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How do I explain to my grandma why I tried to kill myself?

I'm 17, live with my grandma
Earlier I tried to kill myself
I am at the hospital right now
She doesn't know yet (at work)
My ex-bf knew I was depressed, I stopped texting him and didn't answer my phone so he got worried, came over and found me
Called 911
now I'm here.

My whole arm, hand to elbow is bandaged
Haven't talked to my nurse yet
Overcrowded hospital, I have no idea what's up or if I'm on suicide watch or what
I'm on my phone/PDA's internet right now

Gma wouldn't understand at all.
we've had a conversation where i told her that i'm always depressed
she goes "well what do you got to be depressed about!" and starts demanding that i tell her why i'm not grateful
and wouldn't listen to me
and just starts listing material things why i should be happy
she doesn't understand

how to i talk to her about it
how do i make her realize its real

Additional Details
Wow thank you everyone for the answers....

I think I didn't stress her not understanding and listening to me at all enough. Seriously everything I say just goes in one ear and out the other.

ANYWAY, THANK YOU EVERYONE! 36 answers so far, most of them great answers.... thank you for trying to help, I really appreciate it.

Just explain to her about friends, h.w./school, more friends, whatever made you try to...yeah. But don't feel bad a lot of teenagers feel this way. You were just one of the unlucky ones who actually became close. If she can remember back (a while back lol) to when she was a teenager, maybe she can relate. It's often the grateful ones who try anyway. Just keep calm and let her know your alright. Also, mention that you love her.
I will pray for you and good luck

coming from the same situation...
you need to figure out why you did.
if you say its because of a boy, then so be it.
i know that shes probably going to think you are nuts for trying to kill yourself over a boy but it all really is.
just tell her the truth. that cant hurt.

~Dance like no one's watchin
tell her that you were really depressed and you didnt know what you were thinking and you tryed to tell her but it didnt work and say that your sorry for doing this.

not 30 yet
Talk to the nurse and pick up on key things you can tell grandma like depression is a medical condition and that you need medicine like an antidepressant.

Yes, I understand. I'm about ten years older than you and your story sounds so familiar to me.

My advice is to let her know that you appreciate her, and all she is doing for you, and she is not the cause of your depression (as I assume she isn't).

Your grandmother is from a totally different generation. People from her generation have a totally different world view than you. I'm sure that although depressed you are grateful that you have her, her home, your "stuff." That is not what you are depressed about. She may never understand.

I'm sure others have already told you that the Dr.s will help you explain this to her. This should help, because you probably don't even know entirely why you did this yourself.

You are not alone, not just do you have people that care about you like your grandmother and ex-boyfriend, but a whole community of people who have felt that unique pain here on Y!A. The thing is the pain only feels unique.

As long as your Dr. does not oppose, feel free to e-mail me, I'll be glad to listen to your feelings, and not impose my own on you.

the eyes have it!
there really isn't much to say. tell her how you feel and why. getting help now will be good. don't get angry or down yourself when your grandma sees you and feels it's her fault or tells you things that are harsh. she's going to be hurt by this too.

Just tell her how bad things were and youve realized how much you do have and youll never try that ever again. and then hug her and tell her you love her.

I would have the doctors explain it. Older people tend not to get the concept of depression because when they were your age and mine (I'm 26,) the concept wasn't even around in its modern form. The brain wasn't well understood then. It's actually futile for you to even bother explaining it--allow the doctors to do their job in that case. Have them explain exactly what happens in the brain of someone with proven clinical depression, and how that affected you.

Bonnie S
Your depression could easily be a chemical imbalance in your brain that can only be controlled with medication. You may not even know why you are depressed you just are. You are probably on suicide watch and should listen and seek the help of the doctors that are going to be there to help you. It is not an easy road and takes time for the medicine to make you feel better. Don't give up you are not alone there are many of us out there. My own family doesn't even know I am depressed and being treated for it and to look at me you would never guess. I hide it well but not everybody can cover it up like I do. I finally got help after going for a physical and breaking down in tears and am glad I did. My best wishes for you and hopefully the doctors can help you with your grandmother, just don't be afraid to tell them what you said on-line. The can help her understand.

