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 i feel so depressed but dont want help?
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 do i need help to stop cutting?
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 I don't known what to do...?
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Manda ♥
How can I stop cutting myself ?
I started cutting again the other night. I have everything I want except one thing: Jake .. how can I get him and stop cutting?

you cant get some one who does not want to be with you and cutting wont change that.. try ice therapy instead of cutting and seek some professional support. You are not alone and will get the support you need, but you need to ask for that help?

helen g
I don't know how you can get Jake, but maybe if you drive out to the middle of no-where in the middle of the night and shout and scream that would releave some tension. You are cutting because you won't let yourself feel the hurt in the "normal" way. Maybe just try to make yourself cry. Have a wee (like two shots) bit of brandy, chop an onion, watch a sad film, and feel the tears flow.

Longer term, I think cognitive therapy can convince you that cutting is not the best way out. Before you cut, think about the fact that it will take ages to heal, that people will see and think you are odd, that it doesn't actually solve anything. Congratulate yourself for not cutting. Give yourself a nice prize, like a danish pastry, or a session at a beauty salon.

Getting out of the self harm cycle can be very difficult indeed and you will probably need a lot of love and support and professional help and advice.

One thing that councillors sometimes advise is using an elastic band. Put one loosely around your wrist or ankle and when you feel the need to self harm snap this against your skin. You will get the pain, but not the harmful effects from cutting.

Try and find yourself some help and support. And PLEASE don't listen to some of the people on here who have nothing better to do than make cruel comments. They are not even worth the time given to read them.

lori b
you need to go and get some help.asking on here is not going to make it better.obviously you are really depressed.you need to go talk to someone,and stop cutting yourself.all your hurting is you

Cutting is a sign of deep depresion, wanting to harm yourself is a cry for help. The only way you will stop is to get help and address the problem thats causing this.

Go seek medical advice or take yourself down to the hospital and plead with them that you need immediate help.

Pink monkey bird
Think carefully about why you're doing this. If you think about it well enough, you should come up with something like the following.
1) You cut yourself because you want to.
2) You want to because it seems to you that this pain relieves
some other pain (in your case, thinking about Jake).
3) This pain is because you view your situation as disastrous.
4) You view your situation as disastrous because your
perceptions are warped. You don't need me to tell you that
there are people in the world whose lives are so much

The basis of depression is that there is something you want and you believe it a tragedy that you don't/can't have it.

Obviously there are two ways you can fix this: obtaining what you want, and changing your thinking about it. It is easier to do the second option, and doing so will help you to overcome similar problems in the future.

So, you can stop youself every time you think something about your situation being tragic or get someone to do that for you, see a GP or psychologist or other professional who can help you, or buy a self-help book. Either way, make sure you do something about it.

The question is, why do you cut yourself? Why torture yourself like that? Forget about Jake, you need counseling!

Hi there, first thing is well done for sharing your experience with us. A lot of people would just hide it from everyone. Although I am not saying its a good thing either. You must stop self harming. I managed to stop years ago and have not done it since. It will be hard and creep into your mind to do it, but you have to be strong and do not give in. Cutting your self will not get you Jake ....would he want to see you hurt your self like that?? Have a chat with Jake and see what he would like, if he would like to be with you, if not then be brave and move on. I know it is extremely hard when you want someone but cant have them, it will get easier the more you become stronger. If people who love you saw what you do to your self think about how upset they will be that you feel that you need to hurt yourself. Do you do it to punish yourself,to get others attention, or something else? You need to ask yoursself why!!!! I did it to punish myself but I realised after a long time that i actually wasnt acheiving anything by doing it and everyone else was up set about me doing it too. Hope all works out for you x

Huggles [mozzafan]
OMG,dont do that,i used to do that on my legs and i got a high from it,but it was painfull ,tell your mum ,i did ,weell she discovered them on my legs,still got the scars,she was annpyed but concerned and dont ruin your body ,just for some boy ,i know boyfriend might seem the most important thing in your life but their are plenty of men ,to go around and that stupid saying,the good ones are all married ,its not true,dont it anymore,it a problem ,not a hobby,if you cut your self you might cut a blood vessel and blled to death

You are not special, everyone feels pain. Get over you self and stop cutting!

Saskia M
You need to sort this out...go and see your GP..he can refer you to somebody who will listen to you without judging and be helpful and sympathetic.

its common to do this but you have to STOP.

