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Tom J
Hearing music in my head?
Why do I sometimes hear music in my head? It is not just an annoying song that is stuck in my head all day. Sometimes, I hear music usually when it is very quiet, and it can come out of ambient noise like a fan or something. Why is this happening?
Additional Details
No, the songs vary, and I can never tell what they are; only what they sound like.

Kat™ ♥ spongebob!!
you listen to music to much this happens to me alottt

ying yang
Messages from beyond?

it happens to me dont worry

ll <3 II
I get that too... that was one of my symptoms when I was in hospital (diagnosed with bipolar disorder) music is better than voices....

Roxanne G
get a tape recorder and record whenever you hear the music who knows maybe you can go platinum

well...that happens to me sometimes too..so you know your not a complete weirdo...but i think it just happens when you get kinda bored...or when you think its too quiet...at least thats how it is for me..sooo...ya

do you listen to music a lot? you might just be remembering it

everyone hears music in their head, or almost everyone i'd say.
just make sure u dont listen to crap. listen to paco de lucia play rumba on youtube or madlib's tracks like movie finale

Côte D'or
I don't have music that pops up in my head or anything but i think I know what you mean with the fan thing...sometimes I hear crickets in the night and I turn it into a repetetive song in my head like something really stupid like baa baa black sheep or something... It's really weird but i think it's normal for that to happen to poeple.

Jake W
It could be for a number of reasons.

I'm no expert but if you listening to music and your thinking about something then later on if your think about something that is similar to what you were thinking about when you were listening to music than the song will come up in occasion with the feeling of the thought.

you could also be listening to your music too loud and its acting the same way as if your ears are ringing.

I'm no expert but sometimes this happens to me

oh well, okay
Everyone gets songs stuck in their head...

that happens when you hear the same song too many times....it will go in a day or two...

This happens sometimes when people are having some emotional anomaly like depression, loneliness, extreme fatigue or happiness. This can also have something to do with mental health. People with an unstable mental health sometimes hear voices or music. Another simple explanation is that your mind is just creating noise in your head and you are hallucinating because of boredom or anxiety. You could also be hearing actual music.

overplayed music
trapped on yer head

Oh dear does this make you insane? Because it happens to me all the time and i've never talked to anyone about it so it could be just me. I always presumed it was just that the fan or ambient noise was just hitting a rhythm that triggered the tune because it was similar.

well believe it or not you and others are all hearing that music at the same time. there is a possibility that the motor in that fan are causing something to happen it is just simple physics. there is a radio that is on somewhere close and the fan simply picks it up. and sends out the sound. it is possible.

that happens to me too

Fly in the Ointment
As long as it is not telling you to do things I guess it is fine. Prisoners being interrogated were made to listen to loud music over a period of months later reported they would hear music all the time in their heads. Were you made to listen to loud music for a long period of time?


є l l ι є ♥
that happened 2 me just 2day. i was in the shower and my friend was texting me so i got out to see what she said, and she texted me like 3 times and my ring tone was playing over and over in my head. and when i want to see what she sent me ( CUX i know i heard it ) she didn't text me anything.....weird. i dint know why this happens i guess it just does

hmm, u were prolly thinking about a catchy song that just stuck itself in the back of ur mind.... or if u hear a song over and over again-- it tends to stay with u for a while

-or ur just crazy :)

TX Mom
I'm never without a song AND a rhythm in my head. It usually has harmony, too. If I try, I can sometimes play it on the piano. Fans can start drum rhythms in my head. Any kind of clicking or rubbing.

I may be biased, but I don't think it's unusual.

TX Mom

that happens all the time to me, just deal with it its cool

▀▀☟▀▀▌ ☞SMS☜ ?▄▄?▄▄▌
You need to take a deep breath and forget eveything. Even if you do hear music dont be affected by it. Enjoy it! Have fun!

Happy New Year!

Sammy G
I have it too... It just means that you have good rhythm. Another possible solution is that whenever you have something emotional going on or anything like that, you think about some of these songs that might have lyrics related to your problems. The thing is that... every song you think is good, is good because it relates you to a feeling or a memory. Maybe something that pops up could trigger that feeling again (hence the song).

Im deaf so when I have my cochlear implant off and i hear music playing it just your mind playing sounds when it gets all silent and it happens to everyone

You have music on the brain!

☃Little One Coming Soon!☃
Is it a song you always like??? If so its pretty normal

nick beaur
you listen to music to much :)

you may just like music a whole lot

wayne g
I have herd of people hearing music. It was when they had fillings
in there teeth that was of some sort of mettle. When the conditions
were just wright they picked up radio waves. Anything other than that
I have no clue.

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