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 Why am I judged for cutting. It's what makes me,me. So why do you tell me to stop like you actually care?
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 considering suicide please help!!
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Help I am so stressed !!! How can I relax ?
What can I do other than the obvious glass of wine (or ten) LOL
I have a very full on job that makes me think about work 24/7...
Grrr Im such a chill bird and cant seem to switch off ....
What to do ????
What do you do ???
For you chillers out there !!
Additional Details
Thanks to all your responses there lovely x x x Nice to see people care ... Take care all x x x x

Even if you are very busy try to do some new activity like reading a gossip magazine or do some lite exercise program in your bed leg raises some abs streching or go and find a good latin class and go dancing on your week end or joint and fun club of walking cycling or gym belly dancing. watch your diet do not eat to late or do not starve yourself you must eat small meal but from 5;00 a.m. to 6;00 p.m. so your metabolism start working in the correct speed so you don't stress your digestive system. wen your digestive work good your body will respond good luck.

I highly suggest an herbal remedy if you know what I mean. *shickk...bubblebubblebubble...."ahhhhhh…

for me a bubble bath always works. Put on some peaceful music and read a book in the tub! Or you could go watch some TV for a while. Call up your friends and go out for dinner!

Hope you feel better!

Well, I had the same problem but it was even worse becuase I could not sleep at night becuase of stress. You will hear about joga, relaxation music, breathing technics but the best solution is to slow down - do not take too much on yourself, try to speak to your manager about work overload, prioritize on your tasks. I know it is easy to say, hard to do but you need to know your limits. Your body tells you to slow down.

I know exactly how you feel. Have you tried yoga or meditation? I never thought I would get into it, but it really just switches off my mind and relaxes me completely. I've also been known to just go right into bed turn out all the lights and listen to a book on tape. When I feel less stressed I get up and go on with my evening. I've also found a warm bath or shower can also relax and keep de-stress. Try a whole ritual, do a self facial and then shower and shave or w/e then moisturize and brush your hair and teeth by then I feel sooo much better. Those are my personal favorites.

Smoke a bowl of my finest cannabis.
If you're not into that, then take a hot bath or listen to music. Exercise, play a game, watch television, take a nap, drink some tea. Do whatever you want!

This is what I do and it always helps.

Turn off EVERYTHING in your house. Go in your room turn off lights, phones, TV, etc. That leaves complete silence. Lay down and close your eyes. Hope this helps! :)

I always listen to really loud music and sing to it.
It releases all my stress and worries and puts me in a really good mood after ^^

Im not sure as its my question too !
But if you have a WiiFit the game where you have to stay still makes me feel more calm than anything in the world :| ;o
Good Luck :)

I'm sorry you're so stressed! I would suggest taking a loooong bubble bath. Put on relaxing music. Also, use a relaxing bath salt. If you can't find that much time, just take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and go to your 'happy place'. Also, painting your nails is a really good relaxation technique as it requires focus and attention. Good luck and I hope these help!

if your will power is strong and you are determined than yes you can help youself. You have to be willing to change. here is what you have to do.

first start with a different attitude. do not induce negative feelings or thoughts. think positive. You have to go to work daily and perform the same routine tasks. So tell yourself i can do it and i will without grumbling or feeling depressed. do the same work with a positive attitude. dont let yourself down. as i said you have to be willing to change. if you accept this change it will come slowly and gradually. your stress level will drop. you also have to substitute thought and activity when you have free time. dont dwell on old thoghts or memories. you have to stop thinking about all the items that cause you stress. if this will not help you need to see a doctor to take medication to help calm you down.

Kickboxing releives all pent up energy, gets you fit, makes you forget your day and helps you sleep ;)

under the table and dreaming
smoke a bowl. or two.

Maybe take a vacation or a few days off, just let loose a little...or in your case....a lot.


Holly C
-take a long hot bath
-eat your favorite food
-listen torelaxing music
-take a nap
-call up your friends to chat
-drink some tea or hot cocoa
-read a book
-spoil yourself!

take a nice hot bubble bath. Trust me it helps.
esp if you play easy-listening music while doing so.
just try to keep your mind off of it.
take a deep breath whenever your stressing out really bad.
and relaaaax.

I got three things.

1. Take pills. (Don't suggest it.)
2. Drink Red Bull. (That's what I do.)
3. Buy a stress ball. (I also do this.)

Hope this helped!

Abbie J
what i do is lie down in a cool room
and close my eyes and listen to music
that always helps me
or go in the bath with candles around it and turn the lights off
but dont burn yourself
hope this helps

y n
i would tell you but y/a censors would only remove my suggestion.
try deep breaths and soft soothing music.

you can go to places to lie down and rest or how about a spa
i get relaxed when I go to sleep early so i guess you should sleep more early. (<-- pretty stupid but it works)
or you can go with everyone else and do some yoga

John S
mary jane.

get mj indica, not sativa.

Kevin F
I don't know how this would work for you, but for me music is the best outlet. When I'm angry, I play music that I can almost siphon that anger into (Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Five Finger Death Punch) and when I'm sad I play music that I can confide in (The Used, Senses Fail, Mayday Parade.) You get the point. Try some relaxing music while you work or just when you're really stressed. I would suggest some Steve Vai, maybe a song like For The Love Of God, Blue Powder, or Sisters. It's all instrumental, slow paced, and enjoyable to listen to. It soothes me pretty quickly when I've got something on my mind. Hope this helps :)

Go tanning! you will feel super hot and summery.
Or go running, you will be suprised how great it feels.
Or I take a bath

sometimes a good book or magazine, a naughty treat (chocolate or pudding) and a blanket in front of a good film is the best thing.
when i do this i forget all my troubles.
you don't need wine to get through!
sometimes the lighting makes a difference too. i find that a slightly dimly lit room (not too bright or dark) makes me feel relaxed.

Hope this helps (:

Raman D
Relax!? Don't get addicted to things to stay stressful. Take life serioulsy but no tooo much. Try to enjoy a little. Go out for a vacation. Talk to your friends when u feel stressed out. LIVE>LAUGH>LOVE

Do the following:

1. Run the bath, whilst it is filling up make yourself a nice hot whiskey.

2. Get some candles and light them, sit them on the edge of the bath.

3. Relax into a nice warm bath and sip your whiskey (or whatever drink you like to relax with)

4. Finish off your bath, go up to bed and read a nice book under candle light, thats what i'm off to do right now.



a bath
a book
really stupid useless tv shows

It might sound strange but I find an exercise DVD does the trick particularly if there's dancing involved.
Occupies the brain and the body and generates endorphins! Followed by a good hot shower and maybe even hot chocolate, this could get you to sleep....

Otherwise, a hard crossword can do wonders for distracting your mind from work.

the Jam
Chronic + Bong = Chill

I have a very demanding job, and when im home relaxing all I can do is think of the crap I have to do tomorrow. What helps for me is...Marijuana. Seriously, it was recommended by a doctor and it really helped and allowed me to relax and actually get through my work more efficiently, and have a better more relaxed time with my friends and family at home

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