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John S
Feel like I can't go on anymore??
I just found out I failed one of my courses, my girlfriend left me, my parents emotionally abuses me and make me feel like crap, I don't have any friends here anymore, My whole life is over, has anyone overcome anything like this all at once before??? please help me

It must be very hard to deal with all that stress. It is easy to slip into the mindset of not being able to go on when there is so much that seems to be going wrong in your life. I have felt the same way before. When I do feel like that, I try to think of what would actually happen if I did commit suicide. How people would feel if I left the world. I know that right now, it feels like there is no one that cares, but there IS. Trust me. You have touched someones life that would be terribly broken if you left, I promise.
Then I think of my future. What I want to be when I am older and what I want to do. If I committed suicide, none of those things would happen. Suicide is a permanent action, obviously.

I know that courses can feel like the most important thing in life, but really, they ARE NOT! Just try your hardest and make sure to get lots of help from your teachers, or professors, if you are in college.

Seeing a therapist, or even a school counselor could really help. I know it helped me. If your last therapist didn't work for you then try seeing another one. Tell them what you are feeling and they will give you some coping strategies, and help sort out all of the feelings that are going on in your head.

Some coping strategies that I have learned from my therapist are, 1) If you can't get to sleep at night, think of a letter in your head and think of all the words that start with that letter. You could write it down or just think about it. 2) Writing in a journal can help get all angry feelings out of your mind. 3) Exercise. I know that when you feel depressed, exercising doesn't feel like an option, but once your out side, it really feels good.

You can also go to these sights, they could tell you some more coping strategies and ways to get help.

This tells some coping skills that you could use to deal with all sorts of stuff.

Some things you could do to deal with depression

Save.org. pretty good sight for dealing with suicide thoughts.

Another good website dealing with suicide.

Suicide hotline

This site helps deal with child abuse.

Hope that helped :)

There is help out there and just wait a little bit, things will get better.
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Aww, don't worry about all that.
I pretty much am going through all that right now, except not the girlfriend part haha.
Your parents just sound like mine, which I just go along with whatever and ignore them.
Your whole life isn't over, it's just changing alot right now and you don't know what to do because people are leaving you and it's just different. Just wait till some things get situated and till you meet more people and everything will become normal you again.


Yes, and you know what I did? I didn't stop living. You keep pulling through each day, and you make what you can of it. Try seeing someone. The course is fine. You can retake it. People mess up, some courses are very difficult to pass. Maye you've been acting differently lately, maybe that's why your girlfriend left you. Go out and meet other girls. Really, that is the only way to move on. Tell your parents to please take your feelings into consideration before they take chunks out of your self esteem. You never know, they may listen. Don't give up. Just keep living. Do the things you love.

Bill C
Your life is not over. You are having a rough spot. If your parents are abusing you, tell someone. As for your gf leaving you, so much the better. She evidently didn't care for you. There are people out there that have been in much worse times than you and came out on top. Think about what the people lost because of hurricane katrina. Spend some time with a good book. You will have other gf's, and you won't live with your parents forever. Maybe they are being hard on you because you failed that course. Study harder, it will help.

I won't mince words. Here's the deal (i don't care how many thumbs downs i get)-

You failed a course? OK. It's not going to be the last time. EVERYONE fails. Every single one of us. Those who talk smack about how perfect they are just hide the fact they failed. The solution is to work a little harder next time and try not to fail again. Prepare for the next test and it'll be easier.

Your girl left you? There are MANY more fish in the sea. Don't think for a second she was the only one. There are a TON of ladies out there - all you have to do is meet them when you're ready to get back out there.

Your folks abuse you mentally? Well, you can't make everyone happy. Let them say whatever they want and when you finally move out, you can be rid of them once and for all. Remember - you cannot change others - just yourself.

You have no friends? Well, when you do move out and get your own place, it'll be a fresh start. Just picture that moment and you might feel better. That's something to aim for. You'll make new friends and now you'll have a better understanding of how to interact and recognize folks who are not genuine.

... above all, to thine own self be true.

Take the course again. Look for a new girlfriend but take your time. Try to understand and forgive your parents. Improve your diet, quit smoking and any other drugs. Get some exercise. Walking is good for your body and mind. Read the gospel of John. Read also Ecclesiastes which was written by a man in dispair.

plenty people go through this at some point, the best thing you can do is to find a reasonable solution to your problems such as:
-taking that course again and doing really well in it next time around
-resolve things with your girlfriend, or if thats not possible you can move on eventually and find yourself a better one that things will work out with, think of it as her loss.
-put your foot down and stand up for yourself against your parents, tell yourself that you can and will do it, or ask another family member such as grandparent to knock some sense into them.
-for friends, its summer, enroll yourself in a summer activity or volunteer your time at charity, those are great ways to meet new people in a friendly small environment.
you can get through this and you are capable of moving on with life, because the future already looks better and you can do it, in the mean time find or ask a trusted adult to find a therapist so you can tell somebody how you feel.

omg i feel for you i have gone threw a lot!! how old are you? Just dont kill yourself!

I Have been through very simialar things that you described if ever you just need someone to talk to im here im on my IM's or you can e-mail me at [email protected]

robert m
things will get better, dont sweat the small stuff, look at the big picture

Life wouldnt be fun if it was always good :)
I failed a few subjects at Uni (even failed one twice!!). Trust me, you just have to tell yourself 'it will get better'.

I know also how you feel about the friends thing also. I went to live overseas for a year and when I got back I knew no one!!! I was totally lost. You just have to make an effort to make new friends. Join a club, play a sport, contact some old friends that you may have lost touch with.

Make sure you keep excercising as this is good to help stop depression.

You will be ok, everyone has these things happen :)

Beautiful girl
Your life is never over until you give up. Yes, we are faced with trials all our life but don't ever give up kiddo. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Endometrial Cancer and I am not going to give up. Hugs. Things will get better believe me.

"That which does not kill us makes us strong." You will come out of this a strong person who knows more about life than he did before.

Your whole life is not over - not by any means. You are experiencing temporary problems - temporary situations. Failing a course in school is absolutely not the end of the world - courses can always be taken over. Losing a girlfriend is a major hurt but I promise you, you will find someone else. I have had to tell this to my own son before. You think you will never find anyone else but you will - trust me on this one. As far as your parents emotionally abusing you....sometimes when parents get frustrated with their children, they say things out of anger and frustration - things that they probably don't mean. You will know if your parents are like this all the time. No parent should ever call their children "worthless" or "stupid" - if they do, that just comes from their own ignorance - and I'm not trying to be mean about that. It's just that parents must be careful in what they say to their children because words can have a lifelong effect.

Everyone on this planet goes through times that are very difficult. Don't feel like you are all alone in this. If you are in school, try to speak with one of the counselors - they know about all the problems that can hit students all at once.

You didn't mention if you grew up in church or attended a church but that is where there is a great deal of help for your situation.

I wish you well. I friend of mine once told me something when I was having a bunch of problems all at once. She told me to kinda "weigh out" each problem. Is this gonna matter to me in 10 years? If not, forget it right now - don't sweat the small stuff. You are gonna be okay.

It is not the end of the world!!!! Pick yourself up and get on with life. Life happens. Go out and find some friends, the good kind who are positive. Do not look for losers. YOU CAN OVERCOME THIS. This is just a bump or two in the road. Do you work? Are you a student, teenager? Find things to do for others and try not to think only of yourself. I don't know how your parents are abusing you? Tell them politely and not in an angry way that you feel bad. If you failed one of your courses I assume you are at college or High School. Look at it this way - I will get over this and try to do better in this course the second time or take a different one. You need to read, write, mow grass or do some exercise and that will help your mood. Good luck

You should live overseas for 1 year amongst people with real issues- e.g., no food, no parents, no economy, poor health- then come back home to your current situation. As bad as you feel, and I believe you that you truly feel bad, I have to tell you, you have it good- yes, you have it good but you don't get it. You do not appreciate that you A) have the ability to take classes B) have parents, who may be abusive or maybe just frustrated with you and C) you can get new friends. There are many people who would kill to have your life- ironically you have it but feel bad for yourself. If you are truly depressed, seek help (try to stay off drugs). Good friends and a good social life full of positive people are the best medicines! Find a hobby and appreciate what you have- Enjoy the ride- it doesn't last long!

yes, things will eventually get better just be patient, it is not the end of the world, i know it feels like it to you, but you are young and you have the whole world in front of you, life it's not easy but we can change it....we all go through hard times even as adults but things do get better.....life is a roller coaster you are always going to have ups and downs and you will be able to conquer them all!!!! keep your chin up!!! good luck

Emily Dew
Many years ago, I was trying to end a very abusive marriage with a husband who had threatened to kill me several times and who many people thought was quite capable of carrying it out. After I left him and moved in with a friend, he began stalking me. Then, he began charging things with my credit cards leaving me to deal with some very nasty creditors and because I was still legally married to him, I found out I was responsible for those bills. At the height of all this, the company I'd worked for for five years merged with another company and I ending up being out of a job. I took another job just to have money coming in, but it was a big pay cut. It would be another year of constant job hunting before I found a good job that would allow me to pay rent and bills and eat all at the same time. To top it all off, my best friend at the time, who had been a huge support to me through all of this, was diagnosed with AIDS. When I asked my family for help, my parents turned their backs on me. My mother didn't speak to me for nearly a year. I truly felt like I had nothing left to live for. Thankfully, I found a great therapist who saved my life and I am so grateful to her. It's been a long time since then, but I'm very happy now. I have a great husband and children I'm so proud of. I live in a nice house with friends and pets and I have lots of hobbies and my mother and I are very close. My ex-husband moved to the other side of the country and I haven't seen or heard from him in probably 17 years.

You are in a rough spot right now ... no doubt ... but you have to keep going because it WILL get better ... I promise! You need help though. Talk to a counselor at school or find one in your area. If you call your county's mental health department, they will refer you to someone who will see you on a sliding scale. Deal with one problem at a time. Don't lump it all together or it will be overwhelming. Think about what you can do to deal with that one problem and then take one small step in that direction. Do one thing ... just one. When you're dealing with multiple problems, you have to break them down into bite-sized pieces so to speak and solve them that way. Good luck!


have felt like no one cares about have no one to talk to about it. then i think about wat would happen if i killed myself.

wat my family would do and stuff like that.

try to go see a counselor or sumthin. i think most colleges have groups and stuff like for ppl like u.

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