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Question Queen ?
How can someone on Y!A think they can diagnose you with a mental disorder or personality based on 1 question?
Based on a brief question, 1 lady called herself, trying to diagnose me with Cluster B personality traits & narcissistic. No one has ever called me that before!

& I know I have low self-esteem & I'm depressed all the time, so how can she say that? She told me that just because I mentioned about how I don't like my mental health case manager being so intrusive in my life. I have a case manager because at our mental health clinic, everyone has to have a social worker (case manager) in order to see a psychiatrist.

Id have to see the exact question from you, and her exact answer to tell you how this came to pass, and what I feel about it. If the woman who answered you was in any way certified to make a diagnosis in her professional life, she may have seen some outward signs in your question that led her to her conclusion (diagnosis of you)
It could very well be that you DO display some of the common symptoms of narcissism or have some "Cluster B" traits. You asked a question on Yahoo Answers - you should expect you will get answers you didnt anticipate.

She probably went through all your other questions and answers too. It an opinion, like any other on here. Consider it and move forward.

Feel better, take care.

she was afraid that her collegues, would think about her in a poor fassion, sho she came up with all that balloney.

Most mental professionals, haven't a clue, so they fake it

where can I get a psychiatrist without paying 100 bucks an hour? share please??

a lot of people here go on personal happenings or guesses or see medical books no harm in them doing that when they are just answering your question would be like when answer questions some of mine have been super good over health and they were their for me over my father in laws heart husband on heavy med and with out yahoo being their i would of really been on nerves ends.

Junior V
if you dont like the answer, dont ask a question.

Patti C
This lady who answered that way has read something and, in her ignorance, she is throwing these terms around in order to make herself appear smarter than she is.

i think people just think they know everything.

Jaydens dads dominatrix
When my children were little, their answer to any slight or insult was "I know you are, but what am I"? Seems like the really applies here! Her armchair "diagnosis" is ridiculous.One suggestion:I wonder if you can communicate your feelings to your case manager. My very best wishes to you, and do hang in there. It can and often does get better! xo

It usually is a pretty long question.

People who do this typically have some schooling in psychology and like to throw it around. The fact is that when I see mental health questions I try very hard to be generic and suggest that the individual do what you are doing and seek out help individually. The fact is that unless a counselor has spent a few sessions with you it is unlikely they can come up with that level of detail. There is NO way to do it based on one question.

the real Kevin B
especially since most people on here act like they have a 6th grade education.

I wouldn't really take the word of anyone on here, myself included, eventhough I wouldn't try to say something if I didn't know about it.

people on ya shouldn't be diagnosing anybody, unless they are the personal physician. this is a place for people to give their opinions, some people share the same experiences. But everyone is different! maybe this person that said that to you shares the same symptoms and thats what she/he is.
stay in therapy and don't let others get to you, they don't know you

I think its more of an opinion thing. Either way they dont know you and Yahoo Answers really is looking for other peoples opinions rather than answers. If you want to be diagnosed you know where to go.

Ibitza Stretch
Well people can't diagnose you with one question they're just seeking best answers. And the people shouldn't seek for personality tests on yahoo answers.

I guess sometimes it matters what the one question is. Often, I see questions asking, "What is wrong with me?" or "I have (such and such) symptoms, what does it mean?" They ask simple questions that often have very complex answers. Some people try to answer these questions as fully as they can, using whatever expertise they believe they possess. Sometimes a question, while appearing simple, may have so many nuances to an answer that people just can't get a grip on it. So don't be too critical. Maybe that woman was actually giving it her best shot. Maybe not. Either way, don't let it get your goat. You did, after all, ask the question. And it is, after all, just one of many "answers" from us out here who don't have all the answers.

You have to ignore the people you know are wrong.

There are a TON of opinions on here... I hate when people come on and state something as fact when it could be any number of things.

You just have to be careful with the questions and only take advice that makes sense to you.

Some people just like to cause drama, too.

I can answer peoples questions becuase I know everything.

Based on your question and my ability to know everything you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Why would you be so upset that you posted another question about the answer. I think she nailed it and you don't like it.

Yes, it IS hard to answer based on a brief question. But by the same token, why would anybody throw questions like that out on this forum? People usually have good intentions, and answer with the information they have at hand. There's no room for discussion, and for asking you more detailed questions in return. It's not a professional diagnosis.

We seem to have many distinguished people answering on Y/A they are legends in their own lunchtimes.

Kathryn R
There are a lot of people who think that because they have experience with a particular issue makes them an expert and that gives them the ability to diagnose people. If you have a psychiatrist than you already have a diagnoses therefore unless you disagree with your doctor you shouldn't care what others think especially others that you don't' know. As for your case worker if you really don't get along you can request a change in case workers in fact you can insists on it. See if you can find someone who's personality meshes better with yours.

people on here try to do this because a lot of them think they know everything. don't listen to her.

Melois Koro
ROFL! she doesnt know whats shes talking about!

no one expects to be miraculously healed here, its just different opinions. alot of people can't afford therapists and psychiatrists, and if they have questions, psychiatrists and therapists aren't always available. and alot of the questions are about medication, and the experiences other have with them.

Tell her to give you more details as to convince you of her claim. Individual have different approaches to life and situation and you as a person must know whom you are and try and see a psychiatrist for more detail in your private time.

I you don't want people who no absolutely nothing about you giving you advice then don't ask questions.

Maybe she stayed at a Holiday Inn last night!

Been there. don't pay attention to everything you hear on yahoo answers. Its the risk you take when asking questions on YA. People give their opinions (trying to help) but you must take it with a grain of salt!

This whole site is everyone's OPINION. Take what you want out of it. Sometimes people can hurt your feelings, take it with a grain of salt. Her diagnosis is just her thoughts! Peace.

no one here can diagnose you... and it's obviously a place to ask questions and get answers based on personal experience and opinion. She probably thought you showed signs, but REMEMBER, no one here can diagnose you so you can get feedback and learn from others experiences, but ultimately your doctor is the only one that will diagnose you.

This person CAN'T diagnose you. To reach a diagnosis it requires a great deal of information and history. It also requires training that would include understanding it is unethical to even attempt to diagnose someone in a forum like Y! answers. Maybe she was just throwing out some thoughts without actually thinking! A professional would be able to make those diagnoses after an extensive interview. (Even then it is still very subjective!) Obviously this person is not a professional because she is throwing out some serious conditions w/out adequate information. Ignore it!! And besides, who wouldn't dislike a case manager being intrusive in their life?? Even though it is your case manager's job, and even though it may be useful for you in the long run, it certainly doesn't mean you will or should like it. The fact that you don't seems to imply more about your having normal thoughts and responses than about some form of dysfunction. Good luck. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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