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Hey I'm a cutter I have?
been cutting for awile I wan't to quite but I am addicted and I've had thoughts of suicide does cutting have an affect on the thoughts of suicide. I need some one to help me through this and I can't tell my parents and I don't have a school counseler I don't know how to drive and I'm 17 if that helps sorry I g2g

Aaron B
Yeah just cutt


Do you really think your life is over at 17??? Come on now, get real. Your just a puppy who hasn't even begun to live yet. And your thinking of killing a puppy? Grow up!!! There are a whole lot of others on this planet who have it far worse than you. So stop it! Have you ever been to a third world country??? I have. I've seen hungry children naked in dirty streets begging for food (and yes, I helped them best as I was able to). You have oppertunities they will never expierence...so stop whinning!!!!!!!!!

just dont do it. why do you cut? How do your parents not see it! stop!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa
Get some immediate medical attention, go to the emergency room, call an ambulance, GET HELP NOW!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes cutting does have an effect on suicide i have many friends who are girls that cut and they told me they have thought of suicicide even tho its stupid, just stop cutting i know you can and if you can just go to the school phycologist for help...

Do you have any friends?? Maybe you want to talk to them about it!! Just keep the knife as far away from you as possible!! Remember...you are hurting your own body!! Also you can mail me at [email protected] !!

I don't know if cutting yourself leads to suicide, I have never done it, but please get help. If you don't want to let your parents know, there is always the hotline number you can call to get help. You can also go to a friend and see if they can help you out with your problem, but either way killing yourself is not an option!

Rangers♥ Young has the record :)
Send me a message ([email protected]) and I will talk to you. I know what your going through. :)

its kinda pathetic that ur telling people you cut yourself on the internet. i think you know what everyone is gonna say:
omg you cut yourself? that is sooo stupid. why would you hurt yourself. its not making anything better? blah blah balh. i garuntee a bunch of people replying are gonna say.
well i agree but im pretty sure thats not gona change your mind.
i have never cut myself so i cant really give advice based on myself. sorry. i dont understand why anyone does it.

anywaysss you shoudl rea dthe book cut. its not like i book to make you stop or anything i just think youd like it.
so wait let me get this straight-ur asking other people if cutting yourself makes you more suicidal? wouldnt the only person that knows if you're suicidal is you.
theres nothing else i can really say other than i really would suggest you stop. nothing good ever comes out of it. if anything it makes you feel worse. cuz ur always trying to avoid it from your parents and such.
my best bet is talk to your friends about it.

I was in your situation last week. Self harm is closely related to suicide, go to your doctor before it's too late. I had a year long battle with SH but now my parents know about it. It was so hard to tell them, I was wishing I was dead while telling them but I'm so glad I did. Now I'm going to get the proffecional help I need. Please tell your parents then go to your doctor. It will help, no matter how bad you expect it to be, it's somethng you need to do. It's a horrible thing to do but it's really worth it. If you need to talk please email me on this or on my hotmail address [email protected] Try this site to find out more about self harm http://www.channel4.com/health/microsites/0-9/4health/mind/wwr_selfharm.html < it's really good, just paste it into your address bar. I really hope this helps. Good luck :D ! x

Wind Chime
Yes, every action affects how your mind processes subsequent actions so cutting makes other forms of self harm more likely.

So you need to substitute a positive action with this negative one so that it cannot spiral out of control. For example, tell a close friend about the problem and get their permission to call them. Then everytime you might cut call, say simply "hello friend, I love you, bye". Even if you call again in a few minutes, call anyway.

You are substituting a negative action for a positive. But realize this, until you are willing to talk about it with your parents you will probably only have minimal success.

Your parents are pretty darn central to who you are. By hiding this from them you are making it a more central part of your identity than they are, which is giving it a H*LL of a lot of power. But if you tell your parents you are bumping it down the ladder of importance and stealing some of its power away.

BTW. The substitution thing will work, as long as you find something that is really positive, and that can be done at almost any time of day or night. Perhaps a hug from a parent, perhaps prayer, perhaps quoting Bible verses or poetry. (*as long as the poetry is positive*)

I hope this helps. And I hope that when you turn 18 you will come over here and marry me. OOPS. did I say that out loud?

Gardener for God(dmd)
Cutting is way that some people find relief from tension and bottled up anger or sadness. It is in no way a healthy thing to be doing. Read this article:

Do you find yourself abusing your body when you're feeling bad? If so, you are not alone. The Mental Health Foundation of the UK estimates self-harm "affects at least 1 in 15 young people."

