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 i hate my life. I worry to much. I feel to ugly all the time its not fair?
Okay so im a 14 year old girl. I go to high school. I hate it soo much. I feel awkward talking infrount of people so when i am picked for something i end up stuttering and people laugh. I feel ugly. O...

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 My grandma passed away this morning & I'm non-emotive?
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 Suicide, I need help?
Tomorrow, on Wednesday, I am going to commit suicide by means of taking 30 Valiums, 30 Loratabs, 25 Vicodin, 15 Flexeril, and 10 Trymidol. If by some strange chance I survive this, I have a .44 ...

 Hearing music in my head?
Why do I sometimes hear music in my head? It is not just an annoying song that is stuck in my head all day. Sometimes, I hear music usually when it is very quiet, and it can come out of ambient noise ...

 I need help I don't know what to do any more?
I have been suffering from depression and an anxitey nervous disorder as a result I have given up on my karate training (I try going back then I feel scared andd can't do it). I'm on ...

 Should I tell my boyfriend I have suicidal thoughts?
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 What do I do now I'm at rock bottom?
As a man I have been stripped of everything I care about:

No. of friends: 0
Job: none
Weight: ...

 I think I may be depressed. Can you help?
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 How do you quit being depressed?
"my friend" needs to know....

 I dont wanna live anymore...i need help now plz read?
Ive always been the one to help everyone overcome their problems by talking to them...i've been talking to myself and trying to not be uspet about something that has happened but it just doesnt ...

 Do I have OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)?
Ok..... so this sounds weird but if I don't go to the restroom before I go to bed i wont sleep. If I have to go to the bathroom the tinyest bit before bed i will get up and walk 50 miles to the ...

 My new job is making me VERY depressed........I don't know what to do?
I started a new job about a month ago and was so excited to start it. My old job was bad (mainly because my bosses were RIDICULOUS). My new job also pays MUCH more. For the past 4 weeks, rather ...

 commmiting suicide that wont get in my families way?
how do i do it?...

 If someone feels sad, do you become sad even if it has nothing to do with you?
I despise this cliche, but do you feel their pain?...

 I need help...desperatly...?
I'm a cutter. A few months ago i made a promise to my boyfriend and a specific friend that I wouldn't cut anymore. Sadly, I cut myself today. I can't tell them. I know they'll get ...

 Can stress, anxiety & depression cause breathing problems?
if i'm really stressed then my throat & stomach feel like they're closing up?
anything i can ...

 Help! Am I going to be ok?(OD)?
I just had
3 300mg of Ibuprofen
9 81mg of Tylenol(Weak)
2 50mg of Adderal XR
2 200mg of Motrin
3 525(500/25)mg of Tylenol PM....

 What's it like to be on level two?

 why am i fat and ugly? ?
i don't eat alot, around 900-1100 cals a day, and i walk everywhere and all the time, but my weight won't drop, 5'3 100lbs and its staying and my belly is really gross, i don't ...

Do you ever wonder what's the point of going to sleep?
I'm sort of tired, but not really. My husband is bugging me to come to bed and get some sleep, but I just sigh and wonder why bother when I can stay up and do stuff?

i feel the same way but without sleep after a period of time your mind becomes delirious.

not really i like my sleep...

your body needs it.

VoTe Huckabee!!
Try staying up until 6 o clock AM one morning and see how u feel the next day.
I did that once and i slept the wholoe next day.
It's very important because ur mind and body need 2 be recharged like a cell phone.
It won't work if it's dead.
Actually if u don't get enough sleep u can't think as clearly, and u gain weight.
So G night*

no not really, you are going to bed now! where do you live? its only 6pm here

no just getting up

No, I love sleeping. My bed is the most expensive piece of furniture in my house and I love retiring there at the end of the day!

My hubby-- same.
Sometimes I lay down with him, to trick him into going to sleep, then I get up and do what I want in peace and quiet, like Y!A, or reading. hehehe. He always falls to sleep within 5 minutes.
I take it as a good thing that he wants you to be rested, and he likes you by his side.

Your bodie needs to rest. That is how you start to repair your self and work though problem you had during the day. It helps your mind slow down and go though what you been doing, and it helps you to reamber things that happend to.

no, all i know is that i like it.

Of course there is a point to go to sleep. Your body needs a rest. Just a chance to shut down, and plus do you know how tired you would be if you didn't sleep. It would make you age faster, i mean look at the people who are on meth and coke. They are awake all the time and they get so aged. I think that our lives would be shorter if we didn't sleep.

Well I've heard that if you don't sleep after like 72 hours or something you start to hallucinate. You wouldn't be able to function after a while. You need sleep to recharge.

Mike M
No,but I do about getting up.

your body and mind need rest so you have to sleep.

Sleep is like our reset button. Without sleep your body would start to break down. Your mind and body needs rest.

Small Town Gal
Nope. I love sleep. I wonder why I don't do it more often. Anyone up for a nap?

the less sleep you get the worse your immune system gets. The most likely you will get sick. So you need your sleep. you need at least 7-8hrs sleep to really get your immune system working properly.
my husband is taking a fire training class to become a fireman and he learned that in his class.

Your Add Here!

im... a.... tool..?
whats the point of going to sleep... hmm... well if you can get 6 hrs... thats just about plenty... but if you get more its a lil better... less and your body will start to get ran down... get sick easier... stuff like that... your body needs sleep to rejuvenate...

Lovely unicorn
you're afraid of missing something. Sleep is a time for your body to rest and recuperate. Even if you're not tire, you need to rest your body,

we need to renew ourselves for the next morning

ya my husband says the exact same thing he never wants to sleep because he says he can be spending the time doing something productive..there are many medical reasons why we need to sleep of corse..

That Guy
You could also go to bed and "do stuff"

i sometimes wonder why i have to sleep and i feel like i'm wasting life, but once i fall asleep i don't wanna get up. i understand what you're talking about, but sleep is healthy so please make an effort :]

I wonder why I'm forced to sleep sometimes, and why our bodies were made to need sleep in the first place, but never the benefits of sleep on the body, because those are clear and evident. You need sleep. Period. And if you have an opportunity to get it, do so. When there's a project that I need to finish, I will sacrifice sleep to finish it, but other than that, in order to function properly on a daily basis.....go to sleep.

Because it is unhealthy. your body needs sleep whether you think you need it our not. it gives it a chance to rest. even computers need to be restarted every once in awhile

well i got to reasons why you should go to sleep then stay up

1.You should get a good nights sleep becuz if you dont...when u finally go to sleep you will sleep the next day away...
2.You Did mention your husband sooooo...... Have Sum Fun(wink wink) XD
well hoped i helped

Hillary Nance
No because I know that I am tired and that I need to give my body time to restore itself from the former day.

Black Cat
I wonder too sometimes....If it were up to me I'd stay up all the time....lol

Work and School
The point of you going to sleep is so your body can heal, rest, and repair itself. We all like to stay up sometimes, but sometimes we have to get a good nights sleep so our body work at its best potential.

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