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Nothing's Forever
How can I treat my depression without taking drugs?

You need to do activities that will promote the creation of serotonin. These include laughing (so try watching funny movies), spending time in the sun, keeping to a normal sleep schedule of less than 9 hours a night(and getting up in the morning hours), and exercising. There is also an herbal supplement called St. Johns Wort that acts in the same way a prescription medication would that you might try. If you do so, I recommend seeking the advice of an herbalist.

OK, I agree with all the answers about taking exercise, healthy diet etc. - BUT, if you're feeling very low then you may not have the motivation, or the energy, to get yourself out and about or prepare decent meals? You don't say anything about how long you have been suffering, whether you have been diagnosed with clinical depression, or whether you simply feel yourself to be low in mood. If it's been diagnosed, don't write off prescription drugs altogether - it may be that you need to use them as a temporary crutch to get over the worst - but also look into 'talking therapies'. If it is true depression, then you need to be willing to look deep to find the cause(s) and to work hard at learning how to manage them, so that it is YOU who controls THEM and not the other way around. Don't take too much notice of the answer re. thinking about all the people worse off than you ......... yeah, ok, there are plenty of those but, if you're anything like I was, then you do actually have to spend some time looking after yourself, and to be reminded that there are others 'worse off than you' simply piles on the guilt. Once you have conquered your own depression, THEN you will have the energy, the compassion, the empathy etc. to face the problems of others. As well as therapy, try to find a bunch of people who will accept you for who you are, without judging you (for me, it was my local Buddhist Centre, where I also learnt meditation which can have a very beneficial effect). Whatever you do, be kind to yourself, take good care of yourself and go seek some help.............. I wish you well!

There are several adjustments that you can make to help with treating your depression without drugs but as a person myself who takes no drugs at all, I would recommend the medication.

I've taken many differnt antidepressants over the last 20 years. I started on Prozac, and it worked for a while, then it didnt anymore....have been on Celexa, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor (thats the WORST to stop cold turkey), Wellbutrin, and now on Cymbalta.
I would like to get off of these too, and have looked into alternative means of relieving depression.
Here's what I learned:
Caffeine and sugar can aggravate your depression.
Get more exercise - it raises feel good endorphins in your brain.
get omega-3 fatty acids in your diet (Mackerel, anchovies, salmon) or take fish oil pills.
Get sunlight.....it causes an absorption of vitamin D which you may be lacking, even if you take vitamins. I've read that you need to get sunlight on the backs of your knees, since they dont get much sun exposure. (weird I know)
Take a multivitamin. take extra B vitamins, especially B6 and B12
You may also try St Johns wort, but it is not for everyone.

These are all the physical things you can do to aleviate your depression. I assume you have a therapist as well as doctor, so be sure you are dealing with underlying issues that can be causing your depression.
Stay positive!!!

There is an herb in health food stores called St. John's Wort. It is good for depression.

im not a doctor but the best thing to do is find something that makes you laugh and makes you feel happy inside yourself.
Don't let people be negative around you as this will bring you down as well.
Go for a walk by the beach or the country or watch a stand up comedy.
May be you have a friend you can talk to who is not family connected.Try and give your self sometime for you.

Pets are a great way to start especially if you are really low.
Eating properly and exercise are probably the best general ways.

When I was low, I found getting out and volunteering helped, only a little bit, just enough to get me out of the house and feel i was doing something useful.

Exercise, eat healthy, and find a good (not bad or harmful) outlet. I write poetry or draw when I'm depressed.

Excercise (like an easy bike ride) always makes me feel good. It worked before I took antidepressants too.

fi fi
the right food combined with exercise should help. buy a small trampoline to jump up and down on, its good fun. Some vitamins help but you would need ask a professional to make sure you take the right ones. going out and mixing with friends and family will help even though you might not feel like it now. if you have a problem that has triggered your depression talk with a counselor, good luck.

They say that if you work out that can help. Exercising de stresses you so it will make things seem better.

I hope this helps

be strong mentally and pray.

Think of all the good things you have in life, compared to other people who have constant suffering, no food etc, like in 3rd world countries, and then you may realise that there is nothing to be depressed a bout... you only live once!

Two options here a healthy one and a unhealthy one and I aint gonna tell you what to do cos life is about freedom of choice!

option 1 - eat chocolate, ice cream all the naughty stuff the sugar will make u feel great........this is probably temporary tho.

option 2 - join a gym excersise makes u feel great, and improves your mindset and mood you'll start to see improvements in your body and you'll gain confidence and become more cheerful.

just thought of an option 3
just get yourself out and about and around some positive thinking friends, everybody needs a role model whateva age they are, surround yourself with ppl who have a can do will do attitude, u can get yourself up again might take time so dont expect miracles, do somethin u used to enjoy doin but give up, set yourself reachable targets/goals break all ur problems down and beat them one at a time rather than pondering and looking at them all at once and not knowing where to start. you'll be ok, we all at some point feel really down, I wish you all the best and hope ur smiling again soon

hairy armpits
overcoming depression
[email protected]

techno mentalist
plenty of socialising, gives you less time to think. positive attitude goes a long way.

Daily exercise and keep your mind occupied.

Fader's Girl
maybe doing a hobbie or joining a gym, speaking to a councillor too.

To feel better, you want to release endorphins in your brain. Sometimes exercise helps. I always feel better when I go for a run.

exercise is meant to help, and keping yourself busy, talking to someone is meant to be good as well.

katerina m
Hi there.
first of all you have to see a doctor. He will tell you if your depression has to do only with a specific event (for example, a death) or if it was always in your DNA (sorry, maybe my english are not so good) and now has just become visible. I believe that even if you want to treat your depression generally without taking drugs, for the first period it would be better to have the help of an anti-depression drug. In any case, for sure find a good doctor to help you. good luck and do not worry!

Lots and Lots of Abba and Bee Gees.

Seriously listen to any of their songs and you can't help but tap your foot to the music and singalong.
Even if you are not a big fan there is just something about their music you just have to move to it.

Hope you fell better soon.

so Fresh
Eat right.
No drinking.
Make yourself groom daily.

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