"Cutting" is a serious and dangerous condition that should be taken seriously, and not ignored. The following tips might help you stop the cycle, but if you feel you need professional help, then do not be ashamed to seek it! In addition to steps you can take towards self-healing, you'll also find a list of helpful sites.
Keep a hotline number with you at all times. When you feel the urge to cut, pick up the phone and call the hotline. Crisis Hotline staff are trained to provide support and offer you alternatives to cutting yourself. However, you should remember that a professional crisis clinician will be clear that it is NOT his or her job to "talk you out of" cutting yourself - you make your own choices, and you must take responsibility for cutting or not cutting. Do not be ashamed to ask for support when you need it, as this affliction affects people from all walks of life.
Remove cutting tools from your immediate area. If you have to take the time to look for something with which to cut yourself, you may find you have just given yourself enough time to deal with the impulse.
Scars remain foreverIdentify the 'trigger' that gives you the urge to cut. The moment you have the urge to cut, stop and think of what has just occurred. Remember it and try to avoid these situations! When they do occur, try to create another outlet. Walk away, eat ice cream, take a shower or bubble bath, go out for a jog, go for a swim, call a friend for coffee at the local coffeehouse but do not cut.
As soon as you feel the urge to cut yourself, take a deep breath, fold your arms, close your eyes and relax. Tell yourself that you are not going to cut. If possible, lie down somewhere. Stay like this until the urge goes, then quickly phone a helpline or use another means of getting help.
Find another way to vent. Cutting is a way to release some type of pain or frustration. Try painting, writing about your feelings, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or playing a sport. Try anything you can (as long as it's legal and healthy) to stop the urge to cut.
Release the pain without cutting by using your voice. Talk to someone--a doctor, teacher, friends, your parents if you can. You will be surprised how relieved you will feel after you talk about it. If you chose a doctor or a counselor, they can get you the help you need to heal the underlying cause. Speak out loud about what is causing you so much pain. Talk about it - even to yourself, in the privacy of your bedroom. Yell or scream - anything to release the tension inside of you - but do not cut.
Help yourself by imagining that you are your best friend. If she was just about to cut herself, what would you say to stop it?
Recognize that cutting is just the symptom of a root problem. Follow the above steps to stop yourself from cutting, but also seek help from a doctor, parent, or counsellor to address the deeper problems that make you want to cut in the first place.

Ask your guidance counselor if your school has a weekly group session. If they do, join it, it will help you make it through your situations and tough times. If your school doesn't have a group, then start one by talking to your school counselor about starting a group to be held after school. If you are not in school, you can start a group yourself or find an existing group locally usually through local crisis centers and clinics. You can place printed ads in your school and in public places. This in itself can be therapeutic.
If you cannot stop yourself from hurting yourself, make sure you use clean blades to prevent infection, and take good care of the wounds by cleaning them.
If you have no one to talk to, get a tape recorder and talk into it. The pain will be released, and you might not need to cut to feel relief. You can also release your feelings by writing poetry or raps, painting, or other art forms.
Cutting is as much an addiction as smoking or alcohol. Stop it one day at a time, or one moment at a time. Give yourself time and determination to stop.
Your cutting may stem from a natural inclination to deal with stress in a physical way. Turn this into a good thing by exercising or cleaning the house when stressed. Not only will you feel better about yourself, you will feel great about the weight you lost, muscle you gained, room you just cleaned, or the bathtub you just scrubbed.
If you cut yourself out of a need to take control of your appearance, try drawing on yourself with washable markers. Draw the war paint you need to do battle against your sadness.
You may want to look up a twelve step program like Self Mutilators Anonymous, or a support group and see when and where they meet in your area.
If someone you know is cutting themselves, it is important that you reach out to them and help them find out what led them down the road to cutting in the first place.
Talking to another person is the best way to get help, but if you do not feel comfortable with that try journaling about your feelings.
Think about how it will affect your relationships with others.
Think about whether or not this is where you want to be 10 years from now.
If you have stopped cutting, and would like to hide the scars, buy theatrical makeup, in a color close to your skin, and use it when you wear short sleeves. I know for a fact that this works.
When you have stopped, and find that the school teachers or students make fun of you, I would suggest that you speak to a Counsellor, and ask her to assist you in starting a Cutters group at school. I am sure that there are many more, who are trying to hide the fact.
One of the best ways to vent anger is to take up a martial art. Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Judo, Ju-Jitsu... Any form of physical martial art will do.
You can even put pictures of family members that you love where you keep the things you use to cut with. Look at the pictures and see who you would be leaving behind...if you tried to kill yourself.*

Self-mutilation can lead to infections and permanent scars.
Cutting is dangerous. It is NOT out of the realm of possibility that you may accidentally hit an artery and possibly bleed to death.
The visual effects of the cuts could inflict pain on the people you love such as friends and family.
Cutting is often addictive.
People love you, both friends and family. You need to go to at least one of them and tell them what you are going through. It will be the first step you will take on the road to feeling better.
Internet forums and online cutter forums are often counter-productive to helping the cutter overcome their problem. Most often these forums only serve to encourage the behavior. Be wary of forums that encourage you to post photographs of your scars or injuries in exchange for praise and/or encouragement.

I believe you have what is called borderline personality disorder. or something similar to it. There are places you can call or go to for help. If you tell your parents about this I don't think they will be upset the way you think. They will be worried though. Also cutting is not really associated with suicide. Cutting is usually done to feel pain so you know your still alive. because you have a hard time expressing your feelings. Also suicide is the cowards way out of life because they are too scared to deal with their problems and get help. If you don't kill your self you are VERY brave. please get some help soon. If you want to talk I have my contact info on here. Follow the link below to see if you follow the criteria for BPD.

My niece was a cutter and over a whole summers time somehow I managed to get her to stop,well, shall I should say, she stopped I was just there for when those times got too tough to fight off.Maybe I could offer you some kind of help, I don't know you or your complete situation but I'm willing to try.I know in these days it hard to be a kid and the stress of the world sometimes can be too much but I also know that this is not what God or anyone else,including yourself, had in mind for you. Feel free to e-mail!!

yeah suicidal thoughts do affect cutting...i think it would be best to tell a friend that you know you can trust becuz us all on the internet can't do much without knowing you as a person..but there are so much things to live for and you are 17 your almost an adult then you can do what you want and experience that part of life why would you want to miss all that..stop cutting and live life is the best i can tell you

Hailey L
i know waht you are going through.... plenty of people close to me have been cutters.... let me try to help you out. first, ask yourself "why am i doing this?" it can help you stop. try and find the root of the problem. is it family problems? school? friends? drugs? also, you can try to find a hobby. this usually helps, because this is what i got all of my friends to do when they went through this... find something that really sparks your imagination. art, biology, physics.... maybe a sport or doing a little bit of gardening. find something that you truly enjoy.
i am so truly sorry that you have to go through this. i know it's really hard to go through, so i wish you good luck and best wishes. you may contact me if you need further help.

You know what Im an ex cutter and its a hard thing to battle. try to stop I understand that it haunts your mind. escpecially when you are upset. Tell your parents. I know thats going to sound stupid and loony but think about the trust you would gain and the responsibility you would show them by saying "Mom Dad I have a problem and I need help" that is the best thing you can do for everyone. I honestly know the battle and all I can do is suggest the wrongs I wish I could right. Right now Im ok. I found a man who is 31 who I like and I really care for him I told him my problem and ever since I havnt cut. Im not saying go get a man Im just saying find a motivation not to cut. Goodluck!

From what I know about it, it's a very serious condition that needs a professional to help you stop. I'm sure, if it is left untreated that it could very easily lead to thoughts of suicide. This is one reason it needs to be stopped ASAP.

You're going to have to tell your parents so they can get you into a treatment program.

God is with you dear. But you've got to take the first step toward treatment.

Shelly t
17 is one of the hardest ages. Please understnand that cutting is an illness. When you cut your body realease's endorphins. So your body is craving endorphins. cutting does not cause suicide. depression causes suicide and cutting. Many people have been helped and you can too. I can understand that some parents are not helpful to children. I don't know if this is your case. Are you afraid to tell them because you think they will be mad at you? Or because they won't care? If you think they will be mad at you then this is the best reason to tell them. That means they love you and will do anything to help you. If not them how about a grandmother, auntie, uncle, cousin. Please get help soon. before your body gets worse. an additiction only gets worse because each time your body cries out for more. Or in your case more often. i do understand that counsilers at the school are not much but there maybe an older teacher there with some compasion to help you...

you should tell your parents even though it may be hard. they could help you stop or help you get help.

Get Help. Tell your parents - they will be more concerned and scared than mad! You may not have a school counselor, but what about a teacher you can trust? They are there to help students, not just with an education but to succeed in life and be happy! You need to stop cutting right now. It will only add to your depression.

OK I am not going to sit here and tell you to get help and to stop cutting because I have been dealing with this since I was 13 it is not easy to just stop or just to up and tell people about what you are doing. After nine years of doing it I have just recently opened up to a friend about it. As far as trying to control it I don't know what starts yours. But when I start I try to get up and occupy myself no that doesn't always work but depending on my mood it can ease it and stop me sometimes. I know its hard to deal with but I can try to help you out as much as i can just email me with any [email protected]

Best of luck

Black Sheep Boy
seek help from a psychiatrist, or wikihow has a section on how to stop.

Tell your parents. They may not be as mad if you ask for their help and sympathy.

Honey, I'm so sorry. OK you know you need help. The question is how to get it. You can call a help line if you need immediately assistance and if you do, please don't hesitate to call. Thoughts of suicide are a call for help and should be listened too. If you can't tell your parents what your specific problem is tell them you're not feeling well and could you schedule a Dr.'s appointment for you.
If this still seems to hard then you call the Dr. yourself and ask him to help you. I am sure he will speak to you on the phone.
How about school? You don't need to have a special counselor.
See the nurse and ask her to schedule you an appointment with the school psychologist. She will do that for you. It would also be done in confidence so that should relieve some anxiety. If you don't have a school nurse who is your guidance councilor. Everyone attending school has one. Again, speak to them in confidence and they will get you the help you need.
Good luck to you.

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