school in the morning and I am so tired. I want to know how to be wide awake during school. If it makes a difference I usually go to bed around 10pm. But even when I go to bed at around 8-9 I am still very tired. I also wake up at 6;50am.

Thanks in advanced.


sweets, coffee

drink monsters in the morning or take energy pills =)

sugar or that 5 hour energy stuff on TV commercials

sk8r guy
drink coffee, energy drinks like monster or amp, or 5 hour energy

Mya L
Well once a week try going to bed at 7:30 and then you will get alot of sleep!!

You may be lacking iron.. try having more red meat.

Also make sure you have a nutritional breakfast that will keep you going throughout the day.

You may be more awake at night because you have a decent dinner meal.

Sleeping pills help if you are having trouble sleeping, but thats in case of emergency. Going to bed always at the same hour will set your body to wake up at that time. Try to go to bed around 8:30pm everyday until you get into the habit. You should start to feel more in health with yourself over time. Once you wake up, try eating an apple. Research shows that an apple wakes you up more then coffee. Coffee will only slow you down at the end of the day, and thats not what you want. I hope my advice has been of use to you. Good Luck.

Sounds like a form of insomnia or possibly anemia.

Try a multivitamin, something with a B complex, C and D. Make sure you get pleanty of sleep, but do not take naps during the day. Also try eating more foods in iron. 15 minutes of exercise during the day could also help.

If you're still sleeping oddly, it's best to see a doctor to rule out any unerlying problems.

Think out being awake mentally force yourself to stay awake don't drink warm milk that has chemicals that will make you drowsy also eat Vitamain B and C they keep you awake take some Centrum that'll set you good

Math is not my friend!
You can drink Coffee or you can drink Pepsi Max.
If you don't like to drink or eat that much sugar then
maby you can run a lap around your house,at a park,or around the block.And bring along with a energy bar and some gatorade or vitamin water or powerade.

Dee R
a lot of people think coffee, junk food and energy drinks work. they do for awhile then you crash. try eating a healthy breakfast. have coffee if you want but dont count on it all the time in the day. i was the same way and i started taking a multi vitamin and i have to say it works. i also take extra vit D and B's during the day, for me anyway it helped, good luck. also a protein bar may help on the really bad days.

Anthony E.M.

and what are your sleeping patterns if you are like me I sleep mad late and get a good hour if Im lucky. In the mornings I am tired and crash in the afternoons and at night Im ready to go and out and about. Whe I return Im not tired to go to sleep, so I just watch tv. lol. If you are like this then that's why.

Renee D
You should probably go to the doctor, or see how ur diet could be effecting this. Usually lack of carbs and nutrition is the reason for these symptoms.

You should exercise your body vigorously for ten to twenty minutes every morning before you take your bath and depart for school. Then you must work very hard through the day and refuse to sleep till 10pm. You will fall asleep fast and sleep deeply. Good luck!

try vitamins

Sleep you must young jedi.

Do you drink caffeine later on in the day? That could cause you to stay awake at night. Then not getting a good night's rest would cause you to be tired and sleepy during the day.


try to get to bed 6-7

eat more carbohydrates and proteins.

dont drink any caffeine if you think thats gonna help ... in the end you gonna be more tired than when you start off.

try to take showers in the morning to wake up.

or if nothing works try to see a doctor.

mabie its ur diet

it could be that your diet is poor. I know when I eat a lot of junk food I have no energy at all. But when I eat healthy I have a lot more energy and I sleep better at night.

I would try getting in some sort of exercise during the day to tire you out a little, and then go to bed early, like 8:30 or something like that. I hope it helps.

AND whatever you do, don't get addicted to caffeine in coffee or energy drinks or anything like that!!! trust me, it WILL ruin you if you do so

try not to get hooked on caffine or sugar, that is not healthy!

eat a healthy breakfast-- PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN, and slow burning carbs like whole wheat. that should do it

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