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i am so freaking strange!!!
Do you eat more or less when you are depressed?

Pete M
Both. You can comfort eat or starve yourself.

Thomas A
I want to eat more, but I always tell myself I am too fat or something so I eat less. Kind of like channelling the depression.

Arctic Pheonix
It has no affect on my diet.

CodeWhite [x]
it depends on the person. It just has to be a dramatic change in eating patterns. When I had clinical depression i would go out on binges.

depends about what I'm depressed about.
obviously if I'm depressed about my weight I eat less:)
otherwise, more.
more snacking that is.
what makes one ask such a question?

wow. thought I'd be the only creative one.
you beat me bud.
thanks a bundle.



Less when i am upset.

I eat more, which is way I put on tons of weight when I'm sad.

Karen Phondeth
more thats why im a bigger girl.


נσαииα líkєs turtlєs☮

TX Mom
Eating more or less are both great signals that you could be depressed.

At first, minor depression, I eat to comfort myself.

But when I go into a major depression, I absolutely will not eat at all. Kind of a self-abuse sort of thing.

TX Mom

i found, when i was depressed for 2-3 years
it started where i would have 'feasts' just sit with a tub of ice-cream and comfort eat.
But i did notice i started losing weight and found i would comfort eat with a chocolate bar in the morning and lost my appetite for the rest of the day.

then i just didn't feel like eating altogether, and after losing somemore weight
from depression it went into an eating disorder woo

Karl L
Depends on the individual. Some eat more some eat less.

It's different for everyone. It can also change in an individual. In the summer going into eighth grade I didn't eat when I was depressed, but later I would eat like a maniac! Sometimes it doesn't have an affect on one.

There is no exact answer to this, people with depression may keep eating till they feel sick.. or cut out eating pritty much completely so it varies on the person

shamrock girl
Less. When I'm depressed my nerves just won't allow me to have an appetite.

i believe it all depends some people binge eat because of depression others basiclly starve themselves


it depends sometimes i can't eat sometimes i can't stop lol

Brandon O
it depends, when I'm depressed about my weight, I eat less. when i'm depressed about most anything else, I tend to eat more.

I most deff. eat less, sometimes not even at all!
I didn't eat for the past week, because I was so upset about my crush. It was so stressful.

More but I have a high/fast metabolism so I never gain weight - It's a bad thing. I wish i was curvy :(

Can you do me a favour and answer mine because I have took my time to answer yours :http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjtifRlsFlyDW5a4mhHpU97sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090109124714AAv9jkB

Personally I eat more when depressed!

A LOT more its normal and i get depressed a lot rofl x


depends on what im depressed about. if it's school work and stress/boys ill eat more, but if its like family related and quite serious then ill probably eat less. x

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