Jake is not worth it, plenty more fish in the sea. To be attractive you have to be calm, cool and confident not cutting yourself

I am so sorry that you feel that this is something that you need to do. Please try to find a way to tell someone you trust, if you can go to your doctor then that would be great. Harming yourself is a really harsh way to treat yourself. If you want to be in a relationship with anyone else (like Jake) then you need to love yourself first, and if you love someone then you don't cut them. Take care of yourself.

you dont stop cutting for someone else, you have to do it for yourself

talk to some one... your best friend, even a therapist.

i used to do it to...
i had to change myself. a lot.
its all mentally, how you change

don't let it get to bad. or it will progressinto something like suicide.
i know.

Jake or any other person is not worth the emotional pain you're going through. And those scars will be a turnoff for future guys. Get a grip and some help. We're pulling for you.

The Golden Child
Jake doesn't sound that special to me.

Someone else will come along. I can't understand how girls can get upset about this stuff because it's so easy for them to get guys.

Stop using sharp instruments. If you have to feel pain try something blunt that won't scar you and look rank.

liz r
you need help now plenty out there counselling avaliable contact you doc and he will help talk to a friend

if jake is the only reason you are self harming then he is not the one you want. please do seek help with the cutting and please make sure any wounds you have are kept clean to avoid infections.

it's something that's really hard to stop - maybe getting professional help would be useful? that is, if you're not already. quitting self-harm is like quitting drugs, it won't happen overnight, and relapses are to be expected, it doesn't mean you've failed.

good luck, i hope you feel better soon.

dave p
see your GP s.a.p.

well you will find someone a lot better then jake. don't worry about him. if it was meant to be you will be with him if not, you will be with who YOU need. i go through this like every few months when i want someone but i dont cut myself. its not worth goin to hell over. and if you dont believe in hell then its not worth endin your life for. who knows you might be famous next week or you might discover the cure for cancer or aids. NO man is worth that sweetie

You need to seek professional help, that is the only way. I wish you the best.

Stop using scissors or knives, you are obiously very unstable. Get help

It may cause damage that you will regret for the rest of you life. So please don't hurt yourself anymore. NO ONE is worth for you doing that. You are responsible for your own life and well being. Take care.

Get help and realize how much your worth. No Jake person can give you what you need.... respect for yourself, security, and love of life. Find support groups and talk to family and friends. Life is a gift and no matter how hard it gets.....you have the choice to change it no one else.

Lauren A
Talk to your friends and the people that care about you. Sometimes it's good to go on the internet for advice, because more than anywhere else you're able to be anonymous, but sweetheart, it sounds like you need a hug and none of us can do that here.

Self harm is often tied up with control - you're hurting over Jake, you're emotions are going awol and you feel like you've lost control of yourself and what you can do, so you decide to take back some control by controlling physical pain.

You are stronger than you think - and if you don't want to do it anymore, then think about what you're doing before you do it again. There are other ways of dealing and more positive things you can do.

Take care honey, and look after yourself.


Forget Jake. Hide the razor blades.

First off, ignore the many ignorant responses above. You have a serious problem and need to get help. Have you spoken to a friend or a member of your family about this? Try talking to someone about your feelings. The advice they give will help you to get through this but it sounds like you really need to see a doctor. This is a very common problem and there are professional people who will help you. There are also groups out there where you can go to talk to other people who self-harm.

Good luck.

Sweetie, go get counseling right now. My son used to cut. You can get help. Jake is irrevlevant to why you cut. See if your school has a psychologist or look into free services in your area. Or post another question asking people to give you places to get help free. Just please get professional help now.

Put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you want to cut. It hurts, so it provides a lot of the same release, but it doesn't damage your body like cutting does. That usually works for me.

Take whatever you'd normally use to cut yourself, and cut a piece of cardboard instead. The back of a notepad works well, or an old cardboard box. Or if you don't have any cardboard around, several sheets of paper should do.

Another thing that only works if you don't cut very deep is put a bandaid wherever you'd normally cut and then cut that instead of your skin. You have to be careful not to cut the skin under it, though. It sounds weird, but cutting it is kind of the same consistencey as cutting your skin, and you can kind of feel the motion of the knife through the bandaid but it doesn't do any damage. Plus ripping the bandaid off after hurts, so that's the rubber band thing again.

Some other things I've heard are squeeze an ice cube in your hand when you want to cut, or hold it against your skin wherever you normally cut. Same idea as the rubber band. I've never tried that one though - gets everything all wet.

Another thing is start keeping a diary, and write or draw what you're feeling when you want to cut. That one's never worked for me (I can never get myself to focus on it), but a lot of people find it helps.

Finally, in addition to whatever else you do, talk to a therapist. Ultimately, the things I listed are short-term fixes, but the best way to quit cutting is to figure out what's causing you to cut and fix it. Plus, a therapist might prescribe antidepressents or other pills depending what's going on for you that would make it easier to stop cutting by fixing what's making you unhappy or stressed in the first place.

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