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 What are some methods that I can use to forget about my depression?
if only for 5 minutes.
Additional Details
Wow, Adam, I AM a girl =P...

 Do you have a strange phobia?
im afraid of toilets and ...

 Could you love someone who had a mental illness?

Additional Details
I'm sorry - I didn't mean to be rude. I was just wondering.

You see, on principle, I would say 'of course you can love someone with a mental ...

 I cut myself and nobody helps me even when i do get help from doctors it just doesn't work for me it just hurt
Well i am depressed and i don't like saying why i am because it is in my family and i wish i was dead all the time and cutting just makes it feel like i am alive even if i feel like i wasn'...

 I need help - I can't stop ripping out my hair?
My hair is very loose and I have become addicted to ripping out my hair because it doesn't even hurt and for some reason I get enjoyment out of it but I am getting a bald spot in my head and I ...

 How do I explain to my grandma why I tried to kill myself?

I'm 17, live with my grandma

 i hate my life. I worry to much. I feel to ugly all the time its not fair?
Okay so im a 14 year old girl. I go to high school. I hate it soo much. I feel awkward talking infrount of people so when i am picked for something i end up stuttering and people laugh. I feel ugly. O...

 I'm so depressed right now, should i get drunk?
Should i get drunk and pass out for the rest of the night?...

 My grandma passed away this morning & I'm non-emotive?
Just wondering if anyone has experienced lack of emotion after the loss of a loved one? It concerns me as I loved her dearly. What's happening in my head?...

 Suicide, I need help?
Tomorrow, on Wednesday, I am going to commit suicide by means of taking 30 Valiums, 30 Loratabs, 25 Vicodin, 15 Flexeril, and 10 Trymidol. If by some strange chance I survive this, I have a .44 ...

 Hearing music in my head?
Why do I sometimes hear music in my head? It is not just an annoying song that is stuck in my head all day. Sometimes, I hear music usually when it is very quiet, and it can come out of ambient noise ...

 I need help I don't know what to do any more?
I have been suffering from depression and an anxitey nervous disorder as a result I have given up on my karate training (I try going back then I feel scared andd can't do it). I'm on ...

 Should I tell my boyfriend I have suicidal thoughts?
He already knows i get depressed. We've been dating only a short time and I don't think the relationship will last long but I sort of feel that i want to share this with him. Should I?...

 What do I do now I'm at rock bottom?
As a man I have been stripped of everything I care about:

No. of friends: 0
Job: none
Weight: ...

 I think I may be depressed. Can you help?
So I have just been feeling down all the time lately. I have told one person that I think I am depressed and they try to help me because they think I am too. They are getting sick of it. I told my ...

 How do you quit being depressed?
"my friend" needs to know....

 I dont wanna live anymore...i need help now plz read?
Ive always been the one to help everyone overcome their problems by talking to them...i've been talking to myself and trying to not be uspet about something that has happened but it just doesnt ...

 Do I have OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)?
Ok..... so this sounds weird but if I don't go to the restroom before I go to bed i wont sleep. If I have to go to the bathroom the tinyest bit before bed i will get up and walk 50 miles to the ...

 My new job is making me VERY depressed........I don't know what to do?
I started a new job about a month ago and was so excited to start it. My old job was bad (mainly because my bosses were RIDICULOUS). My new job also pays MUCH more. For the past 4 weeks, rather ...

 commmiting suicide that wont get in my families way?
how do i do it?...

♥Lulu- IS BACK♥
Does death scare you?
...I swear to.... My cat, if I get any religious answers, I will beat you upside the head with a baseball bat.

Crystal A
i am but then again i'm not i'm manley scared of how i would die

Fred P
no, not really, i'm still young :D so theres no way i could die of old age still death doesn't really scare me

John D
no, i just accept it and live life to the fullest

Yes! I'm not in church so I would go to hell right now if I were to die. Now, go and get your baseball bat!

Death scares the crap out of me, its seriously my only fear.

yeah but not like when your dead just how you die i wanna die like in my sleep or something peaceful

no im not....i've been close to death like...two times?? ya in my life...or was that 3 times?? no no no 1 time.....u cant avoid it...yeah

nope just what ill miss afterwards

Yes, I want to live my life! but no I also feel like theres no point in me being alive

No. Because it's gonna happen anyway...

Oh yeah for sure! But I always try to remember this:
"Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive -- the risk to be alive and express what we really are."
- Don Miguel Ruiz

Amy Lynn
Nope. When I was little I would hate to talk to about it but as I got older I have realized that People are born and then die. It happens to everyone, some just are more tragic and others are just the way it's suppose to go. It's the circle of life.

Daniel O
No, Because i know im going to heaven and i will see my grandma and it will be very happy!

no because when I die I'll know which religon is right

Bob L
Not really. I don't plan to die anytime soon.

Sometimes I am, but most of the time I'm not'

(you didn't want a religious answer so I will not tell you why or why not I'm afraid. :-)

Q.T.Ï€ Reuben
Not any more. After my dad died in 1994 I suddenly lost any fear of death that I had.

Alison Dubois
YES. Because I have no idea where am I going. If it is as painful as life has been...hope it is better, but don't believe in it too much. Might just be worse.

Although I wouldnt commit suicide.
Death is interesting to me.
Its mysterious.
No one knows what it leads to.

♫♪Panic! at Nabisco♪♫
yes!! i know i shouldn't worry too much about it, but i have been really paranoid recently, thinking of all the possible ways i could die... eek

No actually it does not at all.

not death itself, but im scared of how im gonna die, i don't want it to be painful! lol

Joel R
No. When I die I won't know it.

Nope I look forward to death...... Just Kiddiiinggg. I don't plan to die any time soon. so it doesnt scare me yet.

I am not scared of death, i am scared for my family i would leave behind

Yes, I'm not a fan of it.

Qiyuan Z
It's not death itself that hurts other people. It's the unfinished deeds and the waste of that person that is sad.

Death doesn't scare me. everyone has to die sooner or later.

When your young your oblivious to it, when your in your thirties you think about it all the time. Come middle age you dont give a stuff and when your really old your just hoping your time comes soon.

I think that sums it up.

I think its more of the causes of death that scares me. And um Jesus luvs you - muahahahahahha! Beat me!

Maddie C
no death does not scare me. the way i die and who i leave does, but death in itself is part of life.

PS why not religious anwers...? religion affects peoples views on death greatly.

Death is as natural as birth.
Living is the hard part.

"We are born wet, naked and hungry... and things get worse from there"

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