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 how many people are awake right now?
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I'm in fort worth, Texas....

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 Daughter been told could have mental illness like bipolar, she gets top marks at school. How can this be right?

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 Is this normal? I don't know if somethings wrong...?
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 What Would You Do If A Crazy Person Tried To Kill You?
what would you do just an interesting question
watch this vid, what would you do?

 is there any point in living?
hi my life is relly bad i ave no friends at school i all ways get bulled i can't sleep a night becuse of this, what shall i do cometing sucide or to stay alive....

 Am I insane? Paranoia?
I think I have paranoia.
I'm 14, and I'm constantly seeing pictures in my mind of dead bodies falling through the walls at me.
When I'...

Do you ever feel so lonely, that you feel like you cant handle it anymore?
right now im really lonely... and i wana find a way to get over it =
Additional Details
why do people feel the need to be rude, every chance they get? thank you to those who are actually answering the question.

i didnt really mention that i have alot of friends, but no girlfriend.

Zariah Willow

Skyler Skinner
No, that is just a condition you are probably just suffering from. I recommend you see a doctor.

Read a book. Or get a girlfriend.

bar...shots....poor decisions....repeat

educate yourself.
having a social life hardly leaves time to educate yourself, so its a good opportunity. thats how my friend turned from a punk to deep thinking muslim when he was in jail.

John Wilke-Booth
get some friends bro

Prego with baby #2!
I would say go out more often keep your mind off of things. Dress up nice in school and when you go out wear nice cologne girls love that. Dont over due it. You'll be fine it takes time i was so lonely for a while and i couldn't understand im not ugly until one day i ran into my husband. Its just a matter of time you seem young it will come. :)

i am lonely too. just keep being outgoing and stay true to yourself:)

Eric B
YESSS, When i get lonely i text people or get on facebook... I spent my actual bday night alone cause it was a monday and every one was busy..

I used to be lonely and then I found Mathematiks.

ღ Marissa ღ
Everyone gets lonely sometimes. I have been in your shoes...

I remember getting in a huge fight with a few of my best friends that I used to be with constantly, and I felt really lonely after that. I confided in my family during that time and cat. It was very rough; I felt alone and betrayed. Then I went to college and made many new friends who keep me occupied! They are soo much fun and good company. I also met my boyfriend who is amazing and we are together ALL the time and I am hardly ever lonely. He is my everything. When you find that special person, you will rarely be lonely.

For the time being, confide in your family or whichever friends you may have. Do things that make you happy. Expand your hobbies. Try something new. Try to do things that are fun. Loneliness is tough to deal with, but life has a lot of twists and turns. Things will get brighter for you. Don't worry-- You will get through it. ♥

watch t.v.

hobbies are always good, go out to bars and meet new people

Dont listen to them. Talk to someone. like me . :) I feel the same way sometimes to. People are here to help you, and talk to you. Your not alone.
- [email protected]

DJ Few
Ok then

everyone does. Maybe try a new hobby out.. or do something that has always made you curious. and sometimes we all just need a big hug from someone. hugz!

I Don't Know
Sleep on it; tomorrow's another day

Yeah all the time.

I just try to keep positive.

Text someone, IM someone, call someone, even if its your family.
It'll make you feel better.

u should talk to someone who will really listen to u

Jimmy Krumpets
yeah i've felt that way and i still do a bit. After moving and going to a high school where i knew nobody my self-confidence tanked. I am getting better but that is through help with friends, so find some really good friends and spend time with them. One day really felt like crap but after going on a run i felt much better, so you could try that

I'm lonely too. I just don't have that many friends like you..

I feel like that a lot actually. The best way to get over it is getting out and doing something. I admit that I use shopping as therapy for that, but it's not the best thing to do, as it costs money!

chelsea k
get a pet :) u can cuddle with them and talk to them and give them love..

these idiots that tell you to kill yourself are the reason why people get lonely in the first place...isn't it ironic? lol

reading is a great way to keep in a positive mood and you get a lot smarter. it is a healthy hobby...beats drugs and finding a girlfriend just for the sake of finding a girlfriend. just try to be yourself and that way people who you would actually have interest in will gravitate towards you. i suggest maybe reading books while you are at the library or at a bookstore. i have met people with actual brains who hang around libraries and bookstores.

:( i talk to my dog when im lonely.

Yes I do.

I can honestly say that I have felt this way so many times and often still do.

sometimes, I feel lonely even when I'm surrounded by friends or family. when I feel that way I can always turn to a piece of literature, even though it's not a permanent solution i just hope that it will take my mind off the pain somewhat.

sometimes just talking to another person and venting everything that you're feeling and having them listen to you unconditionally without judging lifts some of the weight off your shoulders.

Music is the main thing that helps me through the feeling of loneliness, there's so much out there that it's hard to not find something that you can relate to, I also feel that exploring new musical genres helps to take my mind off the loneliness. I hope that was some help. keep yourself occupied, find new things that you might enjoy doing.

I recently decided to take up a photography class and this is going to sound weird but it was very therapeutic, it gave me a medium in which to express my inner thoughts without words.

don't worry, be happy!

I feel this way often, and I have been split from my daughters father for 3 years and have been single without friends this entire time. I have a few suggestions, but I don't really think that it is something you can just get over. Loneliness may come from a variety of different reasons but the thing of it is .......we do deal with it because we have no choice right. So with that said....I find things to entertain myself, keep busy and concentrate on the important parts of life. For me it is my baby girl. That may be a blessing in disguise. If you are lonely only for a companion I feel for you. I know what it is like to want someone there who loves you and adores you! If you have lots of friends call one up who you really trust and talk...I don't know if guys actually do that, but girls do. Good luck
And I'm sure that a girl will come along sometime and fill up some of your emptiness

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