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Soul Hunter
Hai are you afraid of death?
why do you think so?

I am more afraid of what will happen if I have not been a GOD fearing Christian.

We are all afraid of the unknown, but I would like to think that GOD has something fabulous (beyond words) waiting for us...along with all our loved ones who have gone before us.


Maybe it has something to do with this part of "The Valiant" I learned during my freshman year:

Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death shall come but once. The coward taste of death many times, the Valiant but once.

I was also with my dad when he died, he just stopped breathing, no great turmoil, no trauma, he just stopped.

I am also a born again Christian; therefore, I know where my soul is headed. I have assurance through Jesus. That makes a hugh difference.

Good luck and God bless you.

Coolboy C

vijaya m
YES! 'cause I will not be able to answer in Yahoo answers.

cell h
yes, but i wish to die after living a fullfledged life. Though i dont have any responsibilites to finish , still i feel i have a lot of to witness in my life and the world


NOOOOO!!!!! am not afraid of death, but how i die is what matters, but still now i don't care about it... enjoy the day given is my policy..... Faith in god will keep me going..

hi i have gone through the all answers it seem to bee every one r well prepared to die yes of course the life is miserable & unbearable with all the attractive thing's & unfulfilled distress on this earth .

but the fact & faith is so that every one has to meet the end one or other day this is a night mare u need not invite the death it will make it's won presence . & there is no living being that dose not be frighten of death this can be only like me few people who has experienced death & just gap of air missed from the clutch of death it docent how the death approach us but the process of soul getting separated from the body is all ways the pain full process .

but if we all pray to the god for whom we bellive & pray for daily need's in our daily prayer we should not faill to mention the one line . ho my god at the time of my death pls be next to me .
with out fail mention this one line in ur daily prayer

Partially...actually, i'm afraid of painful death.I don't wanna die of accidents of something like that!

No never

i'd like to answer it "julius caeser's" words........
"what can b avoided whose end is purposed by the mighty gods?
cowards die many times before thier deaths
the valient never taste of death but once
of all the wonders that i yet have heard
it seems to me most strange that men should fear
seeing that death, a necessary end
will come when it will come."

dats me idea abt death......liked it???

yes because i have some responsbilites on me

NOT AT ALL but would surely like to pray last minute to give me a next birth NOT in india anymore so that i dont have to struggle for Visas. (May be in US, Australia or Canada would be fine for next birth). How good if we can know about it now so that at least we can die happily :)

No, I find life very very irritating and painful. Death is better.

no..........because i think that i m enjoyed my life fully befoue i die

of course yaar...........

no,becoz birth&death are 2 sides of gods coin. he can decide it for a humans life.

sweet girl
yes.bcoz before dying i want to njoy my life as much as i can,there r lot many works to do before dying,like i wanna be independent,i wanna do something for my mom n dad...... in short i wanna njoy my life sooooooooooo much before dying........

No I'm not afraid of it.

Absolutely No. The only thing most certain after birth is Death.

I want to die when I have finished all my duties towards my family.

No, not at all. But, the idea of leaving behind my loved ones terrifies me.
How will they manage without me?

No, just of how it'll effect the people that I leave behind.

ya i am afraid of death not mine but of dear ones.
because who dies is relieved of all pain and suffering and those who are left behind bear the agony throughout their life.
my father died in 2001 he was relieved of all worldly things but we still feel the ache in our hearts

i miss him and always repent for hurting him always.

yes,because some body depend on me

Someone Special
no, im afraid of living and the future.
i will go when its my time.

I'm afraid of dying young (I'm 47 , thats young in a 47 year olds eyes...lol) , When I hit my 70s God willing I don't think I'll be afraid of death , just fear of the unknown

Not really...just afraid of it happening in a manner that might hurt for an extended period of time. But really, when it comes...I hope to welcome it.

Tom J
Nope. The process before I die is a little frightening, but I know I'll be with God once I die, and that's exciting.

Yes - because I saw the painful death of my wife.
No - because you cannot avoid death - I am already prepared mentally.
I understood the reality of life, after the death of my noble wife i.e.,
So, whether you are afraid or not, the death is for sure.

Nope! I'm a vet of 2 wars, I have been shot, stabbed, fragged and carry 2 pieces of metal in my chest. What is to be afraid of, death is part of living.

V^^V Lady de Lioncourt V^^V

even if our physical body dies, our souls are immortal. we just shed one body to be born into another one so that we can pay off aour debts according to the Laws of Karma!!!

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