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 What do you think is the best attitude for life?
What do you think is the best attitude for life?
Whats you favourite quote for life?
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 Anyone else share this fetish?
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 How do you help someone having panic attacks?
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 i cut myself to get back at my mum.help?
i cut myself a year ago coz of stress i was upset and my mum saw, she was devastated..i told her i havnt done it since

we argue all the time and she really really annoys me i get so angry ...

 What do you call it when somebody quits eating because they're depressed?
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 I'm extremely depressed... help?
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 Help: Is this an eating disorder?!?
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 What is the best way to deal with people who intentionally say things to agitate you?
In the movie "Good Will Hunting", there's that scene where Matt Damon keeps talking junk, until Robin Williams tries to choke him. Obviously, I don't have that option in real life,...

i can get jealous over things i really like, for example, i get mad when i see my boyfriend talking to another girl or looking at another but i dont say anything because i figure hes a boy and i dont ...

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 Have you ever wanted to end your life?
I have and tried it 3 times and i'm 14...

 Why am I judged for cutting. It's what makes me,me. So why do you tell me to stop like you actually care?
Everyone always tells me to stop. i dont change for anyone. if they dont accept me for who i am and what i do, then they shouldn't talk to me. Cutting is part of what makes up me. So why should I...

 considering suicide please help!!
im feeling out of control and considering suicide!! i have reached the end i cant see light just darkness emptiness and pain!! please help!!...

 What do you do when you're depressed?
Do you drink alcohol? Go out? Ask to be left alone? What do you personally do?...

lil middy
How can the top contributers of Yahoo Answers possibly have a life?
One guy has like over 12,000 "best" answers. WTF???
Additional Details
They think they are like professional question answerers lol! They think it's a real job.

welcome to the working world..

You wouldn't understand, but I can tell you that they are make a hell of a lot of money from having that kind of traffic power.

lol they don't.

You hit the nail on the head, or the computer geek in the balls ouch! I've got 2 can u give me this one? Please? No, ok i dont care cus i got a life!

lolol. i actually just saw a top contributer and was thinking about it and there your question was on top. but yea, i have a life, and i go on yahoo answers a lot though. i loveee it

i know, do they just sit on the computer alllll day and answer people's questions??!!!

simple he voted himself to have the best answers and yahoo answers have been here for awhile now maybe they've were there when it all started.

**** im at work and have been on this thing for over a month and only have 23 best answers... i bet he cheats and votes on his own answers.

at my rate of 23 best answers a month it would take me around 43 years to get to 12,000 best answers


It is their life.. how else do you think they ended up as a top contributor?

Frankie V

maybe their wives or husbands do all the work. or they are at their computer all day.

Ms Kitty
He has either been around forever or has no life. But I think the "top contributer's" get that designation by reporting spam and that sort of thing....... I only spend about 2 hours a week here, I don't have all that many top answers but I report spam all the time.....

lol, they're just Hardcore at what they do

I've often wondered that as well... Y/A can be addicting though!

That's true. Hahaa

Your mom
He would have to have a life to live wouldn't he? Probably not a very full filling but he does technically have a life.

Cole Thompson
He doesn't have a life.

The personal quality standards of anyone's life is partly based upon what they enjoy. Of course that's why they make Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, as well as Neopolitan. Not everyone likes the same thing, or the same things, all of the time...

Lionheart ®
44,127 Best Answers


I only got 1163 in 2 1/2 years.

~Nikki~ Chokes out haPenis
I was thinking the same thing.

Then I realized that I am getting paid to do this. woohoo

I'm getting tired of online shopping

I have thought the same thing...obsession maybe? Out of work? A disability which prevents them from leaving the computer screen? Answering a question should be something that you know and can hopefully help the questioner. Either they are highly intelligent to the point of yahoo paying them for their brilliant answers, or they simply haven't found any other way to waste their life away. I kinda feel sorry for them. :(

It could be over a lonngg period of time to get that much (if not he really dosnt have a life!)

And its not actually that hard to be a top contributer, 100 points isnt that much if you go on for like 20 mins everyday, and get lots of best answers!

Although some people do get addicted and can take it to extremes.

I wouldnt complain though, they help answer your questions!

Ciao tutti (:
loooooooooooooooool i know !!

i saw one with 14 thousand i think, i was like OMG ! i just think what do you do sit there ALL day on the computer ! This other guy i saw earned over 1000 points in one week, i think he got 1006 i was like jesssuss !



Hahahaha.....it's true! I work at night as a singer, so I'm here a lot.
And let me tell you, singing jobs can be few and far between.

AND even though I have a deep passion for understanding mental health, it is kind of telling that I'm contributing a lot to that section.

I swear I take breaks!


Allie C
i hear they are really zombie aliens from the planet noone cares

i don't know, maybe he just really like to answer people....??
and doesnt do alot of work school or anything.....??

At least they take the time to answer your questions. They could be doing something more valuable with their time.... why complain?

I am not a top contributor but I spend a lot of time on Answers. Please do not condemn me. I live alone and I am housebound so I have to make the most of my life. Since I discovered Answers I feel I am among friends and recognise a few regulars. I've become somewhat of an Agony Aunt too trying to help people with their problems. It is a better tonic than any doctor can give me. It keeps me sane. In answer to your question, yes! I have a life

Wow 12,000? I wonder if he's ever gotten laid.

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