Kenny T.
Just talk to her about, ease it in. Show her your sensitivity. With life or death situation it's hard for everyone to be mad. She'll understand.

What you need to understand is that this is probably as frightening for your grandmother as it is for you. She has no idea how to help you, which makes it easier if she doesn't face it, just sweeps it away, so to speak. Let her know it isn't her fault and could very well be a physical thing. But whatever is causing your depression, please don't leave that hospital until someone understands how desperate you are and is committed to giving you help. That is the most important thing and even thought you are only 17, you have to make sure they understand and don't be ashamed or afraid to admit that you are depressed. It can happen to anyone and it doesn't mean that you are less of a person. Only that you need help. Your grandmother may not ever understand, but she loves you and wants only the best for you. Talk to her. Talk to the medical people around you. Get the help you need. Good luck. I hope you can get through this.

Have the attending doctor, psychiatrist/psychologist, or nurse talk to your Grandma. Sometimes the people closest to us don't want to accept that something might be wrong and will either get upset or deny the truth. Depression can be hereditary and perhaps she knows something you don't and is in some kind of denial about it. There are also quite a few people who think that depression isn't a serious illness. They tend to have an "everyone gets the blues" or "you just have to get over it" attitude towards it.

She needs to understand that depression is an illness that needs treatment. Being grateful and being happy are two totally different things, and because she doesn't listen to you, or try to help you, it only makes the situation worse. Talk to the Psychiatrist or counselor who should be in shortly to see you, about your Grandmother. Tell them what you told us, and ask them to speak to her on your behalf. She needs a different perspective.

I'm terribly sorry you're going through this, but with the right treatment, you can be feeling good in no time. Good luck, and get well soon :)

Mask of Elan
You need to try to get her to understand that what you did wasn't about being grateful or not grateful..and that she may not understand why you tried to do what you did..but that right now you need her just to be there for you.

I'm glad you're going to get help..because you need to know why you truly wanted to be dead...I empathize with you...talking to someone about your feelings will help.

Yes we Grandparents are from a different generation.Having said that I want you to know that we were not so much different than you at your age.It wasn't talked about,but suicide was an option many people tried,some succeeding.My self included.(I was lucky.I survived.)Your Grandma,will always be there for you,she might not understand what's going on right now but you have to be 100% honest with her and let her know what's going on.I agree with some of the others,that having a counsler there when you try to explain to her.I know you are having a tough time right now but things will get better.I promise.Hang in there and every thing will work out.This old fart,cares about you +and I will be rooting for you.Take your time and think things thru.God bless and watch over you.Treat yourself good + live a great life.You are NOT alone,there are alot of us concerned about you.Keep us posted will you?Love and peace.

ask me!
first of all, make sure a doctor is in the room when ur grandmother comes in. say ur sorry and maybe try to explain why u almost killed yourself. if she gets rude, you can say to the doctor, "i'm tired, please make her leave." or maybe have ur boyfriend tell ur grandmother that u were sad and you don't want her to preach to you.

you need your doctor to talk to her... she will not understand because depression wasn't a big deal in her day... the doctor can tell her it is a chemical unbalance and such....

but when she demands to talk to you tell her you haven't felt happy about (school, friends, family) and that you just dont feel you have to energy to deal with all the hands that has been played in your life.... i don't know the real reason why your depressed but this is just an example because my cousin also lived with her grandmother.

