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 Should I tell my boyfriend I have suicidal thoughts?
He already knows i get depressed. We've been dating only a short time and I don't think the relationship will last long but I sort of feel that i want to share this with him. Should I?...

 What do I do now I'm at rock bottom?
As a man I have been stripped of everything I care about:

No. of friends: 0
Job: none
Weight: ...

 I think I may be depressed. Can you help?
So I have just been feeling down all the time lately. I have told one person that I think I am depressed and they try to help me because they think I am too. They are getting sick of it. I told my ...

 How do you quit being depressed?
"my friend" needs to know....

 I dont wanna live anymore...i need help now plz read?
Ive always been the one to help everyone overcome their problems by talking to them...i've been talking to myself and trying to not be uspet about something that has happened but it just doesnt ...

 Do I have OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)?
Ok..... so this sounds weird but if I don't go to the restroom before I go to bed i wont sleep. If I have to go to the bathroom the tinyest bit before bed i will get up and walk 50 miles to the ...

 My new job is making me VERY depressed........I don't know what to do?
I started a new job about a month ago and was so excited to start it. My old job was bad (mainly because my bosses were RIDICULOUS). My new job also pays MUCH more. For the past 4 weeks, rather ...

 commmiting suicide that wont get in my families way?
how do i do it?...

 If someone feels sad, do you become sad even if it has nothing to do with you?
I despise this cliche, but do you feel their pain?...

 I need help...desperatly...?
I'm a cutter. A few months ago i made a promise to my boyfriend and a specific friend that I wouldn't cut anymore. Sadly, I cut myself today. I can't tell them. I know they'll get ...

 Can stress, anxiety & depression cause breathing problems?
if i'm really stressed then my throat & stomach feel like they're closing up?
anything i can ...

 Help! Am I going to be ok?(OD)?
I just had
3 300mg of Ibuprofen
9 81mg of Tylenol(Weak)
2 50mg of Adderal XR
2 200mg of Motrin
3 525(500/25)mg of Tylenol PM....

 What's it like to be on level two?

 why am i fat and ugly? ?
i don't eat alot, around 900-1100 cals a day, and i walk everywhere and all the time, but my weight won't drop, 5'3 100lbs and its staying and my belly is really gross, i don't ...

 I used to cut myself? ?
I have cut myself a few times last year and once this spring. i am really depressed and upset. I feel like it's all over and no one understands and now i just want to cut. I am stopping myself. W...

 what is the worst evil drugs or alcohol???
or a ...

 If you are over 18 yrs of age...?
And living in your parents house, can they make you take Anti-Depressants, or is it up to you?...

 how do you feel at this moment??'?

 why is it so bad to cut yourself. if it makes you feel better isn' that good?

 do u think some1s in my house?
today i'm home alone again and i like some1 is always watching me, not just to day i feel like this all the time when i'm in my house, and i hear little scrapes agianest the wall every now ...

Do you have a strange phobia?
im afraid of toilets and cameras

Im afraid of that moment when you shut off the light and are starting to leave a dark room. I run everytime I turn off the kitchen light. Not afraid of the dark though

A p p le.Pie.x
Ye, Flags, especially the massive ones that are on long poles : |

I also agree with Unknown..about sticking ur limbs out, i feel somes gna cut them off lol

im afraid of dropping my camera

A7x 4 Lyfe =P
im scared of suffocating... i cant cover myself with a blanket further than my shoulder or ill just start sweating and freaking out...lol ask my parents how many times i screamed

Jasmine showin sum luv!
Yes I do . So scared of spiders ugh !!!


im afraid of belly buttons LOL i feel sick every time mine gets touched

Milly F
I'm afraid of santa ...

I don't like the idea of some fat old dude O.O coming into my room at night and he spends a little too much time with kiddies if you ask me. What are his real intentions?... hmmmm


♪ ♫ AvA ♪ ♫
im afraid of toilets too..and crowed places...im scared to talk to people...certain people...im scared of mirrors...

I'm So Cool
im afraidof sprinklers

Walking down stairs. climbing ladders cannot do either,
getting up to go to work i really hate

i'm scared of sticking my limbs out when i'm in bed! i don't why i just think someone is going to grab them and cut them off! i'm scared of rooms at night because i'm scared i will see shadow people! they are a real thing search it on google i'm to scared to see them come up on the web page! also ghosts! i know they probably aren't real but i hate when my mind plays tricks on me and weird noises! i have normal phobias like spiders, moths, butterflies, daddy long legs, pigeons, the dark (even though nigh time is my favourite part of the day) and creepy looking insects!

I have a mild phobia of loud noises , yet I continue to be a merch girl for local bands. I'm probably the only person to wear earplugs while selling T-shirts and CDs at a show.

Spiral staircases

Lindsey M
i dont like black toilet seats they freak me out!

I am terrified of the security scanners that they place inside every entrance to stores: my mother once handed me a bag that she knew still had a live tag in it, and the alarms went off. I tense up and hold my breath every time I walk through them, even if I did not touch anything in the store.

I have a fear of people grabbing my legs in the swimming pool. Makes me hyperventilate.

Arachibutyrophobia - Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

its an actual phobia:

Im afraid of feet

Fork UK
No, not as far as I know.

slightly bigger apes with red eyes glowing.

BobJr's Final return
im scared of insects like a little child.

Im afraid at night if i am not under covers!
I know very weird!!! lol

im afraid of being fat

i'm DEATHLY afraid of pool drains.


I get freaked out by mirrors in my room when I'm sleeping. Keep thinking a freaky image will appear. This was more so when I was a kid, but I still get uncomfortable from time to time by mirrors.

David D
Yes. I am afraid of phobias. Its called phobaphobia

Elizabeth G
dimly lit, noisy, crowded places.
Starbucks and Hollister, to name a couple

When I was a little girl I was afraid of alligators under my bed, waiting for me to drop an arm or leg over the side.

toilets? where do you go to the bathroom? i'm afraid of grasshoppers.

I afraid of vomiting

stephen k
Popping balloons for me

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