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♥ B ♥
Have you ever considered suicide?
I was told by someone that pretty much everyone considers suicide at least once in a life time.. I was wondering, have you?

the name is irrelevant
yes daily


yah ive thought of that before ive thought about what it would be like if i were to just drop dead or get severely hurt one day and see if anybody would care

usually when we are young and inexperienced we can see no other way. I did not want anyone to be angry at me, so not being there seemed the answer. I realized there are so many people that have a worse life than I.

No sorry to me there is nothing that serious to consider it there is always help out there its up to you to get it before it gets to that point


Just a thought of it but im too afraid to do it any way...just pray....

Mielu istetz
yes but not seriously

yes, years ago. love my life now.
during that time, if i were to commit suicide, i imagined myself to die heroically - like saving a lil boy from a car accident... haha
coincidentally, my best friend have this thought before too! :P

Yeah but when I realized it's the mean things other people do that made me feel that way I figured why end my own life and let them come out on top? Then they would just be able to say, "See? I knew there was something wrong with him....."

I'm not willing to give them that....I'll let nature run its course instead.

It's normal under extreme situations to have these thoughts. The difference between the people who do it and don't is just that. some do it and most don't. It's like everything in life we may all have the same thoughts that's what makes us all the the same but not everyone acts on their thoughts that's what makes us human. So if you are thinking about it you are probably under stress and it may be a day or years but it will go away. I KNOW for sure it will go away.

I haven't in several years. During depressions when I was younger I would think about it often but never seriously attempted it. I'm 38 now and even though I still have occasional depressive episodes I never have suicidal thoughts anymore. I guess when you've had experience with it you know it's going to pass.

Snowy W
Yes a long time ago. Obviously I didn't go through with it.

of course.

Yes i have considered it off and on my whole life also i have had depression that whole time.

life is frickin hardd.
but i try not to think about it.
stay stronggg.

Yes it is absolutely true that most people will at least think about it at some point in their life. This doesn't mean that you would actually want to do it but that you may just for a moment (or longer) think about what it would be like and wish you could lay down and die because it would mean the end to the pain that you are feeling. Even though this is natural if you feeling this way please talk to somebody about it. Don't keep it to yourself, nobody should try to deal with these feelings alone. Feel better and know that you are not alone.

most people have feelings of hopelessness at one time or another. which coupled with a slight bit of depression may lead to considerations of suicide. keep in mind that suicide is a PERMANENT SOLUTION TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM.

I have thought about it more times than normal, but I will never actually carry out the thought, because whatever it is not worth dying for.

Sure..I have and I would say everyone has at one point. It is because life can be mean at points...but enduring it is an important character trait and most don't succumb. All problems are temporary and the sooner you realize that the sooner you can live life to it's fullest!

Mary Mary Jane
I can't lie ......I have pondered the thought

I agree, I'm sure it crosses any thinking person's mind, unless they live in a constant state of blissful ignorance. People think all sorts of stuff. Acting on it is another matter entirely.

I think everybody has. I have. But I realized the pain I was running from could not compare to the pain I would leave behind.
Also, you don't really know what awaits you on the other side. You could be trading problems that could possibly be overcome, for eternal problems.

Yup. Very recently actually. I planned the whole thing out too.

The thing that determines suicide is basically an imbalance. Not a hormone imbalance, or something messed in our brains. It's just an imbalance between our emotional pain, and our resources to cope with that pain.

It's very understandable that sometime in everybody's life that they'll run out of coping resources, or they'll be overwhelmed with pain. It's when they take a step back and look at their situation that they find out it's really not as bad as they think, or they find someone who wants to be close to them and help them, and that person becomes their coping resource.

I bet bonds form closer from suicidal people and those who help them then life-long friends :)

Bored Enough To Be Here

Abby Road
I'm sure most people have fleeting thoughts from time to time, but it never goes beyond a few moments.

If you've been considering it lately, please talk with someone. I read somewhere that suicide doesn't make pain go away, it only transfers it to the people who love you.

No. I am very thankful to say that I have never felt so much dispair that I was willing to consider suicide.

Are you ok? If you are considering it, please find someone to talk to, because there has got to be another answer.

Yes then I gave my life to Jesus and Jesus changed my life in a very good way. His love drew me to understand much of my sadness and he helped me to get through the roughest parts of my life. I don't know what I would do with out him.

Even those back in biblicial times tried to kill themselves. Job being one of them mainly because things got so bad for him that he wanted to end his life but God had other plans for him.

If you feel interested enough to read about the story of Job you can if you want? You don't have to if you don't want to read it.

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