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so many terrible things ...

Everytime I look at the clock I see 9:11?
Its kinda weird. I dont really pay attention to it and doesnt really bother me. I just kind of forget about it. But I do notice it. And this has only started since a month ago.

How many of you have had this happen to you?

Dixie Ryan
it doesn't happen everytime I look at the clock, but quite often. but it's good, it's a good way to remind us of what happened and to never forget it...and to remimd us that nobody or nothing is invincible...I think no american should ever forget what happend

not me, maby something happened to you at that time, I wouldnt be scared though!!!

that happens to me too

That happened to me, except I was seeing 7:14. Since that's my birthday, I didn't think anything was wrong!!

White Tiger
Every time I look at the clock I see 23:23, and I think its not a problem, its good =D

Prudence, Dear. ™
Oh my goodness, probably everyday. Not TWICE everyday, but either in the morning or at night.

that happends to me and my friend lisa all the time!

No it doesnt happen to me. Look at the clock now, I doubt you'll find it. That or your clock is malfunctioning

hello :)
all the time. then i quickly pray for the soldiers in war, and everyone who died on 9/11. i also tend to look at the clock at 11:11 i like that one a lot :) a free wish!

♥ คเ๓єє ♥
YES that always happens to me. I always look at the clock at 2:23

Joe J
thats a bit creepy. I imagine its because its a number thats stuck in most peoples head so when that time hits and u see it in the corner of your eye you unconsciously look at and think why did I look at the clock just now

lol to the clock stopped thing^
& I can't help you but one time, i was at 711, and the clock in their said 9:11,
and i got into the car like, a lot later and it said 9:11,
and then i looked at my phone and it said 9:11,
and then i got home and my clock said 9:11!?!
lol. weird stuff like that happens sometimes..

John R
I haven't but it does sound like some kind of phenomenon.

Were you in NYC?

Autumn Storm
That's weird chicky, because every time that I look at the clock, I would mostly see the time 4:44, or 3:33!! That's a very good question!! I think that you should compare your time with other people, so that you can see the time that they mostly see as well. I would not freak out about it or worry either!! It's just one of those things chicky!! One of my buddies would always see the time 11:11, when he would look at his clock!! Everyone see's the same different time when they take a quick glance at thier clock!! Time is time chicky!! It's nothing to really worry about!! As long as your healthy, that's all that matters!! Very good queston!!

I have but with the number 44, it tripped me out for awhile, it was everywhere!

Your clock will only be right, just "twice" a day.
Until you change the "battery." <}:-})

omg that is soo weird that you say that because that happens to me like every day. it kind of creeps me out, not gonna lie.

Tru Warrior
I notice 7:11, 9:11, and 11:11 sometimes...maybe once a week I find it amusing.

wow well iv'e never had that happen to me..did you lose someone in 9/11?? if soo that could be why

maybe you are just thinking about it more and noticing it. nothing to worry about.

Keiara C
thats pretty weird!im like the clock probaly broke or sumthing!

I had this happen to me too.... I had my birthday occur for about month, I kept seeing 9:11 as well. I think it's your body's internal clock which makes you unconciously look at the clock at the same time everytime.

No. Sorry. Maybe subconsiously you're just noticing that more. Did anything important happen at 9:11 lately?

james s
Dude i know what you mean......but you also look at the clock and see other times too, but those dont stick in your head. you just remember seeing 911 because thats unusual to your brain.

Darren G
Then an angel is looking after you!!

mighty i
u need to stay away from drugs!

I haven't..but my sister has.

She has a problem with seeing "11", though not specifically

I am not sure..but maybe your brain has becomed accustomed to look at the clock at those times..kind of like being in sync somehow.

Though..have you ever seen the movie "Number 23"? Quite creepy..

I look at the clock and when i see 9:11, i feel bad because i think of the day the towers went down.

erica h
may be your clock stoped!!!

don't get frightened about it though
you see, your body has an inner clock and you just look at the clock at that exact time
i do it too, but not on that time
it is usually 5:38 when i just look at the clock
wierd huh?

Daniel C
That's happened to me a lot of times lately. Almost every day in my car, freaks me out every time. I think that we have somewhat of an internal clock, and can be very accurate at times. It's kind of like waking up in the morning a minute before your alarm goes off.

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