"grandma i have felt so alone since i have lived with you i miss having parents and my old friends, i all i want to do these days is stay in bed and never have to do anything again. i feel like i could just curl up in a ball and disappear and not deal with teachers bully's or and other bothers in my life again i'm glad my boyfriend helped save my life and i really need your help, to get help myself. it would be great if we could talk more and be more open about life and the difficulties and would like your help on how you deal with life i love you grandma please understand"

I think she'll see that it's real now. If she doesn't, tell her you are very serious and part of the reason you are so depressed is because she doesn't take you seriously. Good luck.

Thats actually a hard one.
um you'll probly get most people telling you to tell your grandma how you feel and she will listten to what you have to say and she she'll try and help you.

That actually sounded like an old fantasy of mine apart from the grandma thing.

You may have to accept the fact that she comes from a different generation and will never be able to relate to how you are feeling now. Actually many people can not relate to what you are going through and that really should be okay bc u should be able to understand their position. They see that you hve everything going for you and they have tried their best with you. Thing is, not everything is under our parent's control.

You should try therapy ASAP. Finding a good therapist can be hard, but you really need one right now.

im reallyyyy sorry. my brother committed suicide when i was 13 because of depression also, it turned my whole life upside. i wouldnt know what to say. having someone you love commit suicide it worst thing you can imagine because you wish you could help them stop it. you need to find words within yourself to tell the people you love how you feel especially now you tried and failed. you cant have things hold you back in life. suicide seriously is not the answer for anything. you dont know the hurt your grandma must feel, or the rest of the people that love you. my brothers death scarred me. you cant do that to yourself or your loved ones. you need anti-depressants and a physiologist. you cant live your life happy unless your committed to pushing yourself forward. nothing should bring you down, especially by taking your own life away

hecla 1
tell her you need professional help....let her know you appreciate all she does for you but that maybe your depression is because of a chemical imbalance....let her know that you WANT to feel better....just make sure she knows that you love her and do not blame her for the way you feel...that it something inside of you and you need help and maybe medication for it to get better.

well basically you need to be completely honest with her
it might be hard but its the easiest way
she might not understand but she will be there for you
good luck!

Andrea C
A counselor to help explain- a pro is great at explaining. Share with them what you think beforehand, and have them talk to your grandmother.

Collin D
Just tell her straight up grandma i tried to commit suicide and tell her to listen to you and not to interupt and just plainly tell her why.
and plus people just do different things then others so there nothing wrong with it.

Legio XVII
tell her the truth.

(and make sure you get help)

i dont know, google it.
i think she will realize its real when she finds out you
are at the hospital because you tried to kill yourself

thank the lord for your boyfriend

If you're in the hospital then you probably have access to mental physicians. Ask the doctor who is treating you now if you can meet with a counselor now (no need to tell your nurses that you tried to commit suicide). Talk with the counselor, and figure out a way to approach the situation. The counselor could be there with you and help explain things to your grandmother.

I'm sure you have a Counselor now, I've been to the hospital for trying to kill myself too. Have the counselor or therapist you've been assigned to be in there in the room when you tell your grandma. He/She can help. That's what I did when I broke the news to my mom as to why I was in the hospital. Best of luck to you and if you ever wanna talk about it or anything email me k [email protected] :)

Einstein was a LIBERAL.
Tell the Doctors that you want them to explain it to her, they are professionals and know better.

Tell her just what you told us basically. That you ARE depressed and nobody seemed to understand. Tell her you needed/need help. I know you don't want to hurt your grandma and say " YOU'RE NOT HELPING!" but I think she needs to understand.

Tell her you're grateful for everything you have but that doesn't change how you feel inside. There are people that have "everything" and still are depressed. Look at Heath Ledger. It's what's going on inside someone that makes them depressed. Material things are unimportant. I"m assuming your grandma has custody of you if you're a minor so there has to be something going on with why you're not with your parents and that can effect you.

I've been right where you are, including in the hospital. I see a therapist. I recommend the same and maybe meds also. That's what I do. good luck to you. I know it wasn't very helpful but at least you see you're not alone and your feelings of depression are valid and should be recognized.

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