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 Why does cutting/self inflicting pain help?
Why do people find it so comforting to feel that kind of pain?...

 How did you get over being depressed? Joke if you want, but I'm serious. ?

 Are you an emotionally strong person?

 I'm gradually losing memory....and I'm only 17!!! Is that normal?
I'm losing my memory, it's been something I've observed for the past 3/4 months, and it's something I don't feel comfortable with, it's not good when someone tells you ...

 I wanna die. please help me?
lately i have been feeling like ****, and i just feel like a failure. like nothing i do is right. i'm failing math, and i never fail classes. i'm doing horrible in school. i feel like no ...

 I think about suicide pretty much daily?
I'm on medication already I don't know why I still feel like this. it's just always in the back of my head....

 I feel like s*** what can i do?
uh... im a girl. and cant drink with the rents for the weekend....

 Help! I'm suffering from SEVERE anxiety, and anxiety attacks!?
Please give me some tips & some good natural, herbal pills I can take, or something. I'm having muscle spasms throughout my back and I am a massage therapist! I have several clients ...

 I'm sat here alone in my flat feeling so miserable & don't know who to turn to for help?
Iam not receiving the care & support i think i should be getting via the Local Health Authority.I have just made a complaint to the local trust & got the reply back today.Everything is just ...

 Whats wrong with me??? Do I need help or what?
Well lets say I'm not a very happy person. I write as some people say disturbing poems but it just tells how I feel about my life and everything around it.
Additional Details

 How the hell do I get out of Iowa?
I have been stuck in this state for 30 years!...

Im downstairs by myself with my parents upstairs. i heard scratching on my door leading to the outside, i can hear breathing in the distant which i think is coming from outside my room! im freaking ...

 Is it normal to feel like a failure when you can't help somebody?
I like to help people. Sometimes a little too much, I get in the middle of arguments a lot because I hate arguments. I help my friends when they need it. Whether they need to talk about cutting, or ...

 Dont laugh...can you actually be addicted to chocolate?

 My doctor prescribed me prozac. Does this mean I am crazy?

 Amnesia?! Please help, easy ten points!?
Is it possible to get hit in the head so hard, it could give you memory loss? As in not remembering ANYTHING, such as family members or events? How long does it usually last? Is it even called ...

 I'm scared whats wrong with me?
I have been stressed for a long time, i also have derpression
but this moring i woke up feeling really sick and felt like i wanted to faint, also my mother who is diabled fell over this moring, ...

 My sister who is 18 years old cries every night for no reason and is always moody and sad and emotional...?
i think she may be depressed but about what? her life is good, no problems at all, she doesnt wana talk to a counsilor as he/she wud b a stranget then...help, any advice plz?!
Additional D...

 do adults/parents think teens being depressed is just puberty?
i took online depression quizzes
and i got pretty bad scores
i want to tell my parents
but i dont think they'll believe it because i act silly and stuff at home
i feel like ...

I watched a scary movie couple days ago and after i just cant sleep, i'm noot like a normal kid, i'm jittery, very gloomy, i.. i hate it!, but This may help: I'm sorta young, and ...

~♥The Nanny Fan♥~2
There's an evil monkey in my closet, my mom and dad don't believe me and my sister Meg just makes fun of me, I'm getting scared what SHOULD I DO?!
Additional Details
only serious answers or I will report you all.

Ryden D
GET CCRRRUUUNNKKK!!!! Slide a monkey.

Lanchester Lateer
Ask Stewie to get his laser gun and shoot it

Shotgun Kisses
Tell him that you are willing to put your differences aside. Have some drinks and slip him a roofie! When he knocks out send him to Iraq.

Jerry Springer told me so™
Pepper Spray thats soma ma *****.

One Dog
Call police, you poser.

Whatever the monkey wants!!!!!!

chicki_loves MJ x 1000

Ice Skate Lover
Take pictures of the monkey nad catch him in the act. Or secretly video tape him, then show you family, their dure to believe you

Kill it

Deep Stuff

Tea Busta
give the monkey some pot
bring back old time

as your family is part of a reality television show, i've noticed that you're little brother stewie has quite the arsenal in his closet. i would recommend that you borrow a firearm from him and use it on the monkey in your closet. once disposed of, you could take the carcass and prove to your parents that you were indeed telling the truth. good luck and happy hunting. oh and concerning your sister, might as well just use your brother's firearm on her too. do us all a favor. cheers!

You should probably spank your evil monkey....

SARAH!!! ツ
Hm.... A monkey eh? Its just an optical ilussion.

Are u related 2 a person named cora?

Its probably not there but just ignore it!

step 1: Go to your local Walmart
step 2: Purchase gun and bullets. (.22 caliber or higher should do the trick)
step 3: go home
step 4: Load gun
step 5: lure the monkey into a narrow hallway using bananas.
step 6: aim (be sure your pointed at the monkey, and not meg.
step 7: SHOOT!
Please be sure to dispose of the body accordingly with local, and state laws. Good luck, this worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin M
point back at it when it points at you, then out in in a circus

Peter Griffen
Go to bed Chris.

Ćĥλv3ζ™ [RIP Antonio de Nigris]
You're gonna report me, yet you're the idiot acting like a cartoon character?

not yet
Taunt him relentlessly and threaten to handcuff him to your sister Meg.

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