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Does anyone know how to cure fear of spiders, just seen one on my bed now cant sleep p.s. it was big?
I am totally obsessed with one touching me, and the worse thing is I'm a 6 foot 3 bloke, just seen one massive spider on my bed, absolutly hate them!!!

sideshow bob
try an talk to it, make conversation

You are reacting to the stereotypical view of spiders. The vast majority can't hurt you. They are a great creature. They kill flies. I hate flies and love to see one coiled up in a web! They aree harmless. Don't worry, just sleep

sleep on the couch let a fogger off in the bedroom

some spiders can bite, sorry that was stupid

I hate them too! I'm absolutely terrified of them. My advice would be to see a therapist or psychologist for help on how to overcome your phobia.

jay c
Me too! If you figure out how to cope with the biting ugly spiders I want to know....I got bit quite a few times this summer. I am deathly afraid of the black ones but let me say, the tan ones bite too.
good luck

Don't worry mate once you get to sleep later, you'll probably eat it!

Apparently, we eat quite a few during the course of a year while we are sleeping! Hope this helps.

Remember that they want to get away from you more than you want to get away from them (they know you eat them). They are actually helpful little critters and you should try keeping this one as a pet.

A pill to cure your fear of spiders. Follow the link below!

i know the feeling i hate them,i think its all to do with the fact they hairy and move so fast.im that bad i check my bed ,pillow cases,under the bed and walls b4 i go bed,you will be surprised how many people have this fear.only suggestion i can see is to meet ya fear face on rather you than me lmao.

i have fear of spiders...i hate them. i get totally freaked out at the sight of them. i even get goose bumps all over even if they are still out of my sight that i have to look around and find them before they get to me. i always have this insect spray around.

i saw one on tv. first, they showed her pictures. had her touch pics. then showed it on her on tv. real close-up shots and again had her touch her. then they had this live tarantula in an aquarium. she started from afar, then got nearer and nearer until she was able to pet it and finally scooped it out from the glass cage....yew....i was so freaked out just watching her. good for her she did it. i don't think i can.

this is all about your mind. if you really want to get cured, go to a psychologist or psychiatric, not sure which one. don't tell me you're scared to ask for professional help too. be confident! good luck.

i have that fear too! expecially the really huge ones in arkansas!

if you see one, shoot cleaner on it. i like oust.

Vera W

I love spiders.

clive p
Sure, Ed. Take off one leg which will eventually grow into another spider, then keep them both as pets

read about them. become an entomologist. study them. know which ones are safe and which ones are not.

if the ones you have are dangerous, find out ways to keep them away from your house. i know my grandparents would put these certain nuts around their house and the spiders didnt like them so they woudl stay away.

i also read that if you keep lights on at night when you are not using them spiders become attracted to lighted areas cause bugs go toward light.

also keep in mind that they like warm damp places. also try spraying raid in areas where they may come into your house.

Hey, I really mean for this to help...hope it doesn't creep you out too much...
First, spiders are creepy to almost everyone - it's kinda instinctive as a human, and rather smart, actually. Seems logical for humans (even big dudes) to fear something that can possibly take them out with a little bite, no matter what size you are.
Second, I remember hearing that humans will consume some number of spiders/insects while sleeping with our big old mouths hanging open. I don't know if I necessarily believe this, but I do believe that it is impossible to prevent spiders from crawling on us while we are sleeping...in fact, that's how a lot of people are bitten. You've probably survived way more close calls with spiders than you realize.
Last, but not least, spiders are beneficial and will eat lots of creepy crawly bugs.
Oh, and like my exasperated Grandma told me, "He's probably more scared of you than you are of him!"

Try getting a humorous looking stuffed spider. It sounds dumb but laughing off a fear is the best way to get past it.

Study up on them and learn if there are any dangerous ones in your area. Chances are, any you see are completely harmless and fear you just as much.

I totally feel for ya. I have this horrible bat phobia. For the first time in 37 years one got in the house last week. They managed to get it out and we thought it may have accidentally gotten in when they let the dog out. Then a few nights ago another got in. I was too scared to run 10 feet to open the patio door so I darted in the storage room 3 ft away. I stayed in there for 5 hours, crying with a blanket over my head until someone came home. I can't sleep until it's light out, I can't eat, feel nauseous, have constant knots in my stomach and cry all day. I'm here alone at night so the anxiety is like 10x more intense. Today we think we found out how they were getting in and sealed it. If the object of your phobia isn't something you can easily avoid, like spiders, medication can help with the anxiety and you may want to try behaviorial therapy in which you're increasing exposed to your phobia until your no longer afraid. I know it sounds horrifying but I guess it works.

Many spiders venom can injure, inflict pain or kill so nature makes you hate them, your alarm bell is just tight...

if its a strange looking spider be careful you may well have reson to be scared say if it came with the bananas...

Capture and call the natural history measeum or bio security depts...

If a regular spider, catch and throw it out... most dont like spiders.

miss wonderful
Force yourself to pick one up and you'll be ok when you realise that it will not harm you. Have you ever thought how the spider might feel.....even more scared!

Ah, you'll be creeped out a bit, but it could of been just the one :)
just do a second check, and search everything, you'll have a better conscience about it knowing you searched it all, and never seen anything :)

Get the hoover out and hoover it up. Thats what I do I hate them too.

I can't stand them either, bro. Just respect them, most of them are more afraid of you.

Alice S
Fear of spiders is a phobia, arachnophobia. Phobias are irrational fears which prevent people from completing everyday tasks, such as sleeping in your bed where you so the spider.

There are generally two ways in which Cognitive Behavior therapists work with patients with phobias. One way is to gradually introduce the subject to the feared item, in this case spiders, and systematically desensitize them to the stimulus. This is done by showing pictures of a spider, then having a spider in the room with you, and then eventually having you touch the spider, so that you face your fear and overcome it.

The second way to deal with a phobia is through guided relaxation. Close your eyes while sitting in a safe place, and picture yourself in your bed sleeping. Picture yourself sleeping and seeing that there are no spiders near you. The more your brain becomes comfortable with this image, the less stress you will feel going to your bed, the easier you will be able to fall asleep.

Shoot To Kill!

It's okay to hate spiders. I used to be afraid of them. my friend told me they are very small and when they see you with any one of their eight eyes, all they are doing is trying like mad to find an escape route and to run as fast as they can with all of their legs in the opposite direction from you so they can stay alive. You have tremendous power at your disposal and I hope you will use it with compassion and allow that poor little (compared to your size) spider run as fast as she can and jump off the corner of your bed, never to return. By the way, spiders have an intricate system built into their brains. They will never built a web again where someone has messed up their vibes. Maybe once, but if you get in her way or the two of you meet again - she will be even quicker to try to outrun you. Let her escape you. It is the humanitarian thing to do. The spider has a right to live, just as you do. When I find a spider in our bathroom, I open the screen, grab a piece of paper, let it climb up on it and whee! out it goes, flying spider! Remember this: all that little spider is trying to do is get away from you. - C.

i wish i could help because i cant stand them either.i saw one in my room and was afraid to go in there untill i knew for sure it was dead.i freak out if i see one.i also had a big one on my deck and i had to have someone come over to kill it for me LOL i know im such a baby.LOL but i do love snakes..not sure if they wouold get the spiders though :)

Jammy Dodgers
if you eat one, there will obviously be not too many things worse especially just touching one!

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