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 sad songs about depression?
for some strange reaosn all i can listen to is sad, depressing music. even when i'm feeling relitavely happy.

how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing....

 Weird habits you have that you're not sure anyone else has?
well maybe you know some people do it, but whatever:
i always step on every crack on the sidewalk.
weird habits- what are yours?...

 Positives of being pale?
I really need a confidence booster when it comes from my pale skin. I am pretty faired skin, and tan only when i have to burn really really badly. I don't want to tan because of all the skin ...

 Should I commit suicide?
I am a thirteen year old boy. My life has been poor from the start. I am always unlucky, I have no friends, no girlfriend, i'm not strong at any subjects, not good at sport and my family hate me....

 what are good ways to "de-stress" yourself?
things that don't take very long, but can still make you less stressed....

 is there something wrong with my 16 year old daughter?
My daughter is sixteen and scared of everything. She has slept in the bedroom that my husband and i share for the past four days because she thought there was someone she couldn't see in her ...

 I often lie in bed and get depressed when I should be getting up. How can I fight this depression and get up?
I lack motivation, discipline, and the desire to accomplish things in my life. Is this depression? How can I be less depressed and get more things done? Thanks for any ...

 Ugh, I'm so frustrated!? Advice please?
I'm just so frustrated in being so depressed. I feel like I've tried everything, psychologist, therapist, medicine(it does work some but I don't enjoy taking circular bundles of false ...

 My boyfriend smokes (i want him to stop) what do i do?
Every weekend he'll go out and party and smoke and pop pills and eat shrooms and who knows what else....
i keep telling him to stop... and so does many other people
i hate seeing him ...

 I can't stand being alone?
I'm 24 years old, I've had problems with depression and social anxiety for the past few years, but lately my biggest problem is being alone. I just can't stand it, I only have to be on ...

 i am very nervous for my exams what should i do?
its my first exam in my new ...

 Which is harder to give up, cigarettes or alcohol?

 how to control angry?
i am 23 years old unmarried girl.i am a very simple.I am a good girl,sometimes i get short tempered and say anything very badly to my parents and later i realized and say sorry to mom and dad.please ...

 Do some people like feeling depressed?
I feel what i think is depression but i like the feeling of being solitary? Is that somewhat common?...

 Am I going crazy?
I have wondered many times if I'm going crazy.I'm paranoid.I always think that someone is going to hurt my feelings or that someone is out to cause me some kind of harm(mostly emotional).L...

 Is it weird that i talk to myself?
like i do it all the time and sometimes i play the role of other people
sometimes its out loud other times its in my head

am i crazy or am i just blowing this out of ...

 What should I do if someone is threatening my life?
Allright so i use 2 smoke weed alot ( i know it's bad i quit now) well when i use 2 smoke i bought it from this guy but he gave it 2 me and said i could pay him later but he didnt give me the ...

 What's so bad about cutting?
I've read many questions involving someone cutting themselves and with each came a million comments explaining how you need to stop, and how you need to talk to soem peopel about it. (Even on ...

 What do you do when you can't really think of anything positive about yourself?

Additional Details
My physical looks are fine. I'm thinking of my personality....

 How to improve my self-image. Hating the way I look but not doing anything about it!?
I keep hating the way my body looks, even though everyone else says i'm beautiful and pretty. For some reason I just can't see it.

Some random days I will see it though and I'...

Dont laugh...can you actually be addicted to chocolate?

Mr. King
I'm addicted to chocolate...men.

no but i like big @ SSes

Jonny B.
Yes, just don't start spiking it.

Personally, I think people can be addicted to anything, whether it's food or some sort of habit or something. If it's something you do or eat enough to where you have to or need to eat it every day, then it is addictive.

I was just wondering the same thing! I was just looking at all the chocolate easter candy that my daughter got and I want to rip it open right now!! I don't usually eat sweets (candy, cake, cookies, etc.) but I can't do without chocolate. I do crave it!! I'll even eat the sugar free kind if that's all that's available. Good question!

Yes, it's possible for anything to be addictive. If you eat chocolate on a regular basis, your body expects it. It isn't like a once-in awhile thing, your body actually starts expecting to get chocolate on a regular basis. If you're at the point where you think you'll go crazy if you don't eat chocolate, that's probably b/c 1. You've been eating it regularly 2. You haven't had any in awhile 3. your body is expecting it as a regular.

Your Mom
Anything can be addictive....

yes you can

yes I am and I'm proud of it...it's good to be a chocoholic...there are worse addictions in the world than chocolate...

Addiction is having weak willpower. So if your that weak, you can be addicted to anything!

This is an abstract of a serious scholarly study of the behavior identified as "chocolate addiction":


(It seems to suggest that chocolate addiction is a serious disorder. But if you read it over, and can be certain that it says so, you're a etter man than I am Gunga Din! Suggest that all academic articles or abstracts come accompanied with a gloss in ordinary English.)


Clays mom
chocalate has caffiene so yeah. food is also addicting in it self

it depends..like in my case, i don't have that much money to buy lot of foods i like esp. chocolate..so i discepline myself to just be contented for what i have. mind you, it's not only addicted it will also cause diabetics.

Chocolate has several chemicals, some of which cause your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins make you happy, and they also reduce the functionality of pain receptors, so it also makes you feel great too.

Scientists have performed extensive exams on the brain, and the chocolate effect on it. The area that becomes active is the pleasure sensor, the very same censor that is triggered at the height of a certain pleasurable act.

So, yes, it can be very addictive because it makes you feel good.

yes you can, i have it everyday all day sometimes....

you can be addicted to anything!

It is possible to be addicted to anything. so yeah you can be addicted to chocolate.

Yeah, I hear it actually affects your body in the way it makes you feel. You probably like it cause you either like the texture or it makes you feel good. People like a lot of fatty foods more for the texture than the actual taste.

oh yeah, totally!

diesel r
I don't know but I'm addicted to coffee and coke zero, but thats the caffeine.

now why did u have to mention chocolate,gotta get me some now

Yes my husband is but taking magnesium supplements help him.

lol i am eating a chocolate easter bunny right now and i have been craving chocolate more and more ...

actually im in Anatomy and Physiology right now and have taken intro to psychology... and yes you can be addicted to chocolate. it release the GABA hormone in your brain that makes you feel good like alcohol, but after you do it or eat it repeatitively your brain starts to decrease its own production because it doesnt need to make it if your going to feed it to it on its own... therefore when you dont eat it, you crave it because your body isnt making it on its own anymore...

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