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mia b
Help! I'm suffering from SEVERE anxiety, and anxiety attacks!?
Please give me some tips & some good natural, herbal pills I can take, or something. I'm having muscle spasms throughout my back and I am a massage therapist! I have several clients tonight and feel completely overwhelmed. I have a history of panic attacks, although it was 6-7 yrs ago.
It's mostly b/c I moved back with my boyfriend although I know we need to break up. But I'm stuck with him for the next 2 wks, till I find a new place. PLEASE HELP ME!




Obviously, you know you need to remove yourself from your stressors, as they only add to the problem. Then, you should talk to you dr. I have the exact same problem (and situation) Prozac helps a lot...brings down my heart palpitations. Good Luck!

Try to meditate through them. Five min anytime you have symptoms. It will really help.

Medicinal marijuana.

you need to see a doctor. partially it is a mental block the other part is natural chemicals.

herbal stuff really doesnt work meds are the best route ssri's ccan help pretty quickly
and are basically symptom free if you think you can find a way of relaxing on your own i would try paxil or lexapro

Mr. Knowledge
Percoset. Nectar of the Gods.

Jessica S
I dont know really know anything about natural or herbal products.
Try to control your breathing. Inhale slowly through your nose for a count of 10 and then blow it out your mouth for a ten count until you can regain your composure. This works on my panic attacks better than anything. You might hav to practice it a little, but you'll get it.

Many people suffer from panic attacks. Having other
problems does not help. You should really see your doctor
and even though alot of people hate the thought of taking
medication, the medicatons really do help, and after you
feel better, your going to ask yourself why you didn't do it
sooner. Relax, and know your not alone.

~ Trying to loose weight ~
Calm down! I know ! what you are going through, go see your doc for meds right away!

cathy m
I too suffer from anxiety. I recommend buying some bathe away for aches and pains and take a long hot bath. It usually works pretty well for me. It is pretty cheap and you can buy it right at Walmart.

Accupuncture is Fab, try it

YOU NEED TO EXERCISE. Trust me. Start running somewhere, and do NOT stop. Your body NEEDS to burn this negative stress and energy. It's written in ALL books- one of the number one things a person can do is exercise. It's pretty much the best stress/anxiety reliever. Do it asap.

i used to get panick attacks so bad that when i felt like i couldnt breath and my chest hurt (common symptoms of anxiety attacks) i ended upa t the emergency room a few times thinking i was having a heart attack or something. that was severe. i thought i was going insane and so did the doctors. the best remedy i found was to tak a hot shower/bath to sooth my tensed muscles and read a book/ nagazine or just enjoy the ralaxation. at first i was taking these showers four times a day but eventually you learn other ways to cope such as just stopping what you are doing, take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of the fresh air or something. i lead a very busy life as i have a 1rst grader, a four month old work full time go to school 3/4 of the time and try to manage dance classes, bday parties, housework etc. i always even still break down but I can handle it much better now. just stop and relax your self. its hard but it works.

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment. Finding a new home is pretty stressful and so its hardly surprising that you are feeling overwhelmed.

I have some insight into what you are feeling. The hard thing is to keep things in perspective. And when you know you are anxious, not having any way out can make it even worse.

Last time I was really stressed I discovered Yoga. I just used a DVD that I bought to spend 1/2 hour a day relaxing and tuning into myself again. Obviously this isn't always ideal especially if you are crashing somewhere temporarily.

Be aware of the warnings that you are getting too anxious. Think about the aches and pains and make a note of the things that are triggering your anxiety. Focus on the fact that you are in control at that moment. If you can take 5 minutes out, do it. Find somewhere quiet and sit still while concentrating on deep slow breathing.

You might also want to think about a talking therapy to help you work through the difficulties you are having.

Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

Melina A
exercise and the sauna afterwards always helps me to relax...and in times when i am really stressed I read a good book and lose myself in that world and everything around me is so unimportant and minor because my thoughts are focused in the story i am reading. Just don't take things to seriously.....no matter how much you worry whatever is to happy will happen and worrying about it won't change anything but make you feel bad and unhappy......

Find books by Claire Weekes. Excellent.

Matt W
Wish I could drop you some pills but that is illegal. For now, meditate and do yoga. Pray. I'm not going to tell you who to pray to but just pray...it works.

I know this may sound sort of clicheish, but honey just go to your Happy Place. I had the same problem and I just found that if I could just be still and lay down for a moment and focu on the one thing in my life that was mine and mine only I was fine. My trip to Ireland with my husband is that one memory that will last me a lifetime, even if I never go back I will still feel the rain on my cheek, the cold grass on my feet, see the life-inspiring green isle...it's just you need to find that moment or time in your life before things went wrong, even if it was a simple memory like tying your shoes, or catching a break on a wave...just try it, I promise it will work.

Take a Benedryl or some peppermint tea, Valium is also good if you have it. I have a long history of panic disorder and I take 3 Buspar a day and 1 5mg Valium. Sounds like you need to go to the doctor and get some help because you don't have to live this way! Good luck and breathe! Angel:)

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