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How can i tell my parents that i think im depressed?
im enbarassed and i dont think they will believe me. how can i tell them? i promised the school nurse i would.( were pretty tight)

If you're so depressed, why is your avatar smiling? And why is your handle Happy_Girl. I smell something fishy.

first smoke a fatty then get the curage to tell them:)

You just tell them. You THINK? you're depressed? What did the nurse say? If they don't believe you, then have the nurse talk to them

leave clues around if you're feeling a little scared.
like when i thought i was depressed i told my parents they looked at me like i was stupid and wanted to get out of school. so i left crazy letters around the house. and cried a lot. and then the figured it out! im so proud of them

Darlene C D
you shouldn't have to tell them when you stop and think about it. they are around you enough are they not your face should tell them your not to happy.if they can't till your all mopeie then they need to wake up and have a talk with you so they can find out whats bothering you.
and if they still havn't said anything then thats when i would set them down and you tell them whats gone on. good luck

just tell them. you are helping yourself. your parents wont get mad at you for trying to get help for yourself.

Christie W
Don't be embarrassed. If they do not believe you then that is an absolute problem of theirs and not yours. I don't know if they are supportive parents or not, but if they aren't maybe you should find a close relative that can help you talk to them. You may just have a hormone embalance or some other medical issue that may be causing your depression. Life gets better and the first step is admitting how you feel. I am a mother of 2 and also felt embarrassed by my depression, but getting help was the best thing I ever did for myself. I do not take medication, but did get counseling to deal with some issues I was having. You will beat this. Keep your head up and all that matters is that you get better.

first i want to congratulate you on wanting to speak up to your parents about being depressed i know that can be a emotional hard thing to do. BUT its very simple all you do is pull them over to the side have a real conversation with them no jokes involved tell them how your emotions is on a roller coaster in you really cant predict why.. tell them that you need there guidance throughout this trail in your life!

I think if you really are, they have picked up on it by now. If they haven't, that may be part of the cause of your depression.

Either way, it is something you need to talk to them about. If for some reason they don't support you, then it is great that you have your school nurse to help you out.

Just tell them, it's not a biggie.
If they care, they will Help.
It's not as hard as saying you have another problem.
Believe me.

just go and say it slowly

Just be honest, and serious. "Mom, Dad, I'm having a really tough time, and i need to talk to someone about it, someone professional."

sit down with your mother and father and tell them you know i am very depressed about something i went to the school nurse and promised her id talk to you about me being depressed. and maybe after you talk to your parents they will possibly consider counseling to help you. never be afraid to tell your parents any thing because they can always help you in any way.

Just sit down and say it straight out, like ripping off a band-aid. You can't really soften the blow...

Jenna G
You need to tell them, they're your parents and they should trust you.

The way i would do it say that you are going through a hard time. If you are depressed because of them then let them know that. They care the world about you!!! They will not laugh at you or think bad of you!

Be honest and have a sincere talk. They may sense it if you feel it inside you. Sometimes people appear happy on outside but it is their persona.

Mental Health Tips

Just tell them. If they don't believe you, go back to the school nurse and tell her that they didn't take you seriously. Maybe she can help you talk to them.

You need to gather your courage first, apparently, so sit down and write out a letter that you'd write to them, telling them that you are depressed. It will help if you can tell them what it is that depresses you, so write down all the fears and sources of anger that you have as well. Then when you are ready to finally tell them, you will be prepared.

I am so glad you are reaching out for help. You're already on the right track, talking to the school nurse. That's really a great step; now take the next one. Tell your mom and dad, you and they will be glad you did.

Best wishes for peace in your life!

Jesse C
there's a difference between being depressed, and having clinical depression. everyone gets depressed its a fact of life, just tell them it shouldn't be a big deal

Jessica Marie
just sit them down and tell them, they will believe you if you are sincerely depressed

Becky V
I would just tell them that you'd like to seriously talk with them.
Sit them down and let them know how you are feeling, tell them your thoughts. If you don't feel they get it - look them in the eye and say to them - Mom, Dad "this is serious".
Then tell the nurse if they didn't react....she will help.

No need to be embarrassed. Millions of people struggle w/ depression. It's not a sign of weakness, poor character, or a lack of strength. It is a documented medical condition.

Please know that there is a difference between depressive episodes and clinical depression. Practically everyone has the blues once in a while. A doctor is able to determine if this is a short-term or long-term condition and what treatment if any is needed.

If you are tight w/ your parents, that's definitely a plus. You're their child; they shouldn't look down on you and will probably want to help you. Just find a moment when they won't be distracted and tell them you want to talk. Then be honest about your feelings and tell them why you think this is true. Explain you would just like to be evaluated to make sure this isn't something serious. I'm sure they will be supportive.

I wish you well. Take a deep breath and do it. If you put off taking this first step, you'll probably get even more depressed!

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