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 Is this normal for a teenager to go through?
im 16 yrs old and for the past 3 years i've been really depressed. Its gotten so bad in the last year that i actually tried to comment suicide a couple of times but was too scared to do it.

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₪ • Leena • ₪
Help me I want to kill myself!!?
I know its really bad, but I truly hate my life. I hate where I live, I hate my family we always have problems and there is hardly anything to eat in our apartment which is gross and noisy, I hate school I am doing crappy because I can't study at home, I DESPISE GYM CLASS especially because everyone picks on me and nobody talks to me, I have such a little bit of friends, and I have heard from many people that in several classes people talk **** about me and always say that I am really shy and stuff and I hate it I wish I can hang out with a bigger group of friends, I always fight with my brothers and sisters,I have social anxiety and depression and I feel like I am constantly being judged by other people, and I do not enjoy going to high school like everyone else, I am constantly breaking out on my forehead, I feel ugly, unloved, and disgusting. I tried talking to a psychiatrist and it didn't help for ****, and sometimes I talk to my mom and I feel better but then i just feel sad again. I know the situation will be worse if I killed myself but I truly hate how I live and I am screwed up and I feel that there is no hope for me. I don't know what the hell to do, I just wanna die all the time. I use to love writing and drawing and everything but it all just went away, I lost interest in those activities and sometimes I feel like there is no God, even though I know he is there. Help me please what do I do, I am desperate for help! I don't know. I am so stupid.

Re- Think the situation, consult a school counsellor, they always help trust me ive had this situation on my hands many times before, until once i thought it was the end , i spoke to a helpline, and now im happy.

I am stupid too. it's okay.

and, don't commit suicide kid..really...it destroys everything..

Taking your life is never the answer.
Just think of how your family would react, it would break their hearts.

If you can't study at home, go to the local library, or even just a local park.

Also, just remember that it won't always be like that, for example, many hollywood actors have had poor childhoods and look what they have done with their lives. You just have to really want a better life & take the step in achieving it.

Hope that helps ♥

Kobe's Wifey
I use to feel that way and i tried a couple of times. the only thing i got out of is that i hurt the loved ones i cared about. when you do something to yourself it affects everyone who cares about you and that is just being selffish. I think you really need to talk to someone. you just need someone to talk to because not everyone will understand what your going through right now. so if you had someone to listen so you could open up i think that would help you. if you would like to talk by emailing me i would be happy to listen to you

First N
Suicide doesn't change anything. Only you can. I'm sure if you reach out to someone you know and tell them you're at your breaking point and make no bones about it, help will come. Ask a friend if you can study at their house. When your at school and at gym class, think positive. People will respond to your positive energy. Be an inspiration to them. When people see that you can overcome adversity, and you absolutely can, they will respect you. When they see that you won't stand for people being mean to you and bullying you, they will respect you. Respect will lead to new friendships. And they will be of the truest kind. Friendships based on looks or social status don't last and they are not healthy. The friendships you have potential to develop will last a lifetime and they will be a positive influence on everyone. Please, never ever give up hope. The spring of hope flows eternally.

schools have counselors, maybe trying try talking to one of them and they'll keep it private. I was in your situation back in 9th grade, but i pulled it around. maybe you can find a private school somewhere those are always better than public schools. I hated public school. i just enedd up going to a private school run by a bunch of hippies and they really helped me put a good slant on life. i've come to realize hat yes life sux sometimes, but it's our disposition and attitude towards it that makes it better. You really need to try to not let others get to you, its hard i know when you have to be around it every damn day bt for the sake of you and your family you shoudl really try hard to look past the small things and look at the bigger picture. as for studying see if you can join some study groups to help and you may even make some better friends there. sounds like the friends you currently have aren't very good ones. the group you hang with makes all the difference. i'm praying for you, do the right things and work on bettering yourself. :-) your not stupid your a good person you can do this.

1ST PERSON IS RIGHT RE THINK THIS...OK FIRST OF ALL, WHY KILL YOURSELF?? YOU JUST LET THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE AND ALL THAT, JUST SIMPLY WIN OVER YOU..? maybe like most girls would say, you need a make over..you need to forget what happens in the family, it's just something to disturb your life, i know i've been through this... umm...what i did one day, was forget what people thought and stuff, and changed myself inside from top to bottom, I'm talking to people, i get involved i try to be funny and i am =P (make lots of people laugh) and in gym class, if you don't like it, try and hang with the teachers they can be best friends almost do what i did...I've changed, why can't you?? it's simple, and really it's...like...so easy, you may think and say...oh, yea really easy...but if you go and try and let yourself beat your nerves you can do this, talk, be social...change how you look i guess..ignore how your family acts...just...look at me, im so much happier, i love how i live, and I've changed. in just one year, I've had many friends, and im 20x happier now...change...do it for yourself...

please don't do anything to hurt your self i know your having a hard time right now but things will get better just remember your life is worth saving and you are loved

ok dont kill yourself, with the acne thing dont worry about it everyone has acne even the popular girls and guys in school the girls just cover it up with makeup. just wash your face every day to have cleaner skin, things will get better if you get involded in outside activities you can make friends that have the same interest as you. dont worry cause " everything is gonna be allright" see everyone even the stangers on yahoo andswer want you to get better dont worry.

Please don't kill yourself. Not many people liked going to high school. I didn't. People used to make fun of me too--not so much during high school, but I definitely was not popular. I always considered the unpopular people in high school to be the more interesting ones; to me, the ones that hung out in cliques seemed all the same, boring types of people. High school will be over in less than four years (which may seem like a long time, but trust me--it really is not), and then you can go to college where it will be much better.

Everyone talks about everyone else; you just have to learn to deal with it. Who cares what they say anyway? It always makes me wonder that some people can have such boring lives that they derive enjoyment out of talking **** about other people--you should feel sorry for them that their lives are so meaningless.

Why have you lost interest in writing and drawing? I love writing myself and wish I could spend more time on it. I used to draw too, but that also got cut out because of work and school unfortunately. I always admired artist-type people. Don't give up on those interests! Try to get it back.

Have you tried benzoyl peroxide for breaking out? My skin used to be pretty oily, but that cleared it right up (Get the gel-based kind as it works better); you can also try a product containing alpha-hydroxy--it's suppose to work to prevent acne too. If those don't work, try salicylic acid, that's suppose to help too. Acne's a tough nut to crack--it generally takes a few tries because it seems like different things work for different people.

But really don't give up. And you're not stupid either; many people hit low points in their life when they feel like there is no hope. You're not stupid for feeling that way (I sure know I have felt that way many times in my life). The important thing is to not cave in and just decide to end it all. Life is tough at times, but it does get better.

Cookie Lee
you've been alive this long dont let like that, theres a reason for you to be alive, if anyone wants to talk **** then stand up for yourslef dont let people push you around youll eather get respect or people will learn to leave you the **** alone, the longer you run the worse it getts, **** everyone n thr **** talkin

you sound like me.
try channeling yourself with music.
try having a talk with your closest friend.
sounds weird, but talk to a total stranger about this problem it actually works, as crazy as it may sound. but they sometimes have the biggest hearts & ears.

Secret F
Don't do it, sweetheart. When I was in high school, I felt the same way. Now I'm in college, and those things don't even matter anymore. Pimples are so temporary--you can go on prescription meds for them and they'll disappear. Social anxiety can be handled simply by making yourself go out and interact more with poeple. You are not ugly. Everyone, even models, feel ugly from time to time but I want you to go look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful. I love myself." Say it over and over until you believe it. If you don't find yourself beautiful first, how can you expect someone else to find you beautiful. Believe in yourself, and don't do anything drastic. Remember, the suicide hotline is open. Call them up. Someone will speak to you.

you need to be a trooper. There are plenty of people in the world who have it way worse and still live. this may sound harsh but you need to hear it. Be diffrent, first take a good look at yourself and clean your image up anyway to make yourself look better. Second branch out, you dont only have to make friends at school there are plenty of kids everywhere that you can become friends with. People who mess with you are only loosers who have nothing better to do. Try and have a bigger social life, a job would be good. THis gives you money for food and to spend onyourself to enjoy. Just remember killing yourself wont help just proves your weak and cant push through it.

Please Dont Kill Yourself.
Please Dont.
Its Not the Answer To Anything.
=] =]] =]]]
Try Smiling.
Dont Call Yourself Stupid Because You Are Not Stupid.
Please Dont.

Derek B
dont do it!

could u live with a relative and get a fresh start at a new school?

i know its bad for you but if u just wait a couple more years then u can be out of that apartment, away from ur family, and start a new life. u have a chance of living a happy life if u just stick it out a few more years but u have no chance of being happy if u choose suicide.
good luck

You need to go to this site, so they will actually communicate with you:


Its best if call ASAP.

Ashley M
Your not stupid. You just have a lot of built up feelings that you dont want to let out. I feel the same way you do. My mom only wants me for a child support check and my dad doesn't want me. I want to die everday too but then I think about people I love and that love me like my 4 year old brother and 1 month old sister. Me and my 17 year old sister are always at eachothers throats. People say **** about me too and say im shy and it bothers me alot. I am so self concious, and always feel ugly.
Just hang in there you will be able to get away when your 18. killing yourself won't help any sistuation

You first need confidence. If you think you are ugly then you can always change the way you look to improve yourself. If you break out then get acne cream or just good face wash and drink lots of water. Also if you can't study at home then go to the closet library or even the one in your school. I've experienced depression couple times throughout my life because of the pressure I get from my family but now I am doing okay because I realized I shouldn't care too much about anything. I find that if you care too much then you get more stress. Just take it easy and start drawing again. It takes up a lot of time and really helps in relieving strress.. Good luck

I have dealt with depression for a very long time and I've even gone through a number of Psychiatrist and therapist, too. I found out one thing through all that and that's not all Psychiatrist and therapist are equal, and sometimes it takes a while to find the right one for you. However, sometimes you do have to give them a chance, too. So, you can't pass judgment right away.

Generally speaking, Psychiatrist basically handle your medication management - it's why they usually don't spend too much time with you after your diagnoses. Most of the real work is done by you with the help of your therapist.

Anyway, as I was saying I saw a Psychiatrist and a therapist several years ago and I thought I was better, so I stopped seeing them. Unfortunately, I was wrong and and I didn't find out until I fell into a very deep depression and did try to kill myself around 3 + years ago now.

As a result, I ended up in the hospital, then when I got discharged I self-admitted into a behavioral hospital, where I was a resident for about a week. After that I self-admitted into their day program, where I attended classes from 9AM to 4PM M-F for almost 6 months. During that time I was still under the care of my new Psychiatrist and before I left the program I got setup with a private therapist associated with my Psychiatrist office. I am still on the same medication as I was 3 years ago, but I'm no longer suicidal like I was back then. I still suffer from depression and my other issues, but it's not quite as intense all the time or for as long.

If you are feeling suicidal and think you are going to act upon those feelings, then you need to get help imediately - even if it means going to the emergency room or calling 911. I don't know your age, but if you are real young you might want to let your parents know what's going on, because maybe they can help you.

I hope this helps.

first work on changing yuorself. if you hate it, change it. you will feel better. change schools and get a new start. you mum will understand if you ask.
maybe work out once in a while, it WILL make you feel better and fitter. join a soccer club, make new friends. go to the doctor he MIGHT give you anti depressants

please dont do anything stupid. dw it WILL get better

elbow grease 12gatchback
no your not stupid and yes killing your self wont help or even solve any thing. i also started like that when i was young i think when i was 9 -12, but i broke out from that habit doing things that i love 2 do like drawing(and other things that i love) also u mite be depress because u have no1 2 look up 2 that made me depress when my dad wasn't her(now he is and him being there helped me) its really great that your mom listens to you if that helps u keep on doing that. also staying @ home can be depressing go out 2 the gym or any where that will keep your mind out of it(i went to the beach or the hills to clear my mind) also don't listen to people. 1 way 4 them to not criticizes u is to be social talk 2 people try not to be shy, so people can now know u better, i known its hard but you can get out of depression. trust me


Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Please re-think this. Suicide destroys families forever.

Sky C
omg. you sound like me. If you want someone to talk to, I'm here. I know what it's like. I feel like I'm reading my life's story. Please don't kill yourself. High school will end. It may seem far away but it will. You can always talk with me.

miss behaves
Death is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

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