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the capybara
How are you supposed to work when you suffer from severe depression?

oh get over it ya big panzy!

Put down the bottle! your an alcoholic, fix that first then re-evaluate your depression.

I work for a Mental Health service and would question if you have been diagnosed with severe depression why you have not been admitted to a mental health ward for treatment

george b
sounds to me like a severe. not wanting to work at all to me

I think many of us experience depression at times and still get on with our lives - we live with it, as we will be depressed whether we are at work or not. (And that includes me). At least at work you have company, something else to think about and can earn enough to try to follow your interests. But for some people it does affect the ability to work, and the change in government benefit policy is causing them a lot of worry (someone very close to me is in that situation).
My advice is to look upon anything that may help someone back to work as a positive thing, but if they really can't manage it then involve CAB and get a report from GP.

♥ ♥ Cockney Sparra
Get the depression treated and under control with high dose Prozac.

For your information, 1 in 4 UK adults are depressed but they just get on with it. Work itself makes a lot of people depressed, the daily commute, unfairness at work, bullying etc etc.

You need to treat the root cause of the depression.

John E
Depression can be quite serious but more common than you think. (I suffer from a touch of manic Depression.) I make DVDs, and last year I produced a DVD on Depression presented by a Consultant Psychiatrist friend of mine who had recognised that many people didn't understand depression and its myths, etc. His DVD certainly clears away the myths, and it's in everyday no-jargon language. If interested, it's called "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Depression" by Dr Darryl Britto and you can get it either at www.timetrappers.com or from www.Uniview.co.uk. You can watch a 3-minute Preview at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce1viJ7zqCU
Cheers and think good thoughts.

i've been signed unfit to work for 2 years so far due to severe depression...and an eating disorder.
i've been on 2 sorts of anti-depressants, but nether have helped me.
i see my gp every mth...my social worker [who acting like a counsellor atm] every week...i've seen a therapist...i'm waiting to see a psychologist.
so far nothing has helped me.
please seek help.
if you are unable to cope with work then get your dr to sign you unfit to work.
it's an illness just like any other.
working can make you feel much worse.

severe depression can put your life on hold.
it stops you having a life.
some people don't understand that.
they wont unless it happens to them.
just cause you haven't been in a psych' ward it doesn't mean you're not severe.

you're very welcome to contact me.

You could work from home maybe

I do, and I keep a job for about 3 months at a time, then I can't take it any more and I quit..most recently I was laid off due to economy.

If i was you , i would be seeking out medical advice , for this depression , and do it now not , get yourself more depressed , just say to yourself I ca and will seek medical advice about the depression i have

Just do the best you can.

Top Cat
you need to see a doctor (psychiatrist) and have them prescribe you something to help you deal with it, I've known people with this problem that work

if you do not get the help needed and then use it an an excuse then you are just using this as an excuse not to work

1 Wild and Crazy Guy
A lot of us do it everyday. You just have to learn to be a good actor. Don't discuss how you feel at work. Unless the person is going through at the same time they don't want to hear it and won't understand. All the world is a stage. Don't feel alone. The people sitting beside you probably have bigger issues.

I have no clue. I suffer from severe depression myself and am currently out of work, have to start a job on Thursday and I am having severe anxiety over it. I don't know how I am going to do it. I am going back to work because I have to. People who don't have this disorder will never truly understand and make a joke of it. I feel for you, and hope that you are seeing a good counselor who can help you out.

Cold Hard BEUFP
I don't know. I have been trying to do it for the past couple of months and it's starting to take its toll on me. I've sought help but I'm not really sure what's going to happen to me. Maybe I need to shorten my hours at work . . . nobody seems to understand how this is affecting me and the rest of my life.

I guess you just have to try and manage. If you want somebody to talk to, I'm here. If you'd like to share your progress with me, I'd like to know, from one depressive to another.

If you suffer from severe depression then you should be signed off by the doctor and get sick pay from your employer or incapacity benefit. It's an illness like any other.

Princess Paradox
Most people who suffer from severe depression don't work at all and need disability benefits to live.
There are people I've spoken to on depression forums that haven't worked for 10 years because they've been so ill with depression. People don't realise what a debilitating illness it really is

With a lot of determination. It's surprising what you can do when your welfare depends on it. I drag my butt out of bed every day no matter how miserable and hopeless I feel because I know if I don't I would lose my job, and then my insurance, my meds, and my apartment. I'm not special, so if I can do it, anyone can. Trust me, I know how deep depression feels.


When it is that severe you can't! It is impossible!

I was told many years ago by my doctor that I needed to work to "Get through it"
I used to go- My friend would phone me in the morning to wake me up, I would get dressed with anything that was available, and sometimes didn't wash!
When I did get to work (in an office) I used to look at the paperwork and wonder what it was! and used to look around the office wondering how could all these people be so calm, when I am in such a state!

You need calm, quiet, space to start of with. Gradually doing a little thing every day. Making sure you take your medication and talking to professionals is a must.

You need to know that you will get better and that all this will pass!!!!!!!

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