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 I want to die I think about death a lot?
I am a 22 year old female, just turned 22 today as a matter of fact Its just another nail in my coffin, I am going down sooner rather than later. I have clinical depression and have been on lexapro 15...

 IS it bad that ive already planned out my death?
I mean everyones gonna die i just want to be the one that does it...the whole dying thing.

I want to jump off a building or a cliff.when im 30

(im 16 )
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 This is an important question, it will decide on a very big problem which is quite personal. Yes Or No!?
This is the question:

Yes Or No!!...

 Have you ever considered suicide?
I was told by someone that pretty much everyone considers suicide at least once in a life time.. I was wondering, have you?...

 Why do some people kill others before comitting suicide?
like well it's really sad if they wanna kill themselves, not saying that they should but even if they decide to commit suicide they should just suicide themselves, not kill others, especially ...

 Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
If all these people in my life are going to supposedly care or be hurt by my death, then why are these people not caring about my life? I have let ...

 is it weird that I'm affraid of penutbutter?

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I'm afraid I'll suddenly become allergic to it and my throat will close and I'll die
cause I have alot of other ...

 is drinking alone wrong?
if your bored and alone and you just want to make something interesting/have fun. nothing to do with drowning anything out. is that ok?...

 No friends, never had relationship, anti-social, heavy depression, and miserable. 21 years old?
i have a major issue. i'm 21 and i have NO friends, and i've never even had a relationship with a woman. as you can imagine, my days are BORING as crap. i usually stay online for unhealthy ...

 I've been feeling?
I've been feeling depressed and like crying for no reason i'm a virgin, and i'm 14 what's wrong with me?
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Okay the men weren't supposed to ...

 How can I stop cutting myself ?
I started cutting again the other night. I have everything I want except one thing: Jake .. how can I get him and stop cutting?...

 What should I do? Please can anyone help me?
OK guys here's the deal last week I was having fear & anxiety about my health.......this was last week now.......but then I remember how'd I went to five different doctors which all ...

 what's your reason for not ending it all???????????????????
Mine is that i have some foolish hope that life will get better. and i'm scared that the christians might be right and if i end my life, ill spend eternal damnation in hell. Whats yours???????...

 Is this normal for a teenager to go through?
im 16 yrs old and for the past 3 years i've been really depressed. Its gotten so bad in the last year that i actually tried to comment suicide a couple of times but was too scared to do it.

 I'm Contemplating Suicide?
I've been on medication and have been going to therapy for quite a while none of it seems to work, so i'm going to ask what you people think i should do. I can't take it anymore

 What's your phobia?
I have a fear of hospitals, anything clinical, needles you name it.
Also sirens and ambulaces.
What's your phobia?...

 Really really depressed someone help?
im 13 and a guy everyone picks on me at school all because im short and look like crap i have no friends our family barley has any money my parents are really old i get really bad grades at school ...

 what's a good stress reliever?

 Could i be addicted at 15?
i am 15 old girl. in the middle of june me and my freinds really wanted to smoke for some reason so we found her dad cigs and took to out for us. then a couple of days after we found to packs of cigs ...

 My daughter just turned 7 and she has anger issues that come out of nowhere. Also she hates her life?
She has an obsessive compulsive disorder and adhd. The other day my oldest daughter and her were swimmimg and just laughing having a good ole time when she just snapped and shoved my oldest down and ...

Ever get so mad you want to bite or cut yourself?
This has happened to me sometimes- but I never actually go through with it. Anyone else expierence this? And no, I am not this crazy out there type of girl. No one would ever think I had the tendancies, unless I told them.

Maybe you should think about a sport in kickboxing or something as a hobbie to help with releasing tension or temper. and if you ever think of cutting yourself maybe be worth seeing a doctor if its got more iusses to this and maybe trying a rubber band on your wrist and making it tight slightly then on the inside of your wist pull on the rubber band so its abit pain full and do it 5 times or so, so instead of cutting yourself anyhow, you can still get pain from the rubber band trick. hope it helps.

Yes! But nothing good comes out of hurting yourself. So don't hurt yourself or anyone for that matter.

Yeah, I def have and i acted upon the feeling and now have scars and cuts the whole way up my legs. you'd be surprised how many ppl have these feelings and even act upon them, I know that i was surprised how many ppl have the same problem. I wasnt that type of girl either, the one person i told was extremely shocked at me, there isnt a type of person who would do these things, we are all just your average ppl you see everyday of your life, we just release our pain and anger by physically hurting ourselves. Ranging from preps to emos to nerds, we have our habit. Don't start, it is heck to stop, i mangaged it once, but now im stuck in this rut again...

Randy B


my wife did it once though

and has bitten me, too hard

Bump Like Thizz
no i have a fear of sharp things i have already bitten myself but i felt dumb

You just don't know how to vent your anger. Try breathing deeply or punching a pillow! :) Also when I was younger and would get pissed at my mom, I would turn my music up really loud and just stomp and run around screaming to music. NO, no one would think I did this either, but ya know, it happens.
DO NOT ever harm yourself though...that is pointless and really won't help anything.
If you feel like you may sometime, ask for some help from a professional. Good luck hon.

Cutting and biting and thoughts of are becoming all too common. I don't think you are at all crazy, but often thoughts of biting or cutting lead to the action. So please be careful, and if you are tempted, please find other outlets, and some one who can help you address the emotions that build inside. It is a difficult road to go down. Find support, because like anything else it can be very addictive. My outlet is writing. Also, find ways to avoid situations that will bring on the thoughts Get the anger out by other means, Sports, talking, writing counseling or all the above. Find someone who you can talk to about, before it becomes a problem. Good luck!

‚ú©lil'miss sunshine‚ú©
haha yea..when i get really angry i bite my teeth as hard as i can and i scream really loud while doing this..but you cant actually hear anything cause am not letting my voice out..if you know what i mean??...but i dont get an urge or a thought to cut myself..even though i do squeeze my legs or anything i can get a hold of as hard as i can with my hands...
but i really think that's normal...when my boyfriend gets really angry he goes of and kicks the first bush or tree he can see...which i think is really amusing but anyway..hope this answers your question:D

take care now:)..

Im a cutter so I know hon, but i do it when im upset usually sad or depressed.

Yes I wanna when I get really mad or depressed or sad but I never actually do it.

andrea v
but i think you should distract yourself by doing something else,that doesnt include hurting your self in any kind of way.

Some times, I did it once and ended up in the ER. I told every one I had an accident, slipped and fell on some thing sharp. Every one Believed me. To this day people still joke about my accident and how what a Klutz I am. Only I know the truth.

Just Don't Do it. Start a Journal, Trust me it is an easier way to let things go.

This is a semi normal responce to anger and dissapointment. It has to do with how you handel your emotions. When you are having a hard time dealing with how you feel your mind acknowledges that there may be outside things that upset you that you can not controll, an then sends to you this strange feeling because you CAN control your body. It is so weird, but that is what the mind does. The key is not to act in these feelings because even though having them is semi normal- it is mostly that way due to the fact that something is keeping you from expressing your feelings more naturally. Also Guilt has a role here also that you may feel guilty for letting someone make you feel this way so you have a desire to punish yourself. Often when we feel pain we will not do that thing again. That is why the brain gives us that signal. Well that's about it. It's not terrible, others have felt this way, BUT DO NOT ACT on it.. the feelings will get stronger and lead to more behavior that is not natural. Hope ya feel better and get less upset in your life.

Andrea C
Hey, dont hurt yourself - everyone one else on the planet will do it for you! Treat yourself like a princess cos your amazing and speacial xxx

Yourself? You must mean other people, yes I get that all the time. The best thing to do is just to do it.

Really, yourself? Hmm, nope. Can't say that I have. I would recommend taking out your aggression on someone else.

Uncle Al
Uncle Al, "I am homicidally depressed."
Psychologist, "You mean, 'suicidally depressed'."
Uncle Al, leaning forward right into her face, "My way is better."

The psychologist jumped. Coward! If it weren't for black depression, how would we ever get through the hard times?

Adiah O

yes and never do it ypur it will really hurt trust me i did it before

ive cut myself before and i regret it cuz now i have scars on my arms and when i wear sleveless or short sleeve shirts i get embarrased cuz ppl say "omg! why did u do that?" but no one really understands what ur going threw, so my best advice to you is take it easy, life is toooooo short

good luck

I think you seriously need to seek some help. I would recommend talking to a counselor. Maybe going to a community clinic and talk to a counselor there, it is very confidential so you don't have to worry about anyone else finging out, and hopefully you stop having those horrible thoughts.

YES!!! i take it out on my pillow though...the poor thing...i tend to bottle all of my anger in front of other people.

i do but it's normal and i don't go through with it

When I was little, I remember thinking that...not cutting...but biting...but I believe a person can get that angry or frustrated...obviously not actually doing it...but I get it...

Yes, and it is a destructive behavior. Basically, your mind is so overwhelmed with your emotion(s) and you don't feel "in control" of the situation. That's why the urge to self-mutilate is so strong- it serves two purposes. It allows you to feel in control of something and it also allows you to focus on something other than the problem at hand. Take it from someone with a lot of scars (emotional and otherwise)- don't ignore this. Find someone to talk to. Good luck.

uh no, when I mad, I write in a journal that i dont let ANYONE read.

Very smart, sensitive people often turn their anger inward. It is not unusual and it is very common.

A better plan is to get a good, healthy outlet for your anger, some control over your life, and some achievements under your belt. You deserve love and kindness, especially from yourself. The anger is normal. The feelings are normal. What you do with them is the question.

I grew up in a very controlling, abusive envirnoment with a lot of critism and rotten things going on. We were not allowed to show anger, to cry or act like humans. I don't think I valued myself too much. I was an A student, captain of this and varsity at that, but I had the same thoughts. Unlike you, I acted on my feelings very destructively, went on to do much worse than that, and spent too much time not putting the anger where it belonged. Later, I got some better coping skills, more control over my own life, and have never felt that way since. You will too. It is human to be angry. It is more fun to be successful. Get a good person to talk to, a physical outlet, and get out of the situation. You may consider going to cognitive behavioral therapy just for a short time to get a clearer perspective and some great coping skills you can use the rest of your life. I think many of us have experienced it and gone on to be happy people living lives we deserve. You will too.

yeah sometimes... rarely... i more frequently want to punch something... an action i regret about twenty minutes later as i pull ice out of the freezer.

i got so mad i said boooyah ennishaaaa baaabajokapla!
i speak gibberish when iam mad.

No thank goodness I've only had the urge to scream my lungs out.

mks 7-15